发行说明Release notes

最常见的问题Top questions

  1. 流发生故障。My flow failed. 如何修复?How do I fix it?

    1. 确定故障。Identify the failure. 这可以通过访问 Web 门户顶部的通知图标,或在移动应用中选择“活动”选项卡来开始。Start by going to the notifications icon at the top of the web portal, or selecting the Activity tab in the mobile app. 应当可以在那里看到你的流,并且可以选择它。You should see your flow there, and you can select it.
    2. 现在可以查看流详细信息。You are now looking at the flow details. 查找带红色感叹号图标的步骤,在那里会看到流的错误消息。Find the step with the red exclamation icon, and you should see the error message for your flow there.
    3. 根据错误消息,应该能够编辑流并修复它。Depending on the error message, you should be able to Edit the flow and fix it. 阅读有关如何修复常见流故障的详细信息Read more about how to fix common flow failures.
  2. 如何使用高级条件或表达式?How do I use an advanced condition or an expression?

  3. 授权是怎样与 Office 365 配合工作的?How does licensing work with Office 365?

    • 如果你是 Office 365 用户,则可通过适用于 Office 365 的 Microsoft Flow 计划获取完全访问权限。If you're an Office 365 user, you get full access through the Microsoft Flow for Office 365 plan. 有关详细信息,请参阅 Microsoft Flow 定价计划For more information, see the pricing plans for Microsoft Flow .
    • 如果你是管理员,则可查看有关 Microsoft Flow 许可的信息,包括使用 Office 365 时的相关许可信息。If you're an administrator, see information about licensing for Microsoft Flow, including with Office 365.

已知问题Known issues

  1. 不支持“我的站点”中非“自定义列表”类型的 SharePoint 列表。 SharePoint lists on My Sites and that aren't of type Custom List aren't supported. 若要解决此问题,请在标准 SharePoint 站点中创建自定义列表。To work around this issue, create a custom list on a standard SharePoint site.
  2. 向所选文件夹中的嵌套文件夹添加文件时,不会触发文件触发器。File triggers won't fire for files being added inside of nested folders inside the folder you select.

新增功能What's new


宣布发布发行说明Announcing the release notes

想要了解有关 Microsoft Flow 即将推出和最近发布的功能?Wondering about upcoming and recently released capabilities in Microsoft Flow? 查看 2018 年 10 月发行说明View the October 2018 release notes. 我们已获得相关范围内的所有详细信息,供你进行规划。We've captured all the details, end to end, top to bottom, which you can use for planning. 有关详细信息,请查看每周版本,其中包含功能和增强功能。For more details, review each weekly release with the features and enhancements that it contains.

2018 年 10 月版之前的发行说明仍将继续保留供以后参考,但所有新版本只在上述位置提供,本页不提供相关内容。The release notes prior to the October 2018 release will remain here for future reference, but all new releases will only be included in the above locations and not on this page.

2018 年 9 月 24 日版Release 2018-09-24

  • 对帮助和支持的管理员访问权限 - 在 Power 平台管理中心为 Microsoft Flow 打开支持票证,并提供有关工作流失败的其他详细信息。Admin access to help and support - Open support tickets for Microsoft Flow in the Power platform admin center and provide additional details about your workflow failure.
  • 重新设计了 Flow 社区 - 在 Flow 社区中查找所需内容的操作更简单。Redesigned Flow Community - Finding what you need just got easier in the Flow Community.
  • 改进了 Microsoft Teams 连接器 - 为 Microsoft Teams 新增了触发器,用户可在通道中存在新消息时运行流。Improvements to the Microsoft Teams connector - New triggers for Microsoft Teams so you can run a flow when there are new messages in a channel.
  • 更多 SharePoint 操作 - 添加了移动文件的新操作并在 SharePoint 连接器中添加了更多操作。More SharePoint actions - There are new actions for moving files and more in the SharePoint connector.
  • 新管理员分析报告 - 向商业应用程序平台管理中心添加了环境和租户范围的分析。New admin analytics reports - Environment and Tenant wide analytics added to the Business Application Platform Admin center.
  • Power Query集成 - 构建了 Power Query 体验,创建者可以从 SQL Server 中定型混合数据。Power Query integration - A Power Query experience is being built that will allow makers to shape data mashups from SQL Server.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2018 年 8 月 31 日版Release 2018-08-31

  • 使用示例数据测试流 - 使用来自连接器的示例数据,在 Microsoft Flow 设计器中构建流时对其进行测试。Test your flow by using example data - Use example data from connectors to test your flow as you build it from within the Microsoft Flow designer. 使用示例数据测试流时,确认将流部署到生产环境时会按预期方式运行流。When you test your flow with example data, you confirm that the flow will run as expected when it's deployed to production.
  • 五个新连接器 - 我们已添加四个新管理连接器:面向应用创建者的 PowerApps、面向管理员的 Power 平台、面向管理员的 PowerApps、面向管理员的 Microsoft Flow 和 Microsoft 学校数据同步。Five new connectors - We've added four new management connectors: PowerApps for App Makers, Power platform for Admins, PowerApps for Admins, Microsoft Flow for Admins, and Microsoft School Data Sync.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2018 年 8 月 24 日版Release 2018-08-24

  • 新日历同步模板 - 在 Google 日历和 Office 365 或 Outlook.com 之间复制事件的新日历模板。New calendar sync templates - New calendar templates that copy events between Google Calendar and Office 365 or Outlook.com.
  • 对 SharePoint 的多值支持 - SharePoint 中属于“选项”、“人员”或“查找”类型的多值字段的读写。Multiple value support for SharePoint - Read and write for multiple-value fields in SharePoint that are Choice, Person or Lookup types.
  • 代表组织中的其他用户发送审批 - 代表组织中的其他用户(例如,上传 SharePoint 列表中的文件的人员,而不是创建流的人员)发送审批。Send approvals on behalf of other users in your organization - Send approvals on behalf of other users in your organization - for example, the person who uploaded the file in the SharePoint list, instead of the person who created the flow.
  • 更多按钮输入类型 - 按钮有两个新输入类型:“数字”和“是/否”。More button input types - Buttons have two new input types: Number and Yes/No.
  • 连接器更新 - 新的 NetDocuments 连接器、对 Azure 连接器的改进等。Connector updates - A new NetDocuments connector, improvements to Azure connectors and more.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2018 年 8 月 2 日版Release 2018-08-02

Microsoft Flow 预览计划是抢先体验即将发布的 Microsoft Flow 功能和更新的一种方法。The Microsoft Flow Preview program is the way to get early access to the upcoming functionality and updates for Microsoft Flow. 若要抢先体验最新功能,只需在“预览”区域中创建并使用一个环境。To get early access to the newest features, just create, and then use, an environment in the Preview region.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2018 年 7 月 23 日版Release 2018-07-23

  • 从 Excel 生成和运行流 - 使用新的“流”按钮(从功能区的“数据”选项卡中访问),可以从 Microsoft Excel 中的表数据上的流中创建和触发自动化。Build and run flows from Excel - With the new Flow button (accessed from the ribbon’s Data tab), you can create and trigger automations from Microsoft Flow on your table data in Excel. 自动处理数据或复制/导入数据。Automate data processing or the copying/importing of data.
  • 创建业务流程流 - 业务流程流是基于应用的 Common Data Service 的一种新类型的流,它显示状态,并且可与人类进行交互。Create a business process flow - A business process flow is a new type of stateful, human-interactive flow based on the Common Data Service for Apps. 使用这些新流来定义一组供人员执行的阶段和步骤。Use these new flows to define a set of stages and steps for people to follow. 他们可以根据需要向前和向后移动。They can move forward and backward as needed.
  • 在 Outlook Web App 中为微软待办创建流 - 如果在 Outlook Web App 中 @ 提及某人,他们将看到创建流的快捷方式。Create a flow for Microsoft To-Do in Outlook Web App - If someone is @mentioned in Outlook Web App, they’ll see a shortcut to create a flow. 此流根据电子邮件的内容为在微软待办中 @ 提及的人员自动创建任务。This flow automatically creates tasks for the @mentioned person in Microsoft To-Do, based on the content of the email.
  • SharePoint 视图支持 - SharePoint 连接器现在支持对触发器和操作选择特定的 SharePoint 视图。SharePoint view support - The SharePoint connector now supports selecting a specific SharePoint view on triggers and actions. 这可将列筛选为仅显示处于所选视图中的字段。This filters down the columns to just the fields that are in the selected view.
  • 四个新连接器 - 添加了 Azure IoT Central(可高度缩放的 IoT 软件即服务 (SaaS) 解决方案)、Survey 123、LMS365 和 ProjectWise 设计集成。Four new connectors - Added Azure IoT Central - a highly scalable IoT software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution - Survey 123, LMS365 and ProjectWise Design Integration.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2018 年 6 月 29 日版Release 2018-06-29

  • 内置于 SharePoint 中的注销流请求 - 在 SharePoint 中选择文件或项目时,你将看到一个新的请求注销流。Request for sign-off flow built into SharePoint - When you select a file or item in SharePoint, you’ll see a new Request for sign-off flow. 此流不需要任何配置或设置,只需单击一下即可发送注销请求。This flow doesn't require any configuration or setup, and sends a sign-off request with a single click.
  • 两个新连接器 - 添加了 Cloud Connect Studio 和 PoliteMail。Two new connectors - Added Cloud Connect Studio and PoliteMail.
  • 历史记录和创建页面改进 - 我们通过添加确切的运行时间来刷新运行历史记录列表,并通过添加的新演练视频来刷新创建页面。History and create page improvements - We are refreshing the Run history list by including exact run times, and the create page by added a new walkthrough video.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2018 年 6 月 8 日版Release 2018-06-08

