PolicyTag元素指定项目或文件夹中的保留标识符。The PolicyTag element specifies the retention identifier on an item or folder.

<PolicyTag IsExplicit="true | false"></PolicyTag>


属性和元素Attributes and elements

下面各部分介绍了属性、子元素和父元素。The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and parent elements.


属性Attribute 说明Description
指示是否对项目或文件夹显式设置了策略标记。Indicates whether a policy tag was explicitly set on an item or folder.
IsExplicit属性的文本值为true表示已在项或文件夹上显式设置了策略标记。A text value of true for the IsExplicit attribute indicates that the policy tag was explicitly set on the item or folder. 如果文本值为false ,则表示已基于父文件夹策略标记对项目或文件夹隐式设置了策略标记。A text value of false indicates that the policy tag was implicitly set on the item or folder based on the parent folder policy tag.

子元素Child elements


父元素Parent elements

SearchPreviewItem | | 联系人 | 邮件 | DistributionList | CalendarItem | PostItem | 任务SearchPreviewItem | Item | Contact | Message | DistributionList | CalendarItem | PostItem | Task

文本值Text value

PolicyTag元素的文本值是策略标记标识符。The text value of the PolicyTag element is the policy tag identifier. 策略标记标识符是一个 GUID。The policy tag identifier is a GUID.


Exchange Server 2013 中引入了此元素。This element was introduced in Exchange Server 2013.

描述此元素的架构位于承载 Exchange Web Services 的 IIS 虚拟目录中。The schema that describes this element is located in the IIS virtual directory that hosts Exchange Web Services.

元素信息Element information

架构名称Schema name
类型架构Types schema
验证文件Validation file
可以为空Can be empty