UM 自动助理过程UM auto attendant procedures

设置 UM 自动助理Set up a UM auto attendant

创建 UM 自动助理Create a UM auto attendant

添加自动助理的分机号码Add an auto attendant extension number

配置工作时间Configure business hours

创建假日日程安排Create a holiday schedule

输入公司名称Enter a business name

设置营业地点Set a business location

配置时区Configure the time zone

启用自定义的营业时间问候语Enable a customized business hours greeting

启用自定义的工作时间内菜单提示Enable a customized business hours menu prompt

启用自定义非-营业时间问候语Enable a customized non-business hours greeting

启用自定义非营业时间菜单提示Enable a customized non-business hours menu prompt

启用信息通知Enable an informational announcement

创建菜单导航Create menu navigation

创建导航菜单的营业时间Create business hours navigation menus

创建导航菜单的非工作时间Create non-business hours navigation menus

管理 UM 自动助理Manage a UM auto attendant

配置 DTMF 回退自动助理Configure a DTMF fallback auto attendant

启用 UM 自动助理Enable a UM auto attendant

禁用 UM 自动助理Disable a UM auto attendant

删除 UM 自动助理Delete a UM auto attendant

启用或禁用自动语音识别Enable or disable automatic speech recognition

启用或禁止将呼叫转接从自动助理Enable or prevent transferring calls from an auto attendant

启用或禁用"向用户发送语音邮件"Enable or disable sending voice messages to users

启用或禁用目录查找Enable or disable directory lookups

配置组可以联系到的用户Configure the group of users that can be contacted

配置为具有类似名称的用户自动助理Configure an auto attendant for users who have similar names