  • PowerShell Cmdlet - 流创建者和租户管理员现在都可以使用 PowerShell 以编程方式管理流。PowerShell Cmdlets - Both flow makers, and tenant admins, can now use PowerShell to manage their Flows programmatically.
  • 对 Teams Flow 机器人所做的改进 - Microsoft Teams 中的 Flow 机器人可以运行流按钮并描述你的流。Improvements to the Teams Flow bot - The Flow bot in Microsoft Teams can run flow buttons and describe your flows.
  • 三个新连接器 - 添加了对 Marketo、ElasticOCR 和 DynamicSignal 的支持。Three new connectors - Added support for Marketo, ElasticOCR, and DynamicSignal.
  • 其他共享信息 - 在共享或运行共享的流时添加了其他信息,使用户能够完全了解其他人将收到的权限。Additional Sharing Info - Added additional information when you share -- or run shared -- flows, so you know exactly what permissions other people will receive.
  • 自动剪裁 SharePoint URL - 在浏览器中复制和粘贴 SharePoint URL 时,它可能包含除站点以外的其他文本,此文本将被自动删除,使用户能够连接到该网站。Automatic trimming SharePoint URLs - When you copy and paste a SharePoint URL in the browser it could contain additional text beyond the site, this text will be automatically removed so you can connect to just the site.
  • 有关 GDPR 请求的文档 - 我们为企业组织创建了综合指南和工具集,以处理数据使用者权限请求。Documentation on GDPR requests - We have created a comprehensive guide and toolset for enterprise organizations to handle Data Subject Rights requests.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2018 年 5 月 21 日版Release 2018-05-21

  • SharePoint 列表和库拥有的流 - 与 SharePoint 列表和库协同工作的流可与这些列表或库共享。Flows “owned by” SharePoint lists and libraries - Flows that work with SharePoint lists and libraries can be shared with those lists or libraries. 因此,这些流可与具有该列表访问权限的任何人共享,而不是与个人或组共享。So, instead of being shared with individuals or groups, they’re shared with everyone who has access to the list. 在将用户添加到列表或库或将其从中删除时,这些用户的成员身份将自动进行相应更改。As users are added or removed from the list or library, their membership automatically changes accordingly.
  • 错误详细信息分析 - 提供有关流内所发生的所有错误的信息的新嵌入报表。Error details analytics - A new embedded report that provides information about all of the errors that happen inside a flow.
  • 与 Office 365 组共享流 - 可使 Office 365 新式组成为流所有者,并且可与 Office 365 组共享按钮流,以便组中的任何人都可以运行此流。Share flows with Office 365 groups - You can make an Office 365 modern group the owner of a flow, and you can share button flows with Office 365 groups so anyone in the group can run the flow.
  • SharePoint 连接器改进 - 存在两种新的 SharePoint 连接器功能:在删除项或文件时触发流,调用 SharePoint REST API 支持的任何 HTTP 终结点。SharePoint connector improvements - There are two new SharePoint connector capabilities: trigger flows when items or files are deleted and call any HTTP endpoint that the SharePoint REST API supports.
  • 两种新连接器 - 增加了对 Azure 数据工厂和 MailParser 的支持Two new connectors - Added support for Azure Data Factory and MailParser

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2018 年 5 月 1 日版Release 2018-05-01

  • 审批消息中的格式文本 - 通过 Markdown 将发送的审批详细信息进行格式化。Rich text in Approval messages - Use Markdown to format the approval details that you send.
  • 具有多个选项输入的按钮 - 生成使用多选列表一次收集多个值的流按钮。Buttons with multiple selection inputs - Build flow buttons that use a multiple selection list to collect more than one value at once.
  • 使用范围更宽的流 - Microsoft Flow 移动应用现支持横向视图,且 Web 设计器有一个水平滚动条。Work with wider flows - The Microsoft Flow mobile app now supports landscape view and the web designer has a horizontal scrollbar.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2018 年 4 月 12 日版Release 2018-04-12

  • 将数据从流返回到 PowerApps - 生成可从使用 PowerApps 生成的应用中调用的流,并将数据返回到应用。Return data to PowerApps from a flow - Build flows that can be called from an app built with PowerApps, and return data back to the app. 使用可视化拖放流设计器生成应用所需的逻辑。Use the visual drag-and-drop flow designer to build the logic you need for your apps.
  • 将多条记录添加到数组输入 - 例如,将列表生成器添加到了 Microsoft Flow,可用于将多个附件添加到电子邮件。Add multiple records to array inputs - Added a list builder into Microsoft Flow that can be used for adding multiple attachments to an email, for example.
  • 使用先前运行的数据来测试流 - 在设计器中添加了一个新的“测试流”按钮,以便用户可以使用之前流运行的触发器数据来测试流。Test flows with previous run data - Added a new Test flow button to the designer that lets you test your flow with trigger data from previous flow runs.
  • 新的 workflow() 字段 - 现可使用 workflow() 表达式访问环境名称和流显示名称。New workflow() fields - You can now access environment name and flow display name with the workflow() expression.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2018 年 4 月 4 日版Release 2018-04-04

  • Common Data Service 的审批 - 新式审批构建在应用的 Common Data Service 最新版本之上。Approvals on the Common Data Service - Modern approvals are built on the latest version of the Common Data Service for Apps. 这意味着你可生成能够读取使用 CDS 连接器发送或接收的审批状态的流。This means that you can build flows that read the status of the approvals you send or receive with the CDS connector.
  • 查找应用到每项的错误 - 即使循环中有数百个项,也可在流运行视图中直接跳转到循环错误。Find errors in apply to each - Jump directly to errors in loops in the flow run view, even when there are hundreds of items in the loop.
  • 重新分配审批 - 可将收到的任何审批分配给组织中的其他人,从而将审批委托给他们。Reassign approvals - You can assign any approval you receive to another person in your organization to delegate the approval to them.
  • 会议室列表 - Office 365 Outlook 连接器添加了用于获取组织会议室数据的操作。Room lists - The Office 365 Outlook connector added actions to get room data in your organization.
  • 查看流按钮的详细信息 - 运行他人共享给你的流时,现可看到流使用的所有操作。See details of flow buttons - When you run a flow that has been shared with you, you can now see all the actions that the flow uses.
  • 英国区域 - 现可创建环境,将其数据存储在英国。United Kingdom region - Environments can now be created to store their data in the United Kingdom.
  • 两个新连接器 - 增加了对 AtBot Admin 和 Marketing Content Hub 的支持。Two new connectors - Added support for AtBot Admin and Marketing Content Hub.
  • 新的文档登陆页面 - 更新了文档登陆页面,便于将内容按用户身份分组:初学者、中级用户或专家。New documentation landing page - Updated the documentation landing page to have content grouped by who you are: either a beginner, an intermediate user or an expert.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2018 年 3 月 13 日版Release 2018-03-13

  • 审批历史记录 - 查看发送的所有审批请求,包括回复、发送的评论以及发生的确切时间。Approval history - See all the approval requests you've sent out, including the responses, the comments that were sent, and the exact time they happened.
  • 四个新连接器 - 添加了 Excel Online(商业版)、Excel Online (OneDrive)、Azure SQL 数据仓库和 Pitney Bowes 税款计算器。Four new connectors - Added Excel Online (Business), Excel Online (OneDrive), Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and Pitney Bowes Tax Calculator.
  • 动态内容工具提示 - 将鼠标悬停在动态内容上,可查看其动作内容的来源,并在不完全打开表达式编辑器的情况下预览表达式。Dynamic content tooltips - Hover over dynamic content to see where it came from inside of actions, and preview expressions without opening the full expression editor.
  • 并发控制 - 启用并发控制,使给定流一次只能运行一个。Concurrency control - Enable concurrency control to have a given flow have only one run at a time.
  • 指数重试 - 一种新型的重试策略,使重试间隔随时间推移而呈指数级增长。Exponential retry - A new type of retry policy that spaces out retries exponentially over time.
  • 辅助功能一致性 - 发布了新的一致性文档,介绍 Microsoft Flow 如何满足辅助功能标准。Accessibility conformance - Released new conformance documents that describe how Microsoft Flow meet accessibility standards.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2018 年 2 月 9 日版Release 2018-02-09

  • 网关高可用性 - 创建高度可用的本地数据网关群集,以便在单个计算机停机时保持连接。Gateway High Availability - Create highly available clusters of on-premises data gateways, to keep connections up when single machines go down.
  • 改进的“应用到每个” - 使用 Flow 计划 1 或 Flow 计划 2 可以在单次运行中处理多达 100,000 个项目,并在“应用到每个”循环中并行处理 50 个操作。Improved Apply to each - With Flow Plan 1 or Flow Plan 2 process up to 100,000 items in a single run and 50 actions in parallel in Apply to each loops.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2018 年 1 月 29 日版Release 2018-01-29

  • Microsoft Teams 内部流 - 通过 Teams,可以创建和管理流、查看你接收和发送的批准,以及直接在 Teams 桌面应用内或在 teams.microsoft.com 上启动流 - 在此处了解详细信息Flow inside of Microsoft Teams - From Teams, you can create and manage flows, review your received and sent approvals, and launch flows directly within the Teams desktop app or on teams.microsoft.com - learn more here.
  • 共享编辑通知 - 每当有同事更改你所拥有的流时,你将会收到电子邮件通知,告知你谁更改了哪个流。Shared edit notifications - Whenever a flow you own is changed by a co-worker, you'll get an email notification informing you who changed what flow.
  • 新表达式 - 添加了两组新的表达式:一组用于分析 URL,另一组用于与 JSON 对象结合使用。New expressions - Added two new sets of expressions: one to parse URLs and another to work with JSON objects.
  • 三个新连接器 - 本周新增了两个新的 Plumsail 连接器:Plumsail SP 和 Plumsail 窗体,以及到 kintone 的新连接器。Three new connectors - This week there are two new Plumsail connectors: Plumsail SP and Plumsail Forms, and a new connector to kintone.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2018 年 1 月 17 日版Release 2018-01-17

