允许用户查看语音邮件成绩单Allow users to see a voice mail transcript

语音邮件预览是一项功能,可接收从统一消息 (UM) 的语音邮件的用户。语音邮件预览增强现有的 UM 语音邮件功能通过提供音频录制的文本版本。在 Microsoft Outlook Web App、 Outlook 2010 和更高版本中的电子邮件和其他支持的电子邮件程序中显示语音邮件文本。有关详细信息,请参阅Microsoft 语音技术Voice Mail Preview is a feature that's available to users who receive their voice mail messages from Unified Messaging (UM). Voice Mail Preview enhances the existing UM voice mail functionality by providing a text version of audio recordings. The voice mail text is displayed in email messages within Microsoft Outlook Web App, Outlook 2010 and later versions, and in other supported email programs. For more information, see Microsoft Speech Technologies.

用户是否需要使用特定电子邮件程序?Do users need to use a specific email program?

不。语音邮件预览包含任何其他电子邮件程序,包括移动程序的消息正文文本。尽管用户可以使用其他电子邮件程序接收语音邮件,Outlook 和 Outlook Web App 提供了更好的体验。例如,在 Outlook 2010 及更高版本,特定词语中的语音邮件预览文本中,单击时音频播放语音邮件将开始播放该单词处。这是用于侦听语音邮件的特定部分。No. Voice Mail Preview is included in the message body text of any email program, including mobile programs. Although users can use other email programs to receive voice messages, Outlook and Outlook Web App provide a better experience. For example, in Outlook 2010 and later versions, when a specific word is clicked in the Voice Mail Preview text, the audio playback of the voice message will start to play at that word. This is useful for listening to a specific part of a voice message.

用户可以搜索特定的语音邮件吗?Can users search for specific voice mail messages?

是的。自动索引中的语音邮件预览文本单词或短语,因此搜索结果中将显示语音邮件。在 Outlook 2010 及更高版本或者 Outlook Web App 中,用户还可以使用音频备注框添加有关语音邮件的文本。这些备注也包括在搜索,以使其更轻松地找到一条消息。Yes. Words and phrases in the Voice Mail Preview text are automatically indexed, so voice messages will appear in search results. In Outlook 2010 and later versions or in Outlook Web App, users can also use the Audio Notes box to add text about a voice message. These notes are also included in searches, to make it easier to locate a message.

为什么此功能称为"语音邮件预览"?Why is this feature called "Voice Mail Preview"?

非常重要正确设置用户的期望。语音邮件预览不一定生成与呼叫者在其语音邮件中的说相同的文本。实际上,它是通常以某种方式不正确。若要调用该转录建议比通常可以获得更多完美结果。预览建议读者应能够了解语音内容,这是更接近于功能的实际功能的要点。It's important to set users' expectations correctly. Voice Mail Preview doesn't necessarily produce text that's the same as what callers say in their voice messages. In fact, it's usually inaccurate in some way. To call it transcription would suggest a more perfect result than can generally be achieved. Preview suggests that the reader should be able to understand the gist of the voice content, which is closer to the real capability of the feature.

是什么影响了语音邮件预览文本的准确性?What makes the Voice Mail Preview text more or less accurate?

语音邮件预览文本的准确性取决于由许多因素以及有时无法控制这些因素。但是,语音邮件预览文本是可能是更准确:The accuracy of the Voice Mail Preview text depends by many factors and sometimes those factors can't be controlled. However, Voice Mail Preview text is likely to be more accurate when:

  • 呼叫者留下的语音邮件比较简单,其中不包含俚语、技术术语或不常用的词语或短语。The caller leaves a simple voice message that doesn't include slang terms, technical jargon, or unusual words or phrases.

  • 呼叫者使用语音邮件系统容易识别和翻译的语言。通常,语速不太快或不太慢的呼叫者和没有很重口音的呼叫者所留下的语音邮件会生成更准确的句子和短语。The caller uses a language that's easily recognized and translated by the voice mail system. Generally, voice messages left by callers who don't speak too quickly or too softly and who don't have strong accents will produce more accurate sentences and phrases.

  • 语音邮件中没有背景噪音、回声,并且音频没有中断。The voice message is free of background noise, echo, and the audio doesn't drop out.

语音邮件预览可以使用哪些语言?Which languages can be used with Voice Mail Preview?

语音邮件预览文本可以使用以下语言:Voice Mail Preview text is available in the following languages:

  • 英语(美国)(en-US)English (US) (en-US)

  • 英语(加拿大)(en-CA)English (Canada) (en-CA)

  • 法语(法国)(fr-FR)French (France) (fr-FR)

  • 意大利语 (it-IT)Italian (it-IT)

  • 波兰语 (pl-PL)Polish (pl-PL)

  • 葡萄牙语(葡萄牙)(pt-PT)Portuguese (Portugal) (pt-PT)

  • 西班牙语(西班牙)(es-ES)Spanish (Spain) (es-ES)

如果您有 UM 的内部部署或混合部署,就可以从 Microsoft 下载中心下载 UM 语言包。If you have an on-premises or hybrid deployment of UM, you can download the UM language packs from the Microsoft Download Center.

