Exchange 命令行管理程序命名空间Exchange Management Shell namespaces

查找 exchange 中 Exchange 命令行管理程序的命名空间的相关信息。Find information about the namespaces for the Exchange Management Shell in Exchange.

适用于: Exchange Online |Exchange Server 2013 |Office 365Applies to: Exchange Online | Exchange Server 2013 | Office 365

Exchange Online 命令行管理程序 for Exchange Online、Exchange Online 作为 Office 365 的一部分,或者从 Exchange 2013 开始的 Exchange 版本通过由System. Management namespace 公开的类型与 Windows PowerShell 环境进行交互。Exchange Management Shell applications for Exchange Online, Exchange Online as part of Office 365, or a version of Exchange starting with Exchange 2013 interact with the Windows PowerShell environment through the types that are exposed by the System.Management.Automation namespace. Exchange 命令行管理程序 cmdlet 使用大量的 Exchange 库中的类型。The Exchange Management Shell cmdlets use types from a number of Exchange libraries. 本节提供了有关 exchange 库中的类型和接口的参考信息,这些信息由 Exchange 命令行管理程序 cmdlet 使用。This section provides reference information about the types and interfaces from the Exchange libraries that are used by Exchange Management Shell cmdlets.

Exchange 命令行管理程序包含以下命名空间:The Exchange Management Shell contains the following namespaces:

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