  • Office 365 配置文件信息 - 我们已向 Office 365 Users 连接器添加了可与用户配置文件和照片结合使用的新操作。Office 365 profile info - We have added new actions to the Office 365 Users connector that work with user profiles and photos.
  • 追加到字符串变量 - 可以添加到循环内的字符串来构建表或其他列表。Append to string variables - You can add to strings inside of loops to build up tables or other lists.
  • Infobip 连接器 - Infobip 是一项服务,可实现企业级通信,包括语音呼叫,以及在入站 SMS 上触发。Infobip connector - Infobip is a service that enables enterprise grade communication, including voice calls and triggering on inbound SMS.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 12 月 20 日版Release 2017-12-20

Microsoft Flow Analytics 现已在所有 Microsoft Flow 区域中推出,这意味着,我们可以更深入地洞察环境中的流的运行状况。Microsoft Flow Analytics is now available in all Microsoft Flow regions, meaning you can get more insight into the health of flows running within your environment.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 12 月 14 日版Release 2017-12-14

  • Outlook 连接器改进 - 可将电子邮件另存为“.eml”文件,自动响应日历邀请,以及根据电子邮件线索中的提醒触发流。Outlook connector improvements - You can save an email as a ".eml" file, respond to calendar invitations automatically, and trigger flows when you are mentioned in an email thread.
  • 连接改进 - Microsoft Flow 会记住你最近使用的连接,并会显示所有新添加的连接器。Connections improvements - Microsoft Flow remembers your most recently used connections, and shows you all of the newly added connectors.
  • 5 个新连接器 - 添加了 Azure 容器实例、Azure Kusto、Metatask、微软待办和 Plumsail 文档。Five new connectors - Added Azure Container Instances, Azure Kusto, Metatask, Microsoft To-Do, and Plumsail Documents.
  • HTTP 改进 - HTTP 操作现在支持区块编码。HTTP improvements - The HTTP action now supports chunked encoding.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 12 月 5 日版Release 2017-12-05

Microsoft Flow 启动面板现已在所有区域推出。The Microsoft Flow Launch Panel is now available in all regions. 在 SharePoint 列表或文档库中运行某个流时,可以使用此面板将值添加到该流。This panel allows you to add values to a flow when you run it inside of your SharePoint list or document library.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 11 月 28 日版Release 2017-11-28

  • 托管元数据 - 从 SharePoint 中使用托管元数据(也称为Managed Metadata - Read data from, and write into, columns in SharePoint that use the Managed Metadata (aka. 分类)类型的列读取数据,以及向其中写入数据。Taxonomy) type.
  • 追加到数组 - 使用新的“追加到数组变量”操作将项添加到数组末尾。Append to Arrays - Add items to the end of arrays using a new Append to array variable action.
  • Tago - Tago 的新连接器,可将电子设备轻松连接到外部数据,以使用上下文分析促成更明智的决策。Tago - A new connector to Tago, which provides easy connection of electronic devices with external data to drive smarter decisions using contextual analysis.
  • iPhone X - 在 iPhone X 上使用全屏幕的新版 Microsoft Flow 应用,对图像上传的速度做了改进。iPhone X - A new version of the Microsoft Flow app that uses the full screen on the iPhone X, and that has a speed improvement for image uploads.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 11 月 9 日版Release 2017-11-09

  • OneDrive for Business 集成 - OneDrive for Business 中现在提供了一个流按钮,使用它可在选定的文件或文件夹中创建或触发流。OneDrive for Business integration - There's now a flow button inside of OneDrive for Business that can create or trigger flows on selected files or folders.
  • 计划程序触发器 - 创建新任务、向你分配了任务或者完成了某个任务时启动流。Planner triggers - Start flows when a new task is created, when a task is assigned to you or when one is completed.
  • SharePoint 附件 - 处理 SharePoint 列表项中的附件:列出、下载、添加或删除附件。SharePoint attachments - Work with attachments on SharePoint list items: list, download, add or delete attachments.
  • 流管理连接器 - 创建可以自动管理环境中其他流的流(例如,自动将权限添加到流)。Flow management connector - Create flows that automate the management of other flows in your environment (for example, add permissions to flows automatically).
  • 四个新连接器 - 添加了 Azure 自定义影像服务、D&B Optimizer、Enadoc 和 Derdak SIGNL4。Four new connectors - Added Azure Custom Vision Service, D&B Optimizer, Enadoc, and Derdak SIGNL4.
  • 更多连接器操作 - 运行 SQL 查询、获取更快的电子邮件触发器、在 Azure AD 中将任何方法与 HTTP 配合使用,等等。More connector actions - Run SQL queries, get faster email triggers, use any method with HTTP with Azure AD, and more.

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2017 年 11 月 2 日版Release 2017-11-02

  • 审核日志记录 - Microsoft Flow 审核事件现已在所有租户的 Office 365 安全性和符合性中心推出。Audit Logging - Microsoft Flow audit events are now available in Office 365 Security & Compliance Center for all tenants.
  • Flow 小组件修复 - 修复了 Flow 移动应用中导致按钮无法在小组件中加载的问题。Flow widget fixes - Fixed an issue in the Flow mobile app that caused buttons to not load in the widget.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 10 月 19 日版Release 2017-10-19

  • 嵌套了“应用到每项”操作 - 可以添加“应用到每项”操作,以及在其他“应用到每项”容器操作中进行筛选和选择。Nested apply to each - You can add apply to each actions, filter and select in other apply to each container actions.
  • 日期时间操作 - 添加了用于获取本地时间、时间相加、时间相减和设置时间格式的新操作。Date Time actions - New actions for getting local times, adding, subtracting or formatting times.
  • 四个新连接器 - 添加了内容审查器、Docparser、Microsoft Kaizala 和 Pitney Bowes 数据验证。Four new connectors - Added Content Moderator, Docparser, Microsoft Kaizala and Pitney Bowes Data Validation.
  • 改进了连接体验 - 连接断开时,Microsoft Flow 门户中会显示通知,此外还提供更丰富的连接详细信息。Improved connection experience - Notifications in the Microsoft Flow portal when a connection is broken and richer connection details.
  • 出差模板集合 - 面向出差工作人员的新模板集合。On-the-go collection - A new template collection for on-the-go workers.
  • 电子邮件地址按钮输入 - 当用户运行按钮时从用户收集电子邮件地址。Email address button inputs - Collect email addresses from users when they run buttons.
  • 文件按钮输入 - 当用户运行按钮时,从用户获取上传的文件,例如照片。File button inputs - Get uploaded files, such as photos, from users when they run buttons.
  • 首次运行和自动登录 - 改进了移动应用中的首次运行体验,包括自动登录。First run and auto sign-in - Improved first run experiences on the mobile app, including automatic sign-in.
  • 更快的 Microsoft Forms 触发器 - Forms 触发流的速度比以往要快得多(以前为每小时触发一次)。Faster Microsoft Forms triggers - Forms will trigger flows much more quickly than before (previously once an hour).
  • 在不同的会话中保留按钮输入 - 在手机上触发的按钮会记住以前的输入。Button inputs across sessions - Buttons triggered on your mobile phone will remember previous inputs.
  • 移动活动源 - 改进了活动源,包含更详细的运行摘要和故障排除详细信息。Mobile activity feed - Improved activity feed to include more detailed run summaries and troubleshooting details.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 10 月 3 日版Release 2017-10-03

  • 必须全部审批 - 要求将审批请求发送到多个人员,让收到该请求的每个人都审批它。All must approve - Require an approval request sent to more than one person to have everyone who received the request to approve it.
  • 新的 OneDrive for Business 操作 - 为 OneDrive for Business 中存储的文件生成 PDF,此外还添加了其他四个新操作。New OneDrive for Business actions - Generate PDFs for files stored on OneDrive for Business and four other new actions.
  • Apache Impala 连接器 - Apache Impala(孵化中)是适用于 Apache Hadoop 的开源本机分析数据库。Apache Impala connector - Apache Impala (incubating) is the open source, native analytic database for Apache Hadoop.
  • 添加流说明 - 提供流说明,以便在共享流时,同事可以看到流的功能摘要。Add flow descriptions - Give your flows descriptions so when you share them so your co-workers can see a summary of the flow does.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 9 月 25 日版 - Microsoft Flow 第三季度的更新Release 2017-09-25 - Q3 Update for Microsoft Flow