如果您具有内部部署或混合部署中,在安装 UM 语言包、 拨号计划和自动助理后可以配置为使用您选择的语言。对于联机客户,您无需安装任何 UM 语言包。许多公司具有一个 UM 拨号计划。UM 将尝试在默认拨号计划语言中,创建语音邮件预览,但仅将成功如果默认语言支持语音邮件预览。UM 拨号计划仅可以配置语音邮件预览中创建一种语言一次。If you have an on-premises or hybrid deployment, after you install a UM language pack, the dial plans and auto attendants can be configured to use the language you've chosen. For online customers, you don't have to install any UM language packs. Many companies have only one UM dial plan. UM will try to create a voice mail preview in the default dial plan language, but will only be successful if the default language supports Voice Mail Preview. A UM dial plan can only be configured to create voice mail previews in one language at a time.

若要将 UM 配置为提供 en-US 以外的语言的语音邮件预览,请执行以下这些步骤:To configure UM to provide voice mail previews in a language other than en-US, follow these steps:

  1. 验证您要使用的语言是否支持语音邮件预览。Verify that Voice Mail Preview is supported in the language you want to use.

  2. 如果您具有内部部署或混合部署,下载并安装相应的 UM 语言包。下载和安装语言包不配置拨号计划的默认语言。If you have an on-premises or hybrid deployment, download and install the appropriate UM language pack. Downloading and installing the language pack doesn't configure the dial plan default language.

  3. 使用用于语音邮件预览的语言配置拨号计划。有关详细信息,请参阅设置拨号计划上的默认语言Configure the dial plan with the language that will be used for Voice Mail Preview. For more information, see Set the default language on a dial plan.

语音邮件预览中支持的语言显示文本的方式取决于所发送的语音邮件的类型。有两种类型:How Voice Mail Preview displays text in the supported languages depends on the type of voice message that's sent. There are two types:

  • 用户未接听电话时录制的语音邮件Voice messages that are recorded when a user doesn't answer their phone

    这些消息,由呼叫者的发音的语言和支持的语言是否确定用于语音邮件预览的语言。例如,如果呼叫者在意大利语留下语音邮件,语音邮件预览文本中将显示意大利语如果意大利语已配置拨号计划。但是,如果呼叫者在日语离开一条消息,没有语音邮件预览的文本将邮件包含因为日语不可用。For these messages, the language used for Voice Mail Preview is determined by the caller's spoken language and whether the language is supported. For example, if a caller leaves a voice message in Italian, the Voice Mail Preview text will appear in Italian if Italian has been configured on the dial plan. However, if a caller leaves a message in Japanese, no Voice Mail Preview text will be included with the message because Japanese isn't available.

  • Outlook Voice Access 用户发送的语音邮件Voice messages that are sent to by an Outlook Voice Access user

    对于 Outlook Voice Access 用户发送的消息,语音邮件管理员控制用于语音邮件预览的语言。因此,语音邮件预览文本将相同的语言的语音邮件系统中。但是,如果呼叫者通话的语音邮件预览不支持语言使用 Outlook Voice Access 留言,没有语音邮件预览的文本将包含在邮件。若要了解有关 Outlook Voice Access 的详细信息,请参阅Setting up Outlook Voice AccessFor messages sent by an Outlook Voice Access user, the language that's used for Voice Mail Preview is controlled by the voice mail administrator. Thus, the Voice Mail Preview text will be in the same language as the voice mail system. However, if a caller speaking a language that's not supported for Voice Mail Preview uses Outlook Voice Access to leave a message, no Voice Mail Preview text will be included with the message. To learn more about Outlook Voice Access, see Setting up Outlook Voice Access.

当语音邮件预览不正确时,UM 是否会知道?Does UM know when a voice mail preview is inaccurate?

语音邮件中包含每个语音邮件预览由可信度。语音邮件系统测量在录制内容的声音与单词、 数字和短语的匹配程度。如果轻松地找到匹配项,较高的信任级别。通常与准确度更高级别的可信度。The confidence level is determined for each voice mail preview included with a voice message. The voice mail system measures how well the sounds in the recording match the words, numbers, and phrases. If matches are found easily, the confidence level is high. A higher level of confidence is generally associated with a higher accuracy.

确定信任级别是小于某个值,如果,语音邮件预览在文本上方包含短语语音邮件预览 (较低信心) 。如果可信度级别较低,很可能将不正确的语音邮件预览文本。If the confidence level is determined to be lower than a certain value, the phrase Voice Mail Preview (confidence is low) is included above the Voice Mail Preview text. If the confidence level is low, it's likely that the Voice Mail Preview text will be inaccurate.

统一消息可以使用自动语音识别 (ASR) 计算预览的可信度,但无法判断词语的对与错。Unified Messaging uses Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) to calculate its confidence in the preview, but it has no way to determine which words are wrong and which are correct.

