Microsoft Flow 的注册和登录Sign up and sign in for Microsoft Flow

作为个人开始使用 Microsoft Flow 很容易!Starting with Microsoft Flow, as an individual, is easy! 在创建流之前,需先使用电子邮件地址注册。Before you can create a flow, sign up by using any email address. 如果尚未通过该地址使用在线 Microsoft 产品,则需花些时间注册。If you've never used an online Microsoft product with that address, you'll need to take a few moments to register it.

免费注册Sign up free

如果你未使用过其他在线 Microsoft 产品,则需注册。If you haven't used other online Microsoft products, you'll need to sign up.

  1. 中,单击或点击右上角的“免费注册”。In, click or tap Sign up free in the upper-right corner.

  2. 输入电子邮件地址。Enter your email address.

  3. 单击或点击右箭头。Click or tap the right arrow.


登录Sign in

如果你使用过其他 Microsoft 在线产品,无论是出于工作目的还是自用目的,则只需登录即可。If you've used other Microsoft online products, either for work or yourself, all you need to do is sign in.

  1. 中,单击或点击右上角的“登录”。In, click or tap Sign in in the upper-right corner.


  2. 输入电子邮件地址。Enter your email address.

  3. 在登录页上,输入电子邮件地址和密码。On the sign-in page, enter your email address and password.

使用付费功能Using paid features

任何人都可以注册 Microsoft Flow 并获得一个免费计划。Anyone can sign up and get a free plan for Microsoft Flow. 如果用户的组织已为其购买 Office 365 或 Dynamics 365,则用户可能有权使用 Microsoft Flow 的其他功能。If your organization has purchased Office 365 or Dynamics 365 for you, you may have access to additional features for Microsoft Flow. 你还可以开始 90 天免费试用或购买 Microsoft Flow 套餐 1 或套餐 2(如果你想要使用付费功能)。You can also start a 90-day free trial or purchase Microsoft Flow Plan 1 or Plan 2 if you would like to use the paid features. 详细了解计费Learn more about billing.

有关管理信息,请参阅用户组织中的 Microsoft Flow 问题与解答For administration information, see Flows in your organization Q&A.


在许多情况下,按本主题前面所述的简单过程进行操作即可注册到 Microsoft Flow。In many cases, you can register for Microsoft Flow by following the simple process described earlier in this topic. 不过,此表也总结了用户无法注册的最常见原因,并介绍了可用的解决方法。However, this table summarizes the most common reasons why you may not be able to sign up and describes available workarounds.

症状/错误消息Symptom / Error Message 原因和解决方法Cause and Workaround
尚未创建 Microsoft 帐户No Microsoft account created yet
在注册过程中,输入电子邮件地址后收到一条消息:You receive a message after entering your email during signup:

该 Microsoft 帐户不存在。请输入另一个帐户或获取新帐户。That Microsoft account doesn't exist. Enter a different account or get a new one.
用户使用尚未为其创建 Microsoft 帐户的电子邮件地址进行注册。You signed up with an email that doesn't yet have a Microsoft account created for it. 在该页面上选择立即注册链接,即可为用户的电子邮件地址创建新的 Microsoft 帐户。Select the Sign up now link on that page and you'll be able to create a new Microsoft account for your email. 用户可以使用现有的电子邮件地址创建 Microsoft 帐户。You can use your existing email to create a Microsoft account.
.gov 或 .mil 电子邮件地址.gov or .mil email addresses
在注册过程中收到如下所示消息:You receive a message like the following during signup:

Microsoft Flow 不可用: Microsoft Flow 目前不可用于使用 .gov 或 .mil 电子邮件地址的用户。请使用其他工作电子邮件地址,或稍后再回来查看。Microsoft Flow unavailable: Microsoft Flow is not available for users with .gov or .mil email addresses at this time. Use another work email address or check back later.
现在不可以使用 .gov 或 .mil 地址注册 Microsoft Flow。You cannot currently sign up for Microsoft Flow with a .gov or .mil address. 相反,可以使用任何 Microsoft 帐户电子邮件地址登录,如 地址。Instead, you can sign in with any Microsoft Account email address such as a address.
自助注册已禁用Self-service signup disabled

在注册过程中收到如下所示消息:You receive a message like the following during signup:
无法完成注册。用户的 IT 部门已禁止注册到 Microsoft Flow。若要完成注册,请联系该部门。We can't finish signing you up. Your IT department has turned off signup for Microsoft Flow. Contact them to complete signup.
无法完成注册。看起来 Microsoft Flow 目前不可用于你的工作单位或学校。We can't finish signing you up. It looks like Microsoft Microsoft Flow isn't currently available for your work or school.
选择了“注册”,而不是“登录”。You have selected Sign up instead of of Sign in. 如果在主页顶部选择“登录”,则用户将能够访问 Microsoft Flow。If you select Sign in in the top of the home page you will be able to access Microsoft Flow.
电子邮件地址不是 Office 365 IDEmail address is not an Office 365 ID

在注册过程中收到如下所示消息:You receive a message like the following during signup:
在 中找不到你。是否在工作单位或学校使用其他 ID?请尝试使用该 ID 登录,如果仍不起作用,请联系 IT 部门。We can't find you at Do you use a different ID at work or school? Try signing in with that, and if it doesn't work, contact your IT department.
用户的组织使用多个 ID 登录到 Office 365 和其他 Microsoft 服务,这些 ID 与用户的电子邮件地址不同。Your organization uses IDs to sign in to Office 365 and other Microsoft services, and those IDs differ from your email address. 例如,你的电子邮件地址可能是,但 ID 可能是。For example, your email address might be, but your ID might be 若要完成注册,可使用组织分配的 ID 登录到 Office 365 或其他 Microsoft 服务。To complete signup, use the ID that your organization has assigned to you for signing in to Office 365 or other Microsoft services.

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