  • 首版中更深入的 SharePoint 集成 - 新增了一个现成的“请求审阅”流,此外还添加了一个 Flow 面板,针对首版租户运行某个流时,可以使用该面板收集输入。Deeper SharePoint integration in First Release - There are new "in-the-box" send for review flows and a Flow panel for collecting inputs when you run a flow for first release tenants.
  • Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement - Flow 现已与 Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement 的 UI 相集成。Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement - Flow is now integrated in the UI for Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement.
  • Microsoft 信任中心 - Microsoft Flow 已列入 Microsoft 信任中心,并显示已通过 HIPAA、ISO 和 SOC 等认证。Microsoft Trust Center - Microsoft Flow is listed in the Microsoft Trust center, showing certifications like HIPAA, ISO and SOC.
  • 使用情况分析 - 每个流已提供嵌入式 Power BI 仪表板和基本的使用情况分析。Usage analytics - Every flow has an embedded Power BI dashboard with basic usage analytics.
  • 首版中的审核日志记录 - 将在首版租户的 Office 365 安全性和符合性中心记录所有流管理事件。Audit Logging in First Release - All flow management events are logged in the Office 365 Security and Compliance center for first release tenants.
  • 六个新连接器 - 添加了 LinkedIn、Office 365 组、Skype for Business、Adobe Sign、Bizzy 和 Azure Log Analytics 数据集合。Six new connectors - Added LinkedIn, Office 365 Groups, Skype for Business, Adobe Sign, Bizzy, and Azure Log Analytics Data Collection.
  • SQL 触发器 - 添加了新行或者更新了 SQL 表中的行时会运行流。SQL triggers - Run flows when a new row is added or a row is updated in a SQL table.
  • 本地自定义连接器 - 现在,自定义连接器可以使用本地数据网关连接到网络中的内部终结点。On-prem custom connectors - Custom connectors can now use the On-premises Data gateway to connect to internal endpoints on your network.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 9 月 21 日版Release 2017-09-21

  • 下载流历史记录 - 以 CSV 文件格式下载流的运行历史记录并在 Excel 中打开。Download Flow History - Download the run history of a flow as a CSV file to open in Excel.
  • 高级重复计划 - 生成触发流的重复计划,例如,仅在工作日触发。Advanced recurrence - Build recurring schedules to trigger your flows, for example, only trigger on weekdays.
  • IntelliSense - 在表达式中键入内容时,IntelliSense 会提供有关参数的建议。IntelliSense - When typing in expressions, IntelliSense will provide suggestions for parameters.
  • 四个新连接器 - 添加了 Azure AD HTTP 服务、Amazon Redshift、Azure 事件网格发布和 FlowForma 的连接器。Four new connectors - Added connectors for Azure AD HTTP services, Amazon Redshift, Azure Event Grid Publish and FlowForma.
  • 共享链接 - 一个新操作,用于生成 OneDrive 文件或 Azure 存储 Blob 的可共享链接。Sharing links - A new action to generate sharable links for OneDrive files or Azure Storage Blobs.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 8 月 25 日版Release 2017-08-25

  • SharePoint 的文档属性和其他信息 - 读取和设置 SharePoint 文档库属性,并使用其他字段,例如 SharePoint 项的链接。Document properties and more for SharePoint - Read and set SharePoint document library properties, and use additional fields like links to the SharePoint item.
  • 流集合 - 流集合是按角色或纵轴组织的一组模板集合。Flow collections - Flow collections are a set of template collections organized by role or by vertical.
  • 按钮重新共享 - 与同事共享按钮时,他们也可与其他人重新共享。Button resharing - When you share buttons with your co-workers they can reshare them with other people too.
  • 从按钮收集列表 - 定义选项的下拉列表,使用户在点击按钮时可从中做出选择。Collect lists from buttons - Define dropdowns of options for users to choose from when they tap the button.
  • 七个新连接器 - AWeber、Azure Log Analytics、Azure 表、DocFusion365、Azure 事件网格、Azure 事件中心和 StaffHub。Seven new connectors - AWeber, Azure Log Analytics, Azure Tables, DocFusion365, Azure Event Grid, Azure Event Hubs, and StaffHub.
  • Slack 和 MySQL 的改进 - 在 Slack 中创建或联接通道,并可以写入 MySQL 数据库。Improvements to Slack and MySQL - Create or join channels in Slack, and you can write to MySQL databases.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 8 月 2 日版Release 2017-08-02

  • 写入到“人员”、“选择”和“查找”字段 - SharePoint 的 Create 项和 Update 项现在支持的功能包括设置“人员”、“选择”和“查找”字段。Write to Person, Choice and Lookup fields - SharePoint's Create item and Update item now support the ability to set Person, Choice, and Lookup fields.
  • 更多操作设置 - 现在可以更精细地控制触发器和操作的运行方式,包括配置重试策略和分页。More action settings - Now there's more control over how triggers and actions run, including configuring retry policies and pagination.
  • 四个新的连接器 - 现在可以使用 Azure 文件存储、Elastic Forms、Plivo 和视频索引器。Four new connectors - You can now use Azure File Storage, Elastic Forms, Plivo, and Video Indexer.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 7 月 27 日版 - Microsoft Flow 第二季度的更新Release 2017-07-27 - Q2 Update for Microsoft Flow

  • 导入和导出 - 跨环境(或从测试到生产)的导出和导入流解决方案。Import and export - Export and import flow solutions across environments or from test to production.
  • 在操作中使用表达式 - 在任意操作中使用表达式,获取使用方面的内联帮助。Use expressions in actions - Enter expressions in any action and get inline help with how to use them.
  • 扩大为 Azure 逻辑应用 - 将流另存为 Azure 逻辑应用资源,以便通过 Visual Studio 或 Azure 门户进行部署。Grow up to Azure Logic Apps - Save your flows as Azure Logic App resource that can be deployed through Visual Studio or the Azure portal.
  • 管理员可见性 - 在租户中下载 Microsoft Flow 用法,准确了解流的使用位置和方法。Admin visibility - Download Microsoft Flow usage in your tenant to understand exactly where and how flows are being used.
  • Dynamics 365 中的流 - 在 Dynamics 365 for Operations & Financials, Business Edition 中使用流。Flows in Dynamics 365 - Use flows inside of Dynamics 365 for Operations & Financials, Business Edition.
  • 更轻松地查找方案 - 浏览连接器可以执行的任何操作,以及将任意触发器用作生成流的起点。Find scenarios more easily - Browse everything that connector can do and then use any trigger as a jumping-off point for building flows.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 7 月 13 日版Release 2017-07-13

  • 改进了模板发布 - 将创建的任何流及其类别发布到公共库。Improved template publishing - Publish any flow you create, along with its categories, to the public gallery.
  • 获取 Outlook 日历上的事件 - 一项新操作,用于返回日历上两个时间之间的所有事件。Get events on your Outlook Calendar - A new action to return all events between two times on your calendar.
  • 新的移动功能 - 在移动应用中根据需要运行流,以及重新提交失败的运行。New mobile functionality - Run flows on demand and resubmit failed runs in the mobile app.
  • 自定义连接器中的动态下拉列表 - 生成动态下拉列表、轮询触发器,以及测试自定义连接器。Dynamic dropdowns in Custom connectors - Build dynamic dropdowns, polling triggers and test your custom connectors.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 6 月 28 日版Release 2017-06-28

  • 更新语言设置 - 可以通过“设置”菜单自定义 Microsoft Flow 所用的“语言”和“区域”。Update your language settings - You can customize both the Language and Region that Microsoft Flow uses through the Settings menu.
  • 五个新的连接器 - 增加了对 Adobe Creative Cloud、必应地图、必应搜索、JotForm 和 Freshservice 的支持。Five new connectors - Added support for Adobe Creative Cloud, Bing Maps, Bing Search, JotForm and Freshservice.
  • 配置超时 - 更改长时间运行的操作(例如审批)的运行“超时”时间,使流能够持续运行。Configure timeouts - Change the time long-running actions, such as approvals, run before they "timeout" and the flow continues.
  • 在 Outlook 中提供针对审批的注释 - 收到审批请求时,不离开 Outlook 即可提供注释。Include comments in Outlook for approvals - When you receive an approval request you can provide comments without ever leaving Outlook.
  • 自定义连接器品牌颜色 - 现在可以输入适用于自定义连接器的颜色,用作背景色。Custom connector brand colors - You can now enter a color for your Custom Connectors that will be used for the backgrounds.
  • 适用于团队流的“另存为”- 生成包括团队流在内的任何流的副本Save As for team flows - Make copies of any flows, including Team flows
  • 删除流信息 - 删除某个流时,系统会显示该流的所有挂起运行的列表。Delete flow information - When you delete a flow, you'll be shown the list of all pending runs for that flow.
  • 在“连接器”页上筛选 - 在“连接器”页上搜索所要的连接器,按连接器类型进行筛选。Filtering on the Connectors page - Search for the connectors you want on the Connectors page, and filter by type of connector.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 6 月 19 日版Release 2017-06-19

现在可以查看所有已发送的挂起审批请求的状态。You can now view the status of all of the pending approval requests you have sent. 此外,还可以直接从移动设备浏览所有挂起的审批并对其进行操作。Additionally, you can browse and act on all your pending approvals directly from your mobile device.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 6 月 15 日版Release 2017-06-15

  • 内容转换 - 推出了新的连接器,可以将 HTML 内容转换为纯文本,适用于处理 HTML 格式的电子邮件。Content conversion - A new connector that can convert HTML content to plain text, useful for handling HTML formatted emails.
  • 三个新的数据库连接器 - 增加了对 MySQL、PostgreSQL 和 Teradata 的只读支持。Three new database connectors - Added read-only support for MySQL, PostgreSQL and Teradata. 这些连接器通过本地数据网关进行连接。These connectors connect via the On-premises data gateway.
  • 三个其他的连接器 - 连接到 Azure Application Insights、Calendly 和 Teamwork Projects。Three other connectors - Connect to Azure Application Insights, Calendly and Teamwork Projects.
  • 改进错误处理的可视化效果 - 在错误之后运行的步骤现在显示为红色虚线箭头,便于标识。Better visualization for error handling - Steps that run after errors are now shown with red dotted arrows so you can easily identify them.
  • “运行详细信息”窗格 - 当流故障时,现在会出现一个新的右窗格,其中包含一些有用的步骤,说明如何纠正流的错误。Run details pane - When a flow fails there is now a new right-hand pane that contains some helpful steps for how to correct your flow.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 6 月 4 日版Release 2017-06-04