但是,UM 会试图了解以提高准确性其语音邮件预览。例如,它会尝试与呼叫者的电话号码与用户的个人联系人和贵组织的通讯簿或从社交网络的联系人 (如果有的话) 匹配。如果 UM 找到匹配项,它将录音上运行 ASR 时包括呼叫者,以及其标准的名称和词的列表的名称。However, UM does try to learn to improve accuracy of its voice mail previews. For example, it tries to match the caller's telephone number (if provided) with the user's personal Contacts and your organization's address book or contacts from social networks. If UM finds a match, it will include the name of the caller, along with its standard lists of names and words, when running ASR on the voice recording.

如果语音邮件预览不完全准确,是否还可以使用?Can Voice Mail Preview be used if it isn't completely accurate?

如果用户不尝试读取预览太仔细逐字,用户可能可以使用语音邮件预览更好的体验。相反,他们应考虑的名称和电话号码,例如"呼叫我回"或"我需要通话"可能提供有关呼叫的目的线索的短语。Users may have a better experience with Voice Mail Preview if they don't try to read the preview too carefully, word by word. Instead, they should look for names, phone numbers, and phrases such as "Call me back" or "I need to talk" that may provide clues about the purpose of the call.

并不期望语音邮件预览能够精确地传达邮件内容,但它可以帮助用户回答诸如以下类型的问题:Voice Mail Preview isn't expected to dictate messages exactly, but it can help users answer questions such as the following:

  • 该语音邮件是否与我的工作相关?Is this voice message related to my work?

  • 该语音邮件对我重要吗?Is this voice message important to me?

  • 呼叫者未保留一个号码?是不同我可能已列出其任何号码?Did the caller leave a number? Is it different from any numbers that I may have listed for them?

  • 呼叫者是否认为该语音邮件紧急?Does the caller consider this voice message urgent?

  • 我是否应该离开会议给此人回电话?Should I step out of a meeting to call this person back?

  • 我已预期呼叫中以确认我请求。这是确认呼叫?I was expecting a call to confirm my request. Is this the confirmation call?

可以打开或关闭语音邮件预览吗?Can Voice Mail Preview be turned on or off?

是的。如果已启用语音邮件预览,用户可以打开或关闭使用 Outlook 2010 或更高版本或 Outlook Web App。但是,该拨号计划语言必须支持语音邮件预览,并且必须安装该语言的 UM 语言包。Yes. If you've enabled Voice Mail Preview, users can turn it on or off using Outlook 2010 or a later version or Outlook Web App. However, the dial plan language must support Voice Mail Preview and the UM language pack for that language must be installed.

尽管语音邮件预览设置都相同,无论用户是使用 Outlook 2010 或更高版本还是使用 Outlook Web App,但是访问这些设置的方式不同:Although Voice Mail Preview settings are the same whether a user is using Outlook 2010 or a later version or Outlook Web App, they'll access them differently:

Outlook Web AppOutlook Web App

若要访问 Outlook Web App 中的语音邮件预览设置,用户单击设置 > 电话 > 语音邮件。在语音邮件页上的设置是语音邮件预览下提供。To access the Voice Mail Preview settings in Outlook Web App, users click Settings > phone > Voice mail. On the Voice mail page, the settings are available under voice mail preview.

默认情况下,这两个语音邮件预览选项是可用时为用户启用统一消息。如果 UM 拨号计划配置为使用支持语音邮件预览的 UM 语言包,统一消息将创建语音邮件的用户的预览时:By default, both Voice Mail Preview options are available when a user is enabled for Unified Messaging. If the UM dial plan is configured to use a UM language pack that supports Voice Mail Preview, Unified Messaging will create voice mail previews for users when:

  • 由于被叫方没有接听电话,因此呼叫者留下了语音邮件。A caller leaves a voice mail message because the user doesn't answer their phone.

  • 已启用 UM 的用户登录到 Outlook Voice Access,并录制要发送给一个或多个收件人的语音邮件。A UM-enabled user signs in to Outlook Voice Access and records a voice message for one or more recipients.

统一消息呼叫者离开选中语音邮件和语音邮件,我收到包含预览文本,则将创建电子邮件中的语音邮件预览,附加的音频文件,并将其发送给收件人的邮箱。要禁用此选项,如果拨号计划配置的语言不包括语音邮件预览支持,并且您无需语音邮件消息中包含的语音邮件预览。When a caller leaves a voice message, and Include preview text with voice messages I receive is selected, Unified Messaging will create a voice mail preview in the email message, attach the audio file, and send it to the recipient's mailbox. You may want to disable this option if the language that's configured on the dial plan doesn't include Voice Mail Preview support and you don't want voice mail previews included in voice mail messages.

当用户登录到 Outlook Voice Access 和它们发送语音消息向另一个用户,他们可能想要清除通过 Outlook Voice Access 发送包含预览文本包含语音邮件复选框。例如,它们可能想要执行此操作,如果他们可能发送语音邮件预览不支持的语言的语音邮件,或者他们不希望将包括语音邮件预览的语音邮件,因为它太长。When users sign in to Outlook Voice Access and they send a voice message to another user, they may want to clear the Include preview text with voice messages I send through Outlook Voice Access check box. For example, they might want to do this if they're sending voice messages in a language that Voice Mail Preview doesn't support or if they don't want to include the voice mail preview with the voice message because it's too long.