适用于企业开发人员、ISV 和合作伙伴的 Microsoft FlowMicrosoft Flow for enterprise developers, ISVs, and partners

作为开发人员,你可以扩展 Microsoft Flow,为组织和客户提供更强大的解决方案。As a developer, you can extend Microsoft Flow, enabling even more powerful solutions for organizations and customers.

适用于企业开发人员的 Microsoft FlowMicrosoft Flow for enterprise developers

作为企业开发人员,你的目标是让组织能够在 Microsoft Flow 上生成功能强大的定制解决方案:As an enterprise developer, empower your organization to build robust tailored solutions on Microsoft Flow:

  • 生成自定义连接器:开发自定义连接器,以便通过 Microsoft Flow 连接到组织的数据和 Web 服务。Build custom connectors: Develop custom connectors to connect to your organization's data and web services through Microsoft Flow. 了解详情Learn more

  • 生成 Azure Functions:创建 Azure Functions,以便通过自定义的服务器端逻辑来扩展应用。Build Azure Functions: Craft Azure Functions to extend apps with custom server-side logic. 了解详情Learn more

  • 嵌入 Microsoft Flow:将 Microsoft Flow 直接嵌入网站体验中,以便创建集成式解决方案,呈现组织中已完成自己工作的人员的工作流或过程。Embed Microsoft Flow: Embed Microsoft Flow directly into your website experiences to create integrated solutions, surfacing workflows or processes where people in your organization already do their work. 了解详情Learn more

适用于 ISV 和 Microsoft 合作伙伴的 Microsoft FlowMicrosoft Flow for ISVs and Microsoft partners

作为 Microsoft 合作伙伴或独立软件供应商 (ISV),通过扩展你的产品以与客户的数据和业务流程集成,加速客户采用,并添加和自定义工作流以在应用程序中自动执行业务流程。As a Microsoft partner or Independent Software Vendor (ISV), accelerate customer adoption by extending your products to integrate with your customers' data and business processes, and add and customize workflows to automate business processes as part of your application. 完成以下七个步骤后,应用程序可利用可靠的云规模工作流引擎,连接 200 多种不同的服务。After you have completed the below seven steps, your application will have the ability to leverage a robust cloud-scale workflow engine that can connect to 200+ different services.

阶段Phase 步骤Step 适用场景When needed?
开发Development 1.为数据生成自定义连接器1. Build a custom connector to your data 希望向 PowerApps 或 Microsoft Flow 公开自己的 ISV 数据时If you want to expose your own ISV data to PowerApps or Microsoft Flow
开发Development 2.添加对应用程序的支持,使用 Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) 对用户进行身份验证2. Add support for your application to authenticate users with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) 希望在 Microsoft AppSource 中嵌入 Microsoft Flow UI 或列表时If you want to embed the Microsoft Flow UI or list in Microsoft AppSource
开发Development 3.使用基于 Web 的 iframe 将 Microsoft Flow UI 嵌入应用程序3. Embed the Microsoft Flow UI into your application using our web-based iframe 希望在应用程序中包含流创建或流管理时If you want to include flow creation or management in your application
开发Development 4.创建并发布流模板4. Create and publish flow templates 希望为客户预生成流时If you want to pre-build flows for your customers
开发Development 5.添加应用程序逻辑,以编程方式部署流5. Add application logic to programmatically deploy flows 希望为客户自动部署预生成流时If you want to automatically deploy your pre-built flows for your customers
分发Distribution 6.通过 Microsoft 云解决方案提供商计划向客户授予 Microsoft Flow 许可6. Grant your customers licenses to Microsoft Flow through the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program 客户没有 Office 365 或 Dynamics 365 许可证时If your customers don’t have Office 365 or Dynamics 365 licenses
分发Distribution 7.在 Microsoft AppSource 上列出解决方案7. List your solution on Microsoft AppSource 建议用于提高 ISV 解决方案的可见性Recommended to increase the visibility of your ISV solution

