Exchange ActiveSync 设备设置与 Exchange 混合部署Exchange ActiveSync device settings with Exchange hybrid deployments

当邮箱从 Exchange 内部部署组织移动到 Office 365 时,Exchange ActiveSync 设备将立即自动重新配置。Exchange ActiveSync 将在 Office 365 中查找新邮箱位置,并更新其配置,从而直接与 Office 365 通信。当 Exchange ActiveSync 设备成功重定向到 Office 365 后,此设备不会尝试与内部部署 Exchange 服务器联系。仅少数例外情况外(详情如下),用户不再需要手动设置设备来继续处理邮件。Exchange ActiveSync devices are automatically reconfigured when a mailbox is moved from an Exchange on-premises organization to Office 365. Exchange ActiveSync will find the new mailbox location in Office 365 and update its configuration to talk directly to Office 365. The Exchange ActiveSync device won't try and contact the on-premises Exchange server after it's been successfully redirected to Office 365. With only a few exceptions (more on that below), the user no longer needs to manually set up their device for mail to keep working.

如果您想要将邮箱移到 Office 365,请参阅将内部部署和混合部署中的 Exchange Online 组织之间的邮箱移动If you want to move a mailbox to Office 365, see Move mailboxes between on-premises and Exchange Online organizations in hybrid deployments.

有关混合部署的更多信息,请参阅 Exchange Server 混合部署For more information about hybrid deployments, see Exchange Server Hybrid Deployments.

若要使用自动重定向,内部部署服务器应运行 Exchange 2010、Exchange 2013、Exchange 2016 或更高版本的最新发行版。您还需要已使用 "混合配置"向导 设置好混合部署。Exchange ActiveSync 重定向功能将使用在组织关系对象上设置的 Web 上的 Outlook 目标 URL。运行混合配置向导时,将配置此对象。To use automatic redirection, your on-premises servers need to be running the latest releases of Exchange 2010, Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016, or later. You also need to have used the Hybrid Configuration wizard to set up your hybrid deployment. The Exchange ActiveSync redirection functionality uses the Outlook on the web target URL that's set on the organization relationship object. This object is configured when the Hybrid Configuration Wizard is run.

如果您的组织满足上面列出的要求,当用户的邮箱移动时,移动设备应自动被重定向到 Office 365,无需任何其他配置。若要获得最佳体验,请确保您用户的移动设备正在运行其操作系统和电子邮件客户端的最新版本。某些移动设备(如运行 Android 操作系统的设备)可能需要相当长的时间重定向。此外,某些设备可能不正确地解释由 Exchange 发送的 Exchange ActiveSync 451 重定向说明。对于这些设备,用户仍需要手动重新配置或重新创建其设备上的电子邮件帐户。如果您对设备是否支持 Exchange ActiveSync 451 重定向有疑问,请与设备制造商联系。If your organization meets the requirements listed above, mobile devices should automatically be redirected to Office 365 when a user's mailbox is moved, without any additional configuration. For the best experience, make sure your users' mobile devices are running the latest versions of their operating systems and e-mail clients. Some mobile devices, such as those running the Android operating system, might take longer than expected to be redirected. Additionally, some devices might not correctly interpret the Exchange ActiveSync 451 redirection instructions sent by Exchange. For these devices, users will still need to manually reconfigure or recreate their email account on the device. If you have questions about whether a device supports Exchange ActiveSync 451 redirection, contact the device manufacturer.

在下列方案中不支持自动 Exchange ActiveSync 重定向:Automatic Exchange ActiveSync redirection isn't supported in the following scenarios:

  • 将邮箱从 Office 365 移动到内部部署 Exchange 组织。Moving mailboxes from Office 365 to an on-premises Exchange organization.

  • 在内部部署 Exchange 组织之间移动邮箱。Moving mailboxes between on-premises Exchange organizations.

  • 将邮箱从 Exchange 2007 服务器移动到 Office 365。Moving mailboxes from Exchange 2007 servers to Office 365.