Exchange 的 EWS 引用EWS reference for Exchange

查找有关 Exchange 中的 EWS XML 元素和 WSDL 操作的参考信息。Find reference information for the EWS XML elements and WSDL operations in Exchange.

本节包括在客户端和服务器之间发送的 EWS XML 元素的参考信息。This section includes reference information for the EWS XML elements that are sent between the client and server. XML 元素引用包含元素所表示的内容的摘要以及包含元素的潜在层次结构的相关信息。The XML element reference contains summaries of what the elements represent and information about the potential hierarchies that include the element. 本文档包含在客户端和服务器之间发送的 XML 实例。This documentation covers the XML instances that are sent between the client and server. 可以在承载 EWS 的服务器的虚拟目录中找到描述这些元素的架构。The schema that describes these elements can be found in the virtual directory of the server that hosts EWS.

本节中的 WSDL 操作内容提供了所有 EWS 操作的概述信息和请求和响应示例,以及有关某些操作的 SOAP 标头和相关错误消息的信息。The WSDL operation content in this section provides overview information and request and response examples for all EWS operations, as well as information about SOAP headers and associated error messages for some operations. 您可以使用版本信息来确定在 EWS 的不同版本中可用的功能。You can use the version information to determine which features are available in different versions of EWS. 操作参考信息将帮助您了解在发送到服务器和从服务器发送的 SOAP 消息中包含的 XML 的结构。The operation reference information will help you to understand the structure of the XML that is included in the SOAP messages that are sent to and from the server.

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