  • 适用于 Windows Phone 的 GA 版 - Microsoft Flow 移动应用现已发布,提供适用于 Windows Phone 的公开发行版GA for Windows Phone - The Microsoft Flow mobile app has been released to General Availability for Windows Phone.
  • 在流故障时获得电子邮件通知 - 当流故障时,系统会通过电子邮件通知你。Emails on flow failures - Get notified via email when you have a flow that fails. 这些故障电子邮件一周只会发送一次,用户可以打开或关闭此功能。These failure emails will only be sent out once a week, and can be turned on or off by the user.
  • 适用于表的“选择”操作 - 使用新的“选择”操作,更改要包括在表中的列集。Select action for tables - Use the new Select action to change the set of columns that will be included in tables.
  • Microsoft Forms 连接器 - Microsoft Forms 是 Office 365 教育版新的组成部分,允许教师和学生快捷地创建自定义测验,以及创建调查、调查表、注册等。Microsoft Forms connector - Microsoft Forms is a new part of Office 365 Education that allows teachers and students to create custom quizzes quickly and easily, surveys, questionnaires, registrations and more.
  • Office 365 企业版 K1 计划 - PowerApps 和 Microsoft Flow 现在包括在 Office 365 企业版 K1 计划中,有特定的配额限制。Office 365 Enterprise K1 plan - PowerApps and Microsoft Flow are now included with the Office 365 Enterprise K1 plan with certain quotas.
  • HTTP 标头使用更方便 - 填充要操作的文本框即可提供标头名称和标头值,就像“选择”操作一样。HTTP headers are easier - Just like the Select action you can provide a header name and header value by just filling out the text boxes on the action.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 5 月 23 日版Release 2017-05-23

  • Microsoft Teams 连接器 - Microsoft Teams 是 Office 365 中一个以聊天为主的工作区,其作用是将人员、对话、内容以及团队所需的工具汇集在一起,方便大家合作,提高工作效率。Microsoft Teams connector - Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace in Office 365 that brings together people, conversations and content – along with the tools that teams need, so they can easily collaborate to achieve more.
  • iOS 和 Android 上的小组件 - Microsoft Flow 小组件是按钮快捷方式,适用于轻松快捷地直接从主屏幕触发按钮。Widgets on iOS and Android - Microsoft Flow widgets are button shortcuts that provide you an easier and faster way for button triggering straight from your home screen.
  • 创建“错误处理”步骤 - 定义一个或多个在操作失败后运行的步骤。Create "error handling" steps - Define one or more steps to run after an action fails. 例如,当流在 Dynamics 365 中创建记录失败时,立即向你发送通知。For example, get a notification immediately if your flow fails to create a record in Dynamics 365.
  • 整数和浮点变量 - 对流运行中用于对某组逻辑运行计数的计数器进行初始化和递增/递减操作。Integer and float variables - Initialize and increment or decrement counters inside of a flow run to count how many times a certain set of logic runs.
  • 流详细信息页 - 在“我的流”列表中选择某个流时,将会显示一个页面,详细介绍该流的情况,例如谁具有访问权限,以及运行历史记录。Flow details page - When you select a flow in your My flows list, you'll see a page with details about that flow, such as who has access and the run history.
  • 管理员的流运行配额 - 管理员现在可以根据常用的公司运行配额来监视整个组织的流运行使用情况,并通过配额明细来了解其配额中各个许可证的贡献。Flow run quotas for admins - Administrators can now monitor flow run usage across an organization against the common company run quota and get a quota breakdown to understand what licenses contribute to their quota.
  • HTTP 请求触发器改进 - 使用不同的 HTTP 方法,并为请求触发器添加路径段。HTTP request trigger improvements - Use different HTTP methods, and add path segments for the Request trigger.
  • 两个合作伙伴连接器 - Microsoft Flow 现在可以连接到 Parserr(电子邮件分析服务)和 Cognito Forms(联机窗体服务)。Two partner connectors - Microsoft Flow can now connect to Parserr, an email-parsing service, and Cognito Forms, an online-forms service.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 5 月 12 日版Release 2017-05-12

  • SharePoint 文档库集成 - 可以在文档库中选择任何文件,然后启动一个流,例如,将其发送到经理处进行审批,等等SharePoint Document Libraries integration - You can select any file in a document library and kick off a flow, for example to send it to your manager for approval, and much more.
  • Microsoft Planner 连接器 - 可以使用 Microsoft Planner 轻松地将团队、任务、文档和对话集中在一起,以便获得更好的结果。Microsoft Planner connector - Microsoft Planner lets you easily bring together teams, tasks, documents, and conversations for better results.
  • 管理员许可证视图 - 管理员可以在 Microsoft 流管理中心查看所有 Microsoft Flow 和 PowerApps 许可证(包括试用版和付费版)。Admin view of licenses - Administrators can see all of the Microsoft Flow and PowerApps licenses (both trial and paid) in the Microsoft Flow Admin Center.
  • PowerApps 社区计划 - PowerApps 社区计划是一项免费的计划,目的是方便各个用户浏览、学习和积累 PowerApps、Microsoft Flow 和 Common Data Service 方面的技能。PowerApps Community Plan - The PowerApps Community plan is a free plan for individuals to explore, learn, and build skills for PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and Common Data Service.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 5 月 9 日版Release 2017-05-09

  • Azure AD 连接器 -推出了新的连接器,可以通过 Microsoft Flow 执行管理员操作,包括创建用户或将其添加到组。Azure AD connector - There is a new connector for performing administrator actions from Microsoft Flow, including creating users or adding them to groups.
  • Office 365 Outlook 改进 - 现在可以通过共享邮箱来触发流,还可以通过流将邮件发送到共享邮箱。Office 365 Outlook improvements - Flows can now be triggered by Shared Mailboxes and send mail to a Shared Mailbox. 流也可以设置或读取自动答复。They can also set or read automatic replies.
  • 在加拿大推出 - 现在可以在加拿大创建流。Available in Canada - You can now create your flows in Canada.
  • 创建自定义 API Webhook - 自定义连接器开发人员现在可以通向 Webhook 向自定义 API 添加触发器。Create custom API webhooks - Custom connector developers can now add triggers to their custom APIs with webhooks.
  • 在管理中心管理流所有者 - 环境管理员可以在 Microsoft Flow 管理中心管理流所有者。Manage flow owners in the admin center - Environment administrators can manage flow owners in the Microsoft Flow admin center.
  • 连接器文档参考 - 我们现已在 docs.microsoft.com 上提供完整的连接器参考Connector documentation reference - We now have a full connector reference on docs.microsoft.com.
  • 两项合作伙伴服务 - 已发布两项新的合作伙伴服务:Nexmo 和 Paylocity。Two partner services - Two new partner services were released: Nexmo and Paylocity.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 4 月 27 日版Release 2017-04-27

  • 通过并行步骤生成流 - 以并行执行的方式创建流:即你可以同时运行两个或两个以上的步骤。Build flows with parallel steps - Create flows with parallel execution: meaning you can have two or more steps that run at exactly the same time.
  • 支持五项新服务 - 五项新服务:审批、Benchmark Email、Capsule CRM、LiveChat 和 Outlook Customer Manager。Five new services supported - Five new services: Approvals, Benchmark Email, Capsule CRM, LiveChat, and Outlook Customer Manager.
  • 监视操作的重试 - 服务故障时,Microsoft Flow 会重试。Monitor retries for actions - Microsoft Flow will retry when there are failures with services. 现在可以查看自动重试的次数以及所发生情况的详细信息。Now see how many automatic retries occurred and the details of what happened.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 4 月 17 日版 - Microsoft Flow 第一季度的更新Release 2017-04-17 - Q1 Update for Microsoft Flow

  • 现代审批体验 - 创建工作流,以便审批者可以通过 Microsoft Flow 移动应用或 Microsoft Flow 网站上的统一审批中心进行安全的审批。Modern approval experiences - Create workflows where approvers can approve securely from inside the Microsoft Flow mobile app or the unified approvals center on the Microsoft Flow website.
  • 团队流公开发布 - 团队流现已公开发布,方便多人共同拥有并管理一个流。Team flows general availability - Multiple people can own and manage a flow together with team flows, which are now generally available.
  • 生成 Microsoft Flow 的连接器 - 任何人都可以提交自己的 Microsoft Flow 连接器,供全世界的用户免费使用。Build connectors for Microsoft Flow - Anyone can submit their own Microsoft Flow connector for free for the rest of the world to use.
  • “简约”设计器 - 新版设计器针对特定模板,仅提供创建流时必填的字段,简化体验。A "diet" designer - For certain templates, a new version of the designer presents just the fields that are required to create a flow, which simplifies the experience.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 4 月 11 日版Release 2017-04-11

  • 用于构建表和列表的新操作 - 新增了可以处理项列表的“创建 HTML 表”、“创建 CSV 表”和“联接”操作(而不是只有以前的“应用到每一个”)。New actions to build tables and lists - New Create HTML Table, Create CSV Table and Join actions that can process lists of items (instead of the previous Apply-to-each only).
  • 在任意位置插入步骤 - 现在可以在工作流中的任意位置插入新步骤而无需执行拖放操作。Insert steps anywhere - You can now insert a new step anywhere in the workflow without needing to drag-and-drop.
  • 四个新服务 - Flow 现在支持 10 to 8 Scheduling、Act!、Inoreader 和计算机视觉 API。Four new services - Flow now supports 10 to 8 Scheduling, Act!, Inoreader and the Computer Vision API. 有了计算机视觉 API,就可以处理图像来获取文本内容(称为 OCR),或者基于图像内容自动标记图像。With the Computer Vision API you can process images to get the text content (known as OCR), or automatically tag images based on their content.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 4 月 3 日版Release 2017-04-03

