Entity Framework Core 工具参考Entity Framework Core tools reference

Entity Framework Core 工具可帮助完成设计时的开发任务。The Entity Framework Core tools help with design-time development tasks. 它们主要用于通过对数据库架构进行反向工程来管理迁移和搭建 DbContext 和实体类型的基架。They're primarily used to manage Migrations and to scaffold a DbContext and entity types by reverse engineering the schema of a database.

这两种工具提供相同的功能。Both tools expose the same functionality. 如果使用 Visual Studio 进行开发,我们建议使用程序包管理器控制台工具,因为这些工具提供更完整的体验。If you're developing in Visual Studio, we recommend using the Package Manager Console tools since they provide a more integrated experience.

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