EF6 中的新增功能What's new in EF6

强烈建议使用最新发布的实体框架版本,以确保获得最新功能和最高稳定性。We highly recommend that you use the latest released version of Entity Framework to ensure you get the latest features and the highest stability. 但我们也意识到用户可能需要使用以前的版本,或想要尝试最新预发行版中的新改进。However, we realize that you may need to use a previous version, or that you may want to experiment with new improvements in the latest pre-release. 若要安装特定版本的 EF,请参阅获取实体框架To install specific versions of EF, see Get Entity Framework.

EF 6.4.0EF 6.4.0

EF 6.4.0 运行时已于 2019 年 12 月发布到 NuGet。The EF 6.4.0 runtime was released to NuGet in December 2019. EF 6.4 的主要目标是优化 EF 6.3 中提供的功能和方案。The primary goal of EF 6.4 is to polish the features and scenarios that was delivered in EF 6.3. 请参阅 Github 上的重要修复列表See list of important fixes on Github.

EF 6.3.0EF 6.3.0

EF 6.3.0 运行时已于 2019 年 9 月发布到 NuGet。The EF 6.3.0 runtime was released to NuGet in September 2019. 此版本的主要目标是帮助将使用 EF 6 的现有应用程序迁移到 .NET Core 3.0。The main goal of this release was to facilitate migrating existing applications that use EF 6 to .NET Core 3.0. 社区还提供了多个 bug 修复和增强功能。The community has also contributed several bug fixes and enhancements. 有关详细信息,请参阅每个 6.3.0 里程碑中关闭的问题。See the issues closed in each 6.3.0 milestone for details. 下面是一些更值得注意的事项:Here are some of the more notable ones:

  • 支持 .NET Core 3.0Support for .NET Core 3.0
    • 除了 .NET Framework 4.x,EntityFramework 包现在还面向 .NET Standard 2.1。The EntityFramework package now targets .NET Standard 2.1 in addition to .NET Framework 4.x.
    • 这意味着 EF 6.3 是跨平台的,并在 Windows 之外的其他操作系统(如 Linux 和 macOS)上受支持。This means that EF 6.3 is cross-platform and supported on other operating systems besides Windows, like Linux and macOS.
    • 已重新编写迁移命令以在进程外执行,并使用 SDK 样式的项目。The migrations commands have been rewritten to execute out of process and work with SDK-style projects.
  • 支持 SQL Server HierarchyId。Support for SQL Server HierarchyId.
  • 提高了与 Roslyn 和 NuGet PackageReference 的兼容性。Improved compatibility with Roslyn and NuGet PackageReference.
  • 添加了 ef6.exe 实体工具,用于启用、添加、编写脚本和应用程序集中的迁移。Added ef6.exe utility for enabling, adding, scripting, and applying migrations from assemblies. 这会替换 migrate.exeThis replaces migrate.exe.

EF 设计器支持EF designer support

目前不支持直接在 .NET Core 或 .NET Standard 项目上或在 SDK 样式的 .NET Framework 项目上使用 EF 设计器。There's currently no support for using the EF designer directly on .NET Core or .NET Standard projects or on an SDK-style .NET Framework project.

可以通过在同一解决方案中将 EDMX 文件以及为实体和 DbContext 生成的类作为链接文件添加到 .NET Core 3.0 或 .NET Standard 2.1 项目中来解决此限制。You can work around this limitation by adding the EDMX file and the generated classes for the entities and the DbContext as linked files to a .NET Core 3.0 or .NET Standard 2.1 project in the same solution.

在项目文件中,链接文件将如下所示:The linked files will look like this in the project file:

  <EntityDeploy Include="..\EdmxDesignHost\Entities.edmx" Link="Model\Entities.edmx" />
  <Compile Include="..\EdmxDesignHost\Entities.Context.cs" Link="Model\Entities.Context.cs" />
  <Compile Include="..\EdmxDesignHost\Thing.cs" Link="Model\Thing.cs" />
  <Compile Include="..\EdmxDesignHost\Person.cs" Link="Model\Person.cs" />

请注意,EDMX 文件与 EntityDeploy 生成操作关联。Note that the EDMX file is linked with the EntityDeploy build action. 这是一个特殊的 MSBuild 任务(现已包含在 EF 6.3 包中),它负责将 EF 模型作为嵌入式资源添加到目标程序集中(或将其复制为输出文件夹中的文件,具体取决于 EDMX 中的“元数据项目处理”设置)。This is a special MSBuild task (now included in the EF 6.3 package) that takes care of adding the EF model into the target assembly as embedded resources (or copying it as files in the output folder, depending on the Metadata Artifact Processing setting in the EDMX). 有关如何进行此设置的详细信息,请参阅 EDMX .NET Core 示例For more details on how to get this set up, see our EDMX .NET Core sample.

警告:请确保定义“实际”.edmx 文件的旧样式(即非 SDK 样式).NET Framework 项目在定义 .sln 文件内的链接的项目之前。Warning: make sure the old style (i.e. non-SDK-style) .NET Framework project defining the "real" .edmx file comes before the project defining the link inside the .sln file. 否则,当在设计器中打开 .edmx 文件时,将看到错误消息“该实体框架在当前为项目指定的目标框架中不可用。Otherwise, when you open the .edmx file in the designer, you see the error message "The Entity Framework is not available in the target framework currently specified for the project. 可以更改项目的目标框架或在 XmlEditor 中编辑模型”。You can change the target framework of the project or edit the model in the XmlEditor".

过去的版本Past Releases

过去的版本页包含过去所有版本的 EF 的存档以及各版本中引入的主要功能。The Past Releases page contains an archive of all previous versions of EF and the major features that were introduced on each release.