  • Windows Phone Beta - Windows Phone 应用 Beta 程序已发布,可以用于预览 Windows Phone 上的应用。Windows Phone Beta - The Windows Phone App beta program is available to get a preview of the app on your Windows Phone. 阅读详细信息Read more.
  • Muhimbi PDF - 现在可以通过 Muhimbi PDF 将 Microsoft Word 文件转换为 PDF、添加水印、合并文档等。Muhimbi PDF - You can now convert Microsoft Word files to PDF, add watermarks, merge documents and more with Muhimbi PDF. 阅读详细信息Read more.
  • 通过物理按钮触发流 - 宣布与物理按钮领域的两大领先的产品公司(Shortcut Labs 提供的 Flic 物理按钮,以及 The Button Corporation 提供的 Bttn 物理按钮)建立合作关系。Trigger flows from physical buttons - Announcing partnerships with two of the leading products in the physical button space: Flic by Shortcut Labs, and Bttn by The Button Corporation. 阅读详细信息Read more

2017 年 3 月 22 日版Release 2017-03-22

  • 复制流 - 现在可以通过复制流在草稿版上工作,或者复制在过去创建的流。Make a copy of your flow - You can now make a copy of your flow to work on draft versions or duplicate a flow that you've created in the past.
  • 两项新服务 - 增加了对 Toodledo 的支持,以便通过创建和更新任务来管理待办事项列表;同时增加了对 Zendesk 的支持,以便提供客户服务和支持票证平台。Two new services - Adding support for Toodledo - manage your to-do list by creating and updating tasks, and Zendesk, which provides a customer service and support ticketing platform.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 3 月 15 日版Release 2017-03-15

  • 与同事共享按钮 - 现在允许与他人共享流按钮,方便业务用户执行快速任务。Share buttons with co-workers - You can now share flow buttons with other people, making it easy for any business user to perform quick tasks.
  • 从主屏幕触发按钮 - 在移动设备的主屏幕和锁屏界面中提供流按钮的快捷方式,加快流的触发速度。Trigger buttons from the home screen - Shortcuts to flow buttons from the home and lock screens of mobile devices make it quicker than ever to trigger a flow.
  • 在 Microsoft Flow 应用中启用团队流 - 现在可以在适用于 iOS 或 Android 的 Microsoft Flow 应用中为流添加其他所有者。Team flows in the Microsoft Flow app - You can now see the flows that have other owners in the Microsoft Flow app for iOS or Android.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 3 月 10 日版Release 2017-03-10

  • 改进自定义连接器体验 - 现在可以使用 Postman Collection 创建自定义连接器,并可编辑、添加和测试操作。Improved custom connector experience - You can now use a Postman collection to create a custom connector, and edit, add, and test actions.
  • 两项新服务 - 增加了 PowerApps Notifications 和 PivotalTracker 支持。Two new services - Added PowerApps Notifications and PivotalTracker support.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 2 月 27 日版Release 2017-02-27

  • 触发流按钮 - 现在可以直接从 Microsoft Flow 触发流按钮。Trigger your flow buttons - You can now trigger flow buttons right from Microsoft Flow. 查看流的列表时,可直接选择“...”菜单,然后选择“立即运行”命令。When looking at your list of flows, simply select the "..." menu and choose the Run now command.
  • 五项新服务 - 增加了 Oracle 数据库、Intercom、FreshBooks、LeanKit 和 WebMerge 支持。Five new services - Added Oracle Database, Intercom, FreshBooks, LeanKit and WebMerge support.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 2 月 21 日版Release 2017-02-21

  • 查看环境流 - 环境管理员现在可以查看包含给定环境中所有流的完整列表,并可启用、禁用或删除流。View environment flows - Environment administrators can now view the full list of all the flows inside a given environment, as well as enable, disable or delete flows.
  • 两项新服务 - 增加了 Azure 自动化和 Basecamp 2 支持。Two new services - Added Azure Automation and Basecamp 2 support.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 2 月 16 日版Release 2017-02-16

  • 五项新服务 - 增加了对 Azure Data Lake、Bitbucket(一项基于 Web 的托管服务,适用于使用 GIT 修订控制的项目)、Eventbrite、Infusionsoft 和 Pipedrive 的支持。Five new services - Added support for Azure Data Lake, Bitbucket (a web based hosting service for projects that use GIT revision control), Eventbrite, Infusionsoft and Pipedrive.
  • 自定义 HTTP 身份验证 - 在流设计器中,现在可以对自定义 HTTP 终结点使用身份验证。Custom HTTP authentication - In the flow designer it's now possible to use authentication with custom HTTP endpoints.
  • 分析 JSON 消息 - 可以分析从 HTTP 请求触发器获取的或从 HTTP 操作返回的 JSON 数据。Parse JSON messages - You can parse JSON data from the HTTP Request trigger or that's returned from the HTTP action.
  • 流运行筛选 - 改进了流运行的筛选,提供了更具体的选项,包括查看正在运行的流或已取消的运行。Flow run filtering - Improved filtering for flow runs, with more specific options including seeing Running flows or Cancelled runs.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 2 月 6 日版Release 2017-02-06

  • 团队流 - 使用团队流,多个人可以共同拥有并管理流,如果有人离开组织,他们创建的流可以继续运行。Team flows - Team flows make it possible for multiple people to own and manage a flow together, and, if someone leaves an organization, the flows they created can continue to run.
  • 共享自定义连接器 - 自定义连接器,如团队流,可以在组织内共享和共同管理。Sharing custom connectors - custom connectors, like team flows, can be shared and collectively managed inside an organization.
  • Gmail 和 LUIS 支持 - 连接到 Gmail 和 Azure 认知服务的语言理解智能服务。Gmail and LUIS support - Connect to Gmail and Azure Cognitive Services' Language Understanding Intelligent Service.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 1 月 30 日版Release 2017-01-30

  • 流按钮输入 - 流按钮现在可以在运行时接收用户输入,因此流作者可以定义在点击按钮时传入的信息。Flow button inputs - Flow buttons can now receive user inputs at run time, so flow authors can define information that's passed in when the button is tapped.
  • Outlook 任务和 HelloSign - Outlook 任务服务让你可以管理任务,而 HelloSign 使你能够使用安全的电子签名。Outlook Tasks and HelloSign - Outlook Tasks service lets you manage tasks, and HelloSign enables secure electronic signatures.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 1 月 23 日版Release 2017-01-23

  • 按服务搜索 - 通过添加触发器或操作来查看每个服务的所有操作时,按服务进行浏览。Search by service - Browse by service when you add a trigger or action to see all the actions for each service.
  • Switch 用例 - 添加 Switch 块,设置并行逻辑的多个分支。Switch case - Add Switch blocks to have several branches of parallel logic.
  • 更多电子邮件操作 - 在 Office 365 Outlook 和 Outlook.com 服务中新增了适用于已标记邮件的功能。More email actions - New functionality in the Office 365 Outlook and Outlook.com services to work with flagged mails.
  • 五项新服务 - 连接到本地或网络文件系统、支付服务 Stripe、IBM Informix、IBM DB2 和 UserVoice。Five new services - Connect to Local or Network File Systems, the payment service Stripe, IBM Informix, IBM DB2, and UserVoice.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2017 年 1 月 14 日版Release 2017-01-14

  • 重新提交运行 - 如果你想在某个流发生故障的情况下尝试修复并重新运行该流,则可重新提交发生故障的运行。Resubmit runs - If a flow failed and you want to try to fix it and run again, you can resubmit the failed run.
  • 取消运行 - 现在,当流出现故障时,可以显式取消运行。Cancel runs - When a flow gets stuck, you can now explicitly cancel the run.
  • 两项新服务 - 增加了对 GoToTraining 和 GoToWebinar 的支持。Two new services - Added support for GoToTraining and GoToWebinar.
  • 移动链接 - 可以直接从移动应用共享模板。我们已在网站顶部添加了应用的快速下载链接。Mobile links - You can share templates right from the mobile app, and we've added a quick download link for the apps at the top of the website.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2016 年 12 月 29 日版Release 2016-12-29

Microsoft Flow 现在支持 DocuSign(用于电子签名和数字交易管理)、SurveyMonkey(用于网络调查)以及笔记应用 OneNote(仅限企业帐户)。Microsoft Flow now supports DocuSign, to handle eSignatures and Digital Transaction Management; SurveyMonkey, for web-based surveys; and the OneNote note-taking app (business accounts only).

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2016 年 12 月 20 日版Release 2016-12-20

  • 现在运行 - 用户现在可以根据需要启动定期触发器 - 例如,用户已经计划好每天运行一次报告,但现在也需要该报告运行一次。Run now - You can now fire off a recurring trigger on demand - for example, if you have a scheduled report every day, but you need the report to run now too.
  • 六项新服务 - 生成的流可以连接到 MSN 天气、Medium、Google 联系人、Buffer、Harvest 和 TypeForm。Six new services - Build flows that connect to MSN Weather, Medium, Google Contacts, Buffer, Harvest, and TypeForm.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2016 年 12 月 14 日版Release 2016-12-14

用户现在可以充分利用触发按钮流时的各种重要信息,例如触发按钮的地点、人物、时间等。You can now leverage valuable information when triggering a button flow, such as from where the button was triggered, by whom, at what time, and more.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2016 年 12 月 6 日版Release 2016-12-06

  • 介绍引导式学习 - 开始学习一系列的课程,这些课程将视频与文档相结合,帮助你了解 Microsoft Flow 丰富而强大的功能。Introducing Guided Learning - Get started with a sequenced collection of courses that pair videos with documentation to help you understand the extensive and powerful capabilities of Microsoft Flow.
  • 两个新服务 - 流现在可以使用 Freshdesk(使用者支持解决方案)和 GoToMeeting(联机会议工具)。Two new services - Flows can now use Freshdesk, a customer support solution, and GoToMeeting, an online meeting tool.
  • HTTP Webhook 支持 - 流现在可以是自动注册和注销本身的 Webhook 终结点。HTTP Webhook support - A flow can now be an endpoint for webhooks that will automatically register and unregister itself.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2016 年 11 月 23 日版Release 2016-11-23

  • Flow 中的 Power BI 警报支持 -通过从 Power BI 数据警报触发流,来实现根据信息自动执行操作。Power BI alert support in Flow - Turn insights into action by triggering flows from Power BI data alerts.
  • 移动应用程序改进 - 除了基于模板进行创建的现有体验之外,还添加了从头开始创建流的功能。Mobile application improvements - Added the ability to create flows from blank, in addition to the already existing experience of creation from templates. 我们还提高了查看流运行时的性能。We also improved performance when viewing flow runs.
  • 八个新服务 - 现在可连接到 Azure 资源管理器、Azure 队列、Chatter、Disqus、Azure Cosmos DB、认知服务人脸 API、HipChat 以及 Wordpress。Eight new services - You can now connect to Azure Resource Manager, Azure Queues, Chatter, Disqus, Azure Cosmos DB, Cognitive Services Face API, HipChat, and Wordpress.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2016 年 11月 15 日版Release 2016-11-15

  • Microsoft Flow 合作伙伴计划 - Microsoft Flow 现在有一个认证的合作伙伴计划,用于增强全球各大公司杰出人才的联系,充分利用其对 Microsoft Flow 的体验。Microsoft Flow Partner Program - Microsoft Flow now has a certified partner program to make connections and take advantage of different company’s talents and experience with Microsoft Flow around the world.
  • 六项新服务 - 我们本周还发布了六项服务:Asana、Campfire、EasyRedmine、JIRA、Redmine 和 Vimeo。Six new services - We're also releasing six services this week: Asana, Campfire, EasyRedmine, JIRA, Redmine, and Vimeo.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2016 年 10 月 31 日版 - 正式发布Release 2016-10-31 - General Availability

  • 定价和许可 - 现在同时在免费和付费套餐中提供,并包含在 Office 365 和 Dynamics 365 中。Pricing and licensing - Now available in both Free and paid plans, as well as included in Office 365 and Dynamics 365.
  • Microsoft Flow 管理中心 - 新管理中心可供企业使用。Microsoft Flow Admin Center - Enterprise-ready with the new Admin Center. 在管理中心内,可以管理组织内部的环境。In the Admin Center you can manage the environments inside the organization.
  • 数据丢失防护策略 - 管理员可以创建数据丢失防护策略来控制服务之间的数据流。Data loss prevention policies - Administrators can create data loss prevention policies to control the flow of data between services.
  • Android 可用性 - Microsoft Flow 手机应用现已可用于 iOS 和 Android。Android availability - The Microsoft Flow phone app is now available for both iOS and Android. 使用该应用可以获得通知、监视活动,并可通过点击按钮启动流。The app enables you to get notifications, monitor activity, and start flows with the tap of a button.
  • 新设计器体验 - 现在可以搜索分步传递的动态内容,更快地引用所需的数据。New designer experiences - You can now search over the dynamic content passed from step to step, making it much quicker to reference the data you want to.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2016 年 10 月 26 日版Release 2016-10-26

  • 按钮流 - 我们希望可以随时随地触发无数的操作。Button flows - There are countless operations we wish we could trigger anytime and anywhere. 现在,有了按钮流,只需从移动设备单击一个按钮即可完成。Now, with Button Flows, you can get those done at just a click of a button, from your mobile device.
  • 公告环境 - 环境是用于存储和管理组织的流的不同空间。Announcing environments - Environments are distinct spaces to store and manage your organization's flows. 环境存在于不同地点,这意味着环境中存在的流、应用和业务数据将在该环境所在的区域中。Environments are geo-located, which means that the flows, apps and business data that lives within an environment will be in the region where the environment is located.
  • 六个新服务 - 添加对 Bit.ly、Cognitive Services Text Analytics、Dynamics NAV、Dynamics 365 for Financials、Instapaper 和 Pinterest 的支持。Six new services - Adding support for Bit.ly, Cognitive Services Text Analytics, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics 365 for Financials, Instapaper, and Pinterest.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2016 年 10 月 16 日版Release 2016-10-16

  • 自定义连接器支持多个身份验证类型 - 自定义连接器现在支持 API 密钥身份验证,并可以对任何支持完整 OAuth 2.0 规范的服务进行身份验证。Custom connectors support more authentication types - Custom connectors now support API Key authentication and can authenticate against any service that supports the full OAuth 2.0 specification.
  • 支持的三个新服务 - 增加了对 Basecamp 3、Blogger 和 PagerDuty 的支持。Three new services supported - We've added support for Basecamp 3, Blogger and PagerDuty.
  • 设计器改进 - 性能得到改善,现在,用户可直接从每个操作的"..."菜单更新和修复连接,并且我们还新增了一个名为“终止”的步骤,该步骤可用于结束流运行。Designer improvements - Improved performance, you can now update and repair your connections right from the "..." menu for every action, and we have added a new step called Terminate that you can use to end a flow's run.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2016 年 9 月 25 日版Release 2016-09-25

现在,可以从移动电话创建流。Flow creation now available from your mobile phones. 浏览我们丰富的模板库、服务列表,或选择模板类别进行深入了解。Browse our rich template gallery, navigate through our services list, or select a template category to drill into. 阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2016 年 9 月 22 日版Release 2016-09-22

  • Microsoft Graph 人员选择器 - 新的 Microsoft Graph 人员选择器直接集成到 Microsoft Flow UI,以帮助选择正确的联系人或电子邮件地址。Microsoft Graph People Picker - A new Microsoft Graph people picker is integrated directly into the Microsoft Flow UI to help you choose the right contact or email address.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX 支持 - 现在,可从流内部对 Dynamics AX 在线操作数据执行操作,如创建新记录、查询数据等。Microsoft Dynamics AX support - From inside your flows you can now take action on your Dynamics AX Online operations data, from creating new records to querying for data.
  • 合作伙伴提供的两个新服务 - 现在,可从流中使用 appFigures 或 Insightly。Two new services from partners - Now use appFigures or Insightly from your flows.

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2016 年 9 月 14 日版Release 2016-09-14

  • 嵌入网站或应用 - 现在,开发人员可以将 Microsoft Flow 嵌入其应用或网站,为用户提供个人或专业任务自动化的简单方法。Embedding in your web site or app - Developers can now embed Microsoft Flow right into their apps or web sites to give their users a simple way to automate their personal or professional tasks.
  • 将流用作 HTTP 终结点 - 现在,用户可将流本身用作 HTTP API。Use a flow as an HTTP endpoint - Now you can use a flow itself as an HTTP API. 流内部有个名为“请求”的触发器,用户可通过添加“响应”卡对传入的请求作出响应。There is a trigger called Request inside of flow, and you can choose to respond to the incoming request by adding a Response card.
  • Todoist 支持 - 用户可通过 Todoist 查看所有项目,无论是在工作单位还是在家。Todoist support - Todoist gives you perspective over all your projects, at work and at home.

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2016 年 9 月 1 日版Release 2016-09-01

现在,所有人都可以使用 Microsoft Flow - 最初,我们只对工作单位或学校(使用 Office 365 Business 或 Office 365 Enterprise)提供的邮箱地址开放预览。Microsoft Flow now available for everyone - we initially opened up the preview to only email addresses provided by your work or school, like those used with Office 365 Business or Office 365 Enterprise. 今天,我们宣布,所有用户都可以免费从官方下载使用预览,无论用户使用的是什么邮箱。Today, we are announcing that the preview is officially available, free to use, for all users, no matter what email you may have. 阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2016 年 8 月 31 日版Release 2016-08-31

  • 嵌套条件 - 现在,用户可将第二个(或第三个,等等)条件内嵌到其他条件中。Nested conditionals - Now you can add a second (or third, etc…) condition inside of another.
  • 应用到每个 - 通过“应用到每个”循环可控制重复的列表。Apply to each - An apply to each loop makes it possible to control the list that you repeat over.
  • 操作停止条件 - 通过“操作停止条件”循环可重复某一步骤,直到满足一定条件。Do-until - A do-until loop allows you to repeat a step until a certain condition is met.
  • 筛选阵列 - 存在单个本地筛选步骤,可确保列表中的每一项都与定义的表达式相匹配。Filter arrays - There is a single native filter step that can make sure that every item in the list matches some expression that you define.
  • 编写字符串变量 - 现在,用户可以编写字符串变量。Compose string variables - You can now compose a string variable.
  • 作用域 - 作用域是将两个或多个操作归为一组的简单方法。Scopes - Scopes are a simple way to group two or more actions together.

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2016 年 8 月 27 日版Release 2016-08-27

  • 步骤注解 - 注解使得通过注释对每个单独操作进行批注变得非常容易,这样可以很容易记住流所需要的内容。Comments on steps - Comments make it easy to annotate each individual action with notes so that you can easily remember what the flow needs
  • Smartsheet 支持 - 本周我们增加了对连接到 Smartsheet 的支持。Smartsheet support - This week we added support to connect to Smartsheet. Smartsheet 是一种可在云中的工作表上轻松协作的服务。Smartsheet is a service that makes it easy to collaborate on sheets in the cloud.
  • 编写流时的 UI 优化 - 我们已将流名称放到前面中间的位置,并将“保存”按钮移至页面顶部,以方便访问。UI refinements when authoring flows - We have made the flow name front-and-center and moved the save button to the top of the page for easy access.

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2016 年 8 月 18 日版Release 2016-08-18

现在,用户可以预览包含 Microsoft Flow 集成的 SharePoint Online 现代列表体验。You can now preview the new SharePoint Online modern lists experience that includes the Microsoft Flow integration. 阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2016 年 8 月 13 日版Release 2016-08-13

  • Visual Studio Team Services - 现在,用户可以通过使用 Microsoft Flow 将 VSTS 连接到 O365 Email、Slack、Trello 和 Wunderlist 等各种服务。Visual Studio Team Services - With Flow, you can now connect VSTS to a wide variety of services such as O365 Email, Slack, Trello, and Wunderlist.
  • SharePoint 的增强功能 - SharePoint 列表支持多种数据类型,这些数据类型不仅包括文本单线以及日期和时间等简单对象,也包括人员或组、查找以及选择等复杂对象。Enhancements to SharePoint - SharePoint lists support a range of data types from simple objects like Single lines of text and Date and Time to complex objects such as Person or Group, Lookup, and Choice.
  • 测试 O365 Outlook 连接 - 用户创建新的 O365 Outlook 连接后,我们可立即对其进行测试,以确保用户已做好使用连接的准备。Test O365 Outlook Connections - Whenever you create a new O365 Outlook connection, we will now test it to make sure you’re ready to use it.
  • 布尔控件 - 我们还新增了布尔控件,以阐明用户应在布尔输入字段中键入的值,如“当收到新电子邮件时”触发器中的“有附件”。Boolean Control - We’ve also added a boolean control to clarify which values you should enter for boolean input fields, such as Has Attachments in the When a new email arrives trigger.

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2016 年 8 月 8 日版Release 2016-08-08

公共预览版的 Microsoft 通用数据服务集成到 Microsoft Flow 中。Public preview of the Microsoft Common Data Service integrated in Microsoft Flow. 阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2016 年 8 月 5 日版Release 2016-08-05

  • 本地 SharePoint - 与 SharePoint Online 的使用方法一样,用户可以使用预定义模板或从头构建模板来创建有关 SharePoint 本地列表和文档库的流。SharePoint On-Premises - Just like with SharePoint Online, you can create flows around your SharePoint on-premises lists and doc libraries either using pre-defined templates or by building them from scratch.
  • 设计器中的信息气泡 - 为了阐述每个触发器和操作的功能,我们在流的每个步骤的上方增加了信息气泡。Info-bubbles in the designer - In order to elaborate on the capabilities of each trigger and action, we’ve added info-bubbles above each step of your flow.

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2016 年 7 月 15 日版Release 2016-07-15

  • 新增了四个服务 - 连接到 Google 日历、Google 任务管理器、YouTube 以及 SparkPost。Four new services added - Connect to Google Calendar, Google Tasks, YouTube and SparkPost.
  • 重命名操作 - 现在,用户可通过对这些操作重命名来其进行区分。Rename your actions - Now, you can tell these different actions apart by renaming them.
  • 不同时间段的延迟 - 现在,用户可以选择任意秒数、分钟数、小时数或天数。Delay for different periods of time - You can now select any number of Seconds, Minutes, Hours or Days.
  • 更易于使用文件夹浏览器 - 我们简化了文件夹浏览器。现在,在左侧选择可选择该文件夹,在右侧选择可打开该文件夹,以便选择其中的子文件夹。Easier to use folder browser - We've simplified the folder browser - now selecting on the left will choose that folder, and selecting on the right will open that folder so you can choose the subfolders inside.

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2016 年 7 月 8 日版Release 2016-07-08

使用本地数据网关从本地连接 Microsoft Flow。On-premises connectivity for Microsoft Flow using the on-premises data gateway. 这样,用户可以建立到 SQL Server 的安全连接,并将它们与流集成。This allows you to establish secured connections to SQL Server and integrate them with your flows. 阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2016 年 7 月 2 日版Release 2016-07-02

  • Google 工作表支持 - 过去,我们已经能够使用 Excel,以及 Google Drive,但本周我们将增加本地 Google 工作表支持。Google Sheets support - In the past, we have had both the ability to use Excel, as well as Google Drive, but this week we are adding native Google Sheets support.
  • 从模板更快速地开始 - 我们还对从模板开始的方式进行了一些优化。Get started more quickly from templates - We have also made some optimizations to the way you can start from templates. 现在,用户可以直接在模板页面上为内联的模板选择要使用的帐户。Now, you can select what accounts you want to use for a template right inline on the template page.
  • 不再有 SharePoint 和 Office 365 授权到期 - 现在,Microsoft Flow 将自动更新用户对基于 Azure Active Directory 的服务的访问权限,因此所有流都将在密码更改后继续工作。No expiring authorization for SharePoint and Office 365 - Now, Microsoft Flow will automatically renew your access to Azure Active Directory-based services, so all of your flows will continue working across password changes.

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2016 年 6 月 20 日版Release 2016-06-20

  • 为 Microsoft Flow 引入新的移动应用 - 今天,我们非常高兴地介绍我们的产品的另一个主要部分:现在可在 iOS 系统上下载的一款移动应用(很快也可以在 Android 系统上下载),通过使用该应用,用户可以随时随地管理、跟踪以及浏览自动化工作流。Introducing the new mobile app for Microsoft Flow - Today, we are pleased to introduce another major piece of our offering: a mobile app now available for download on iOS (soon also on Android) that gives you the power to manage, track, and explore your automated workflows anytime and anywhere.
  • 单点登录 - 我们已实施单点登录,用户可以通过 Office 365 等其他 Microsoft 服务进行 Microsoft Flow 身份验证。Single sign-on - We've implemented single sign-on that allows you to authenticate to Microsoft Flow with other Microsoft services like Office 365.

阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2016 年 6 月 18 日版Release 2016-06-18

  • 新邮件服务 - 现在,用户可以直接从 Microsoft Flow 发送电子邮件,无需连接到 Microsoft Flow 中的个人或工作邮箱帐户。New Mail service - You can now send emails directly from Microsoft Flow, without needing to connect to your personal or work email accounts inside of Microsoft Flow.
  • 门户中的通知 - 现在,每当出现与流断开的情况时,用户都将在门户的顶部看到通知。Notifications in the portal - Now, you'll see Notifications at the top of the portal whenever something is broken with your flows.
  • 门户中的所有活动 - 现在,用户可以通过单击流网站中的“活动”选项卡查看所有流中的活动。All Activity in the portal - You can now see activity across all of your flows by clicking the new Activity tab in the flow website.

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2016 年 5 月 27 日版Release 2016-05-27

  • 按服务浏览模板 - 现在有一种方法可以查看我们支持的所有服务(无需登录)。Browse templates by service - There is a now a way to see all of the services that we support (without having to log in). 在此页面中,用户可以看到每个服务的说明,并检查该服务的模板。From this page you can see a description of each of the services, and check out the templates that we have for that service.
  • 创建和使用自定义连接器 - 与在 PowerApps 中创建自定义连接器一样,你也可以直接连接到自己的位于 flow.microsoft.com 的 API:Create and use your custom connectors - Just like you can create custom connectors in PowerApps, you can also connect to your own APIs right at flow.microsoft.com:
  • 在完成之前测试流 - 现在,保存流时,如果执行启动操作,用户可以看到页面中的实时流运行结果。Test your flows before finishing - Whenever you save a flow you can now see the results of the flow run live in the page, if you perform the starting action.

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2016 年 5 月 7 日版Release 2016-05-07

新增了两项服务:Microsoft Project Online 以及 Mailchimp 的 Mandrill。Added two new services: Microsoft Project Online and Mandrill by Mailchimp. 阅读更多并询问有关此版本的问题。Read more and ask questions about this release.

2016 年 4 月 27 日版 - 公开预览版Release 2016-04-27 - Public Preview

如果已使用过 Microsoft PowerApps 中的逻辑流,则会发现 Microsoft Flow 预览版提供多项新功能:If you used Logic flows as part of Microsoft PowerApps, the Microsoft Flow Preview release offers several new features:

  • 现在,用户可以浏览包含数十个模板的库,并按“受欢迎程度”、“名称”或“发布日期”排序。You can now browse a gallery of dozens of templates and sort by Popularity, Name, or Date published.
  • 自定义流以后,即可将自己的模板发布到库中。You can publish your own templates into the gallery after you customize a flow.
  • 可以查看每次检查和运行流的历史记录。You can see the history for every check and run of your flow.
  • 保存流以后,直接执行触发器操作即可立即观看运行中的流When you save a flow, you can watch it in action immediately by just performing the trigger action.
  • 成立了一个新社区,方便用户讨论 Microsoft Flow 或提交意见We have a new community for you to discuss Flow or submit your ideas.

后续步骤Next steps

如果有任何问题未在这些发行说明或常见问题中讲到,请加入社区提问问题,或联系支持部门If you have any issues not already covered in these release notes or in the FAQ, please join our community to ask questions, or contact support.