删除 UM IP 网关Delete a UM IP gateway

删除统一消息 (UM) IP 网关时,Exchange 服务器将不再接受来自与 UM IP 网关相关联的 Voice over IP (VoIP) 网关、已启用会话初始协议 (SIP) 的专用交换机 (PBX)、IP PBX 或会话边界控制器 (SBC) 的传入呼叫。When you delete a Unified Messaging (UM) IP gateway, Exchange servers can no longer accept incoming calls from the Voice over IP (VoIP) gateway, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-enabled Private Branch eXchange (PBX), IP PBX, or session border controller (SBC) associated with the UM IP gateway.


仅当完全了解禁用与 VoIP 网关、IP PBX 或 SBC 的通信的含义时,才应删除 UM IP 网关。You should delete a UM IP gateway only when you fully understand the implications of disabling communication with a VoIP gateway, IP PBX, or SBC.

有关 UM IP 网关相关的其他任务,请参阅UM IP 网关过程For additional tasks related to UM IP gateways, see UM IP gateway procedures.

在开始之前,您需要知道什么?What do you need to know before you begin?

  • 估计完成时间:小于 1 分钟。Estimated time to complete: Less than 1 minute.

  • 您需要执行此过程之前为其分配权限。若要查看所需的权限,请参阅Messaging Permissions主题中的"UM IP 网关"条目。You need to be assigned permissions before you can perform this procedure or procedures. To see what permissions you need, see the "UM IP gateways" entry in the Unified Messaging Permissions topic.

  • 在执行这些步骤之前,先确认已创建 UM 拨号计划。有关详细步骤,请参阅创建 UM 拨号计划Before you perform these procedures, confirm that a UM dial plan has been created. For detailed steps, see Create a UM dial plan.

  • 在执行这些步骤之前,请确认已创建 UM IP 网关。有关详细步骤,请参阅创建 UM IP 网关Before you perform these procedures, confirm that a UM IP gateway has been created. For detailed steps, see Create a UM IP gateway.

  • 若要了解可能适用于此主题中过程的键盘快捷键,请参阅 Exchange 管理中心内的键盘快捷键For information about keyboard shortcuts that may apply to the procedures in this topic, see Keyboard shortcuts in the Exchange admin center.


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您想执行什么操作?What do you want to do?

使用 EAC 删除 UM IP 网关Use the EAC to delete a UM IP gateway

  1. 在 EAC 中,导航到统一消息 > UM IP 网关,选择您想要删除的 UM IP 网关,然后单击删除删除图标In the EAC, navigate to Unified Messaging > UM IP Gateways, select the UM IP gateway you want to delete, and then click DeleteDelete icon.

  2. 警告页上单击On the Warning page, click Yes.

使用命令行管理程序删除 UM IP 网关Use the Shell to delete a UM IP gateway

此示例将删除名为 MyUMIPGateway 的 UM IP 网关。This example deletes the UM IP gateway named MyUMIPGateway.

Remove-UMIPGateway -Identity MyUMIPGateway