Microsoft Flow 中的自定义连接器Custom connectors in Microsoft Flow

在未编写任何代码的情况下,你可以通过 Azure 逻辑应用Microsoft Flow,和 PowerApps 构建工作流和应用。Without writing any code, you can build workflows and apps with Azure Logic Apps, Microsoft Flow, and PowerApps. 为了帮助你将数据与业务流程集成,这些服务提供了 180+ 个连接器 - 用于 Microsoft 服务和产品,以及其他服务,如 GitHub、Salesforce、Twitter 等。To help you integrate your data and business processes, these services offer 180+ connectors - for Microsoft services and products, as well as other services, like GitHub, Salesforce, Twitter, and more.

不过,有时你可能想要调用不能作为预构建连接器使用的 API、服务和系统。Sometimes though, you might want to call APIs, services, and systems that aren't available as prebuilt connectors. 若要支持更多定制场景,可以通过其自己的触发器和操作生成自定义连接器。To support more tailored scenarios, you can build custom connectors with their own triggers and actions. 我们的连接器文档网站上提供了一套完整的有关自定义连接器的基本教程和高级教程。We have a complete set of basic and advanced tutorials for custom connectors on the Connectors documentation site. 我们建议你从自定义连接器概述着手,但也可以直接访问以下主题来了解特定区域的详细信息:We recommend that you start with the custom connector overview, but you can also go straight to the following topics for details on a specific area: