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根据在最终用户设备上运行的操作系统版本,用户看到的注册过程和屏幕会略有不同。The enrollment process and the screens the user sees will be slightly different depending on the version of OS running on the end-user device. 本主题描述了注册 Windows Phone 的最终用户体验。This topic describes the end-user experience for enrolling Windows Phones.


  1. 如果用户已在 Intune 中注册并且合规,则他们在 Windows 设备上不会看到任何区别;他们将继续可以访问电子邮件。If a user is already enrolled in Intune and is compliant, they will see no difference on Windows devices; they will continue to get access to email. 尚未在 Intune 中注册的用户会收到类似于此示例的隔离电子邮件:Users who have not yet enrolled in Intune will receive a quarantine email similar to this sample:

    显示用户在 Windows Phone 上接收到的隔离电子邮件的屏幕截图

    用户单击“立即开始” 以开始注册其设备。The user clicks Get started now to begin enrolling their device.

  2. 在“公司访问设置”屏幕上,用户单击“开始” 以开始设置其设备并检查它是否合规。On the Company Access Setup screen, the user clicks Begin to start setting up their device and checking whether it is compliant.

    显示 Windows Phone 上“公司访问设置”屏幕的屏幕截图

  3. 在“注册你的设备”屏幕上,用户单击“确认注册” 以开始注册其设备。On the Enroll Your Device screen, the user clicks Confirm Enrollment to start enrolling their device.

    显示 Windows Phone 上“设备注册”屏幕的屏幕截图

    在注册过程中,会安装移动设备管理配置配置文件,以使你(即 IT 管理员)可以远程管理设备。During enrollment, the Mobile Device Management profile is installed to allow you, the IT administrator, to remotely manage the device. 系统可能会提示用户接受授权工作区加入的证书。The user might be prompted to accept a certificate authorizing Workplace Join.

    显示 Windows Phone 上“工作区加入”的屏幕截图

  4. 用户使用用于 Office 的电子邮件地址来登录。The user signs in using their email address they use with Office. 他们登录之后,可能需要再次单击“确认注册” 以继续注册其设备。After they are signed in, they might need to click Confirm Enrollment once more to continue enrolling their device.

    显示 Windows Phone 上正在进行“的工作区加入”的屏幕截图

    会检查设备以验证它是否已注册。The device is checked to verify that it is enrolled.

    显示 Windows Phone 上开始设备注册的屏幕截图

  5. 用户随后通过选择其设备并单击“选择” 来完成注册过程。The user then completes the enrollment process by selecting their device and clicking Select. 如果未显示其设备,则他们可以选择“未在列出的设备中见到我的设备” 来重试。If their device is not displayed, they can select I don’t see my device listed to try again.

    显示用户必须针对 Windows Phone 确认其设备的屏幕截图

    会检查设备以验证它是否符合公司策略。The device is checked to verify that it is complaint with company policies.

    显示正在检查 Windows Phone 合规性的屏幕截图

  6. 如果存在合规性问题,则系统会提示用户解决问题(如创建有效密码),然后单击“检查法规遵从性” 以继续。If there is a compliance issue, the user is prompted to resolve the issue (such as creating a valid password) and to then click Check Compliance to continue.

    显示用户必须解决 Windows Phone 合规性问题的屏幕截图

    在验证了合规性之后,用户会看到正在激活注册。After compliance is verified, the user sees that enrollment is being activated.

    显示 Windows Phone 上开始注册激活的屏幕截图

  7. 注册已激活,用户单击“继续” 以完成该过程。Enrollment is activated and the user clicks Continue to complete the process. 用户随后单击“完成” 以退出设置。The user then clicks Done to exit setup.

    显示 Windows Phone 上完成公司访问设置的屏幕截图

    注册了用户且验证了合规性之后,应该在几分钟内可访问电子邮件。After the user is enrolled and compliance is verified, email access should become available within a few minutes.

如果用户遵循这些步骤以进行注册并合规,但仍然无法在其移动设备上访问其电子邮件,则他们可以按照以下这些附加步骤来尝试并解决问题:If the user follows those steps to enroll and become compliant and still cannot access their email on their mobile device, they can follow these additional steps to try and fix the issue:

  • 首先,验证其设备是否已注册。First, verify that their device is enrolled. 如果未注册,则用户执行以上步骤。If not, the user follows the steps above.

  • 通过单击“检查法规遵从性” 来验证设备是否合规。Verify that the device is compliant by clicking Check Compliance. 如果发现合规性错误,则用户可以遵循特定于其移动设备的有关如何解决错误(如重置其密码)的说明。If a compliance error is identified, the user can follow the instructions specific to their mobile device about how to resolve it, such as resetting their password.

  • 致电技术支持。Call the help desk.

问题和解决方案Issues and Solutions

默认情况下,每 8 小时会检查一次设备,以确保它们仍然合规。Every 8 hours by default, devices are checked to ensure that they are still compliant. 如果以前合规的设备在以后被视为不合规(例如,添加或更改了合规性策略),则用户可以执行这些步骤以使其设备重新合规:If a device that was previously compliant is later deemed to be noncompliant (for example, a compliance policy was added or changed), the user can follow these steps to get their device back in compliance:

  1. 用户会通过电子邮件或在其设备上收到声明其设备不合规的通知。The user receives notification in email or on their device that the device is noncompliant. 此时,设备会在 Exchange 中受到隔离。At this time, the device is quarantined in Exchange.

  2. 如果用户尝试访问电子邮件,则他们会从 Intune 公司门户重定向回“公司访问设置”屏幕,在其中会显示他们不合规。If the user tries to access email, they are redirected back to the Company Access Setup screen from the Intune Company portal where it shows that they are out of compliance.

    显示 Windows Phone 变得不合规的屏幕截图

  3. 用户单击“继续” ,会向其显示阻止访问电子邮件的合规性问题。The user clicks Continue and is shown the compliance issue that is preventing them from accessing email.

  4. 在他们解决了问题之后,他们会单击“检查法规遵从性” 以验证是否解决了问题。After they have fixed the issue, they click Check Compliance to verify that the problem is resolved.

  5. 如果问题得到解决,则用户单击“继续” 以完成该过程。If the issue is fixed, the user clicks Continue to complete the process. 应在几分钟内可再次访问电子邮件。Email access should become available again within a few minutes.

后续步骤Where to go from here

最终用户体验在其他移动设备上会稍有不同。The end-user experience is slightly different on other mobile devices. 你可以了解有关 AndroidiOS 最终用户体验的更多信息。You can learn more about the end-user experience for Android and iOS.