Exchange 中的传输代理Transport agents in Exchange

Exchange 2013 提供了一个类库,其中支持 Exchange 传输行为的扩展并启用内容类型的读取、写入和转换。Exchange 2013 provides a library of classes that support the extension of the Exchange transport behavior and enable the reading, writing, and converting of content types. 您可以使用这些类创建在传输管道中读取、写入和处理邮件的 Exchange 传输应用程序。You can use these classes to create Exchange transport applications that read, write, and process messages in the transport pipeline.

您需要了解的有关传输代理的信息What you need to know about transport agents

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传输代理在从 Exchange 2007 开始的 Exchange 版本中可用。Transport agents are available in versions of Exchange starting with Exchange 2007. Office 365 或 Exchange Online 不支持传输代理。Transport agents are not supported in Office 365 or Exchange Online.
远程使用情况Remote usage
传输代理在 Exchange 服务器上运行,但不支持远程使用。Transport agents run on the Exchange server and do not support remote usage.
支持的语言Languages supported
可以使用任何 .NET Framework 语言来处理传输代理。You can use any .NET Framework language to work with transport agents.
可用测试和调试工具Available test and debug tools
使用 Visual studio 的版本从 Visual Studio 2012 开始,以调试传输代理。Use versions of Visual Studio starting with Visual Studio 2012 to debug transport agents.
部署方法Deployment methods
您可以使用Exchange 命令行管理程序脚本安装传输代理应用程序。You can install transport agent applications by using an Exchange Management Shell script.

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