通过 OneDrive for Business 和本地 Exchange 2016 配置新式附件Configure document collaboration with OneDrive for Business and Exchange 2016 on-premises

摘要:如何允许本地 Exchange Server 2016 用户在混合配置期间利用 OneDrive for Business 和 SharePoint Online 的文档协作。Summary: How to allow your on-premises Exchange Server 2016 users to take advantage of using document collaboration with OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online while in a hybrid configuration.

最近,在 Office 365 中推出了新的附件选项。在 Exchange 2016 中,该选项被称为"文档协作",它允许本地用户将存储在 OneDrive for Business 上的附件与其 Outlook 网页版客户端直接集成。Recently a new attachment option has been made available in Office 365. In Exchange 2016, this option, known as document collaboration, allows on-premises users to integrate attachments stored on OneDrive for Business directly in their Outlook on the web clients.


从 Exchange Server 2016 的发布开始,Outlook Web App 现在被称为 Outlook 网页版。Beginning with the release of Exchange Server 2016, Outlook Web App is now known as Outlook on the web.

通常情况下,用户通过将文件附加到邮件向他人发送该文件。然后,一个或多个收件人在其各自的文件副本中进行更改,最终需要在某个时刻将所有这些文件进行合并。此外,这些附加的文件会占用每个用户邮箱的存储空间。通过文档协作,用户改为向存储在 OneDrive for Business 帐户中的文件插入链接,以使文件可在相同源位置由多个人员进行编辑,而无需额外存储。Traditionally, a user would send a file to others by attaching it to a message. One or more recipients then made changes in their respective copies of the file, requiring all of those eventually have to be merged at some point. In addition, these attached files take up storage space in each user's mailbox. With document collaboration, users instead insert a link to a file that is stored in a OneDrive for Business account, allowing the file to be edited by multiple people in the same source location, with no extra storage required.

为文档协作正确配置 Exchange 2016 环境前,Outlook 网页版用户的默认附件对话框将类似于:Before the Exchange 2016 environment is properly configured for document collaboration, an Outlook on the web user's default attachments dialog will look similar to this:


使用以下说明配置环境后,Outlook 网页版附件对话框将类似于:After configuring your environment with the instructions below, Outlook on the web attachment dialogs will look similar to this:


组织中具有本地邮箱的用户以及在 Office 365 中具有 OneDrive for Business 帐户的用户有权使用新式的附件方法,允许他们与多个收件人共享存储在 OneDrive for Business 中的文档。收件人的位置(联机和本地)无关紧要。Users in your organization with on-premises mailboxes and who have a OneDrive for Business account in Office 365 are eligible to use the modern attachment method, which would allow them to share a document stored in OneDrive for Business with multiple recipients. The location of the recipients (online versus on-premises) won't matter.

Exchange Server 混合部署 中了解有关混合部署的详细信息。Learn more about hybrid deployments at Exchange Server Hybrid Deployments.

在开始之前,您需要知道什么?What do you need to know before you begin?

  • 估计完成时间:15 分钟Estimated time to complete: 15 minutes

  • 检查 Exchange Server 混合部署 主题,并确保您清楚会受到配置混合部署影响的方面。Review Exchange Server Hybrid Deployments, and make sure you understand the areas that will be affected by configuring a hybrid deployment.

  • 检查并完成 混合部署先决条件 概括的所有混合部署要求。Review and complete all hybrid deployment requirements outlined in Hybrid deployment prerequisites.

  • 若要了解可能适用于此主题中过程的键盘快捷键,请参阅 Exchange 管理中心内的键盘快捷键For information about keyboard shortcuts that may apply to the procedures in this topic, see Keyboard shortcuts in the Exchange admin center.


遇到问题了吗?请在 Exchange 论坛中寻求帮助。 请访问以下论坛:Exchange ServerExchange OnlineExchange Online ProtectionHaving problems? Ask for help in the Exchange forums. Visit the forums at Exchange Server,Exchange Online, or Exchange Online Protection.

在混合环境中配置 Exchange 2016 以启用文档协作Configure Exchange 2016 to enable document collaboration in a hybrid environment

验证以下先决条件步骤已完成,然后使用下面的过程启用文档协作。Verify that the following prerequisite steps have been completed, and then use the procedure that follows to enable document collaboration.


  • 使用 "混合配置"向导 (HCW) 配置 Exchange 混合环境。Configure your Exchange hybrid environment using the Hybrid Configuration wizard (HCW).

  • Exchange 2016 必须安装在本地组织中。Exchange 2016 可与早期版本的 Exchange 共存,但文档协作适用于 Exchange 2016 服务器上的邮箱。Exchange 2016 must be installed in your on-premises organization. Exchange 2016 can coexist with earlier versions of Exchange, but document collaboration will only work for mailboxes on an Exchange 2016 server.