1.连接到 API 或允许客户连接到 API1. Connecting to your APIs OR Enabling customers to connect to your APIs

通常,ISV 拥有专有数据且希望客户通过其流访问这些数据。As an ISV, you often have proprietary data that you would like customers to access through your flows. 通过自定义连接器即可公开任何数据的访问权限。You can expose access to any of your data through a custom connector. 了解详情Learn more

创建连接器后,可通过两种方式向客户提供连接器:Once created, there are two ways to make the connector available to your customers:

  • 可通过 REST API 或 PowerShell 将连接器部署到客户的租户中。The connector can be deployed into the customer’s tenant via REST APIs or PowerShell.
  • 若要面向所有用户公开发布自定义连接器,可提交连接器进行认证。To make the custom connector publicly available for all users, you can submit your connector for certification. 了解详情Learn more

2.身份验证2. Authentication

若要调用 REST API 并嵌入已通过身份验证的 UI,应用程序需使用 Azure AD 联合单一登录对最终用户和客户进行身份验证。To call REST APIs and embed authenticated UI, your application needs to use Azure AD federated single sign-on to authenticate end users and customers. 转到此处,了解如何启用 AAD 联合 SSO。Go here for information on how to enable AAD federated SSO. 我们不支持未经身份验证的访问,也不支持通过 Azure AD 以外的标识提供者进行访问。We do not have support for unauthenticated access, or access with identity providers other than Azure AD.

3.嵌入 UI 组件3. Embedding UI components

在应用内嵌入 Microsoft Flow,以便在应用和 Microsoft Flow 支持的所有其他服务之间进行深入的上下文集成。Embed Microsoft Flow within your app to enable deep, in-context integration between your app and all the other services that Microsoft Flow supports. 了解详情Learn more

4.创建并发布流模板4. Create and publish flow templates

有了连接器以后,应发布模板来演示如何使用你的服务。Once you have a connector, you should publish templates that demonstrate how to use your service. 这些模板将充当示例,可供用户学习并扩展其自己的独特工作流。These templates will serve as examples that users can use to learn and then extend to their own unique workflows. 了解详情Learn more

5.部署5. Deployment

若要让最终用户可访问他们能自动使用的流,可将这些流部署到用户的 Azure AD 租户中。To give end users access to flows that they can use automatically, deploy the flows into the Azure AD tenant of the user. 使用通过 REST API 或 PowerShell 部署的部署包。Use a deployment package that you deploy using our REST APIs or PowerShell. 了解详情Learn more

6.授权6. Licensing

如果客户已经拥有 Office 365 或 Dynamics 365,且这些许可证与用户登录 Azure AD 的标识相关联,则无需另外授权。If your customers already have either Office 365 or Dynamics 365, and these licenses are associated with the identities that users log in with Azure AD, there are no additional licensing requirements for you. 但是,如果客户未使用 Office 365 或 Dynamics 365,那么你应代表他们获取 Microsoft Flow 的使用权,这样他们才能获得许可,从而在应用程序中利用这些嵌入的组件。However, if your customers do not use Office 365 or Dynamics 365, then you must acquire use rights on their behalf for Microsoft Flow, so that they are licensed to leverage those embedded components in your application.

我们提供 Microsoft 云解决方案提供商计划,可代表客户获得许可证。We offer the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program to acquire licenses on behalf of your customers. Microsoft Flow 提供两种定价计划,请查看计划和功能详细信息。There are two different pricing plans available for Microsoft Flow, which you should check for plan and feature details.

7.在 AppSource 上列出7. List on AppSource

将 Microsoft Flow 集成到应用程序中后,即可在 AppSource 上将其列出。Once you have integrated Microsoft Flow into your application, you can list it on AppSource. 通过 AppSource 可生成应用并将其发布到 AppSource 供新客户试用,从而为自己的企业带来新的潜在客户。With AppSource you can generate new leads for your business by building an app and publishing it to AppSource for new customers to test-drive. 了解详情Learn more