  • 必须安装身份验证服务器并同步所有用户。可使用 Get-AuthServer cmdlet 查找身份验证服务器。我们建议使用来自 Exchange 2016 服务器的 HCW 对 OAuth 进行必要的配置。The authenticating server must be installed with all users synchronized. You can use the Get-AuthServer cmdlet to find your authenticating server. We recommend using the HCW from an Exchange 2016 server to make any necessary OAuth configurations.


    需要正确配置 Exchange 2016 和 Office 365 之间的 OAuth。有关详细信息,请参阅 Configure OAuth Authentication Between Exchange and Exchange Online OrganizationsOAuth between Exchange 2016 and Office 365 need to be configured properly. For more information see Configure OAuth Authentication Between Exchange and Exchange Online Organizations.

  • 用户必须拥有正确的许可证。具有 OneDrive for Business 帐户的用户需获得 SharePoint Online 或 OneDrive for Business 的授权。可通过在 Office 365 门户中选择用户,并选择" 编辑"按钮来验证用户的许可证。Users must have the proper licenses. Users with a OneDrive for Business account need to be licensed for either SharePoint Online or OneDrive for Business. You can verify a user's license by selecting the user in the Office 365 portal and selecting the Edit button.


    有关详细信息,请参阅 Set up OneDrive for Business in Office 365(在 Office 365 中设置 OneDrive for Business)。See Set up OneDrive for Business in Office 365 for more information.

执行以下步骤:Perform the following steps:

  1. 配置默认 Outlook 网页版邮箱策略以设置 OneDrive for Business 宿主 URL。Configure the default Outlook on the web mailbox policy so that sets the OneDrive for Business host URL.


    可转到 Office 365 SharePoint Online 租户管理,以检索 OneDrive for Business 宿主 URL。例如,https://contoso-my.sharepoint.com 是 Contoso 的 O365 租户中的"我的网站宿主"URL。 > 尽管 Exchange 2016 随附的 Outlook 网页版邮箱策略称为"默认"策略,但它不会自动应用到任何邮箱,除非将其设置为默认策略或直接将其分配到某个邮箱。You can go to the Office 365 SharePoint Online Tenant Admin to retrieve the OneDrive for Business host URL. For example, https://contoso-my.sharepoint.com is a My Site Host URL in Contoso's O365 tenant. > Even though the Outlook on the web mailbox policy that comes with Exchange 2016 is called "Default", it isn't automatically applied to any mailboxes unless you either make it the default policy, or assign it directly to a mailbox.

    使用以下示例作为基础,使用 Exchange 命令行管理程序 在默认 Outlook 网页版邮箱策略上配置内部和外部"我的网站"URL:Using the following example as a basis, use the Exchange Management Shell to configure the internal and external MySite URL on the Default Outlook on the web mailbox policy:

    Set-OwaMailboxPolicy Default -InternalSPMySiteHostURL https://Contoso-my.sharepoint.com -ExternalSPMySiteHostURL https://Contoso-my.sharepoint.com
  2. 接下来,将刚配置的策略设置为默认策略,以使其应用于所有邮箱,或将策略分配到个人用户。Next, either set the policy you just configured as the default policy, so that it will be applied to all mailboxes, or assign the policy to individual users.

    若要将该策略作为 Outlook 网页版邮箱策略的默认策略,请在 Exchange 命令行管理程序 中键入以下命令。To make the policy the default Outlook on the web mailbox policy, type the following command in the Exchange Management Shell:

    Set-OwaMailboxPolicy Default -IsDefault 

    若要向个人邮箱分配策略,请在 Exchange 命令行管理程序 中键入以下命令:To assign the policy to an individual's mailbox, type the following command in the Exchange Management Shell:

    Set-CASMailbox <user mailbox> -OwaMailboxPolicy Default
  3. (可选)在每个 Exchange 2016 服务器上,重启 OWAApplicationPool,这将可以使配置立即生效。如果不运行此命令,则 Exchange 2016 服务器需要几分钟应用更新的邮件策略。在 Exchange 命令行管理程序 中,运行:(Optional) On each Exchange 2016 server, restart OWAApplicationPool, which will allow the configuration to work immediately. If you don't run this command, it'll take a few minutes for your Exchange 2016 servers to apply the updated mailbox policy. In the Exchange Management Shell run:

    Restart-WebAppPool MSExchangeOWAAppPool

配置完成后,Outlook 网页版用户将可以选择想要应用到其邮件的附件类型:传统或新式。Once configured, Outlook on the web users will be offered a choice for the type of attachment they'd like to apply to their messages: traditional or modern.

附件选项对话框,'使用 OneDrive 共享'或'以附件形式发送'