Microsoft Graph REST API 1.0 版参考Microsoft Graph REST API v1.0 reference

欢迎使用 1.0 版终结点的 Microsoft Graph REST API 参考。Welcome to Microsoft Graph REST API reference for the v1.0 endpoint.

1.0 版终结点 ( 上的 API 集处于一般可用 (GA) 状态,并经过与客户进行严格的审查和反馈流程,以满足实际的生产需求。API sets on the v1.0 endpoint ( are in general availability (GA) status, and have gone through a rigorous review-and-feedback process with customers to meet practical, production needs. 此终结点上的 API 更新本质上可以累加,并且不会破坏现有应用场景。Updates to APIs on this endpoint are additive in nature and do not break existing app scenarios.

常见用例Common use cases

Microsoft Graph 的强大之处在于可以在单个 Microsoft Graph REST 终结点公开的不同服务之间轻松导航实体和关系。The power of Microsoft Graph lies in easy navigation of entities and relationships across different services exposed on a single Microsoft Graph REST endpoint.

很多服务旨在围绕用户实现丰富的应用场景。A number of these services are designed to enable rich scenarios around a user and around a group.

1.0 版中以用户为中心的用例User-centric use cases in v1.0

  1. 获取用户 Lisa 的个人资料照片Get the profile and photo of a user, Lisa.
  2. 获取 Lisa 的经理的个人资料信息她的直接下属的 ID,全都存储在 Azure Active Directory 中。Get the profile information about Lisa's manager and IDs of her direct reports, all stored in Azure Active Directory.
  3. 访问 Lisa 在 OneDrive for Business 上的文件,查找最后修改文件的人员的身份,并导航到此人的个人资料。Access Lisa's files on OneDrive for Business, find the identity of the last person who modified a file there, and navigate to that person's profile.
  4. 在 Exchange Online 中访问 Lisa 的日历,并确定 Lisa 与团队成员在接下来的两周内会面的最佳时间Access Lisa's calendar on Exchange Online and determine the best time for Lisa to meet with her team in the next two weeks.
  5. 在 Lisa 的日历中订阅跟踪更改,当她花费在会议上的时间超过 80% 时通知她。Subscribe to and track changes in Lisa's calendar, tell Lisa when she is spending more than 80% of her time in meetings.
  6. 设置当 Lisa 不在办公室时的自动答复Set automatic replies when Lisa is away from the office.
  7. 根据通信、协作和业务关系,获取与 Lisa 最相关的人员Get the people who are most relevant to Lisa, based on communication, collaboration, and business relationships.
  8. 在 Lisa 的 OneDrive for Business 的 Excel 文件中,从一个图表获取最新销售预测。Get the latest sales projection from a chart in an Excel file in Lisa's OneDrive for Business.
  9. 在 Planner 中查找分配给 Lisa 的任务Find the tasks assigned to Lisa in Planner.

1.0 版中的 Microsoft 365 组用例Microsoft 365 group use cases in v1.0

  1. 对组织中的 Microsoft 365 组运行报告,并确定组成员之间通信最多的组。Run a report on Microsoft 365 groups in an organization and identify the group with the most communication among group members.
  2. 查找此 Microsoft 365 组的计划,和该计划中的任务分配Find the plans of this Microsoft 365 group, and the assignment of tasks in that plan.
  3. 在 Microsoft 365 组中启动新对话以确定成员是否要创建另一个组来分担工作负荷。Start a new conversation in the Microsoft 365 group to determine if members want to create another group to share the workload.
  4. 为组获取默认笔记本创建一个页面注明调查结果。Get the default notebook for the group and create a page to note the outcome of the investigation.

其他 API 版本Other API versions

目前有两个版本的 Microsoft Graph REST API:1.0 版 和 beta 版。There are currently 2 versions of Microsoft Graph REST APIs - v1.0 and beta. 如需了解仍处于预览状态的新 API 或增强 API,请参阅 Microsoft Graph beta 终结点参考If you're interested in new or enhanced APIs that are still in preview status, see Microsoft Graph beta endpoint reference. 请注意,预览状态的 API 可能会发生更改,并可能在无通知的情况下破坏现有应用场景。Be aware that APIs in preview status are subject to change, and may break existing scenarios without notice. 不要对 beta 终结点的 API 产生依赖。Don't take a production dependency on APIs in the beta endpoint.

请参阅版本控制和支持了解更多信息。Find more information about versioning and support.

调用 v1.0 终结点Call the v1.0 endpoint

针对 v1.0 终结点的 Microsoft Graph API 请求使用以下模式:Microsoft Graph API requests to the v1.0 endpoint use the following pattern:{resource}?[query_parameters]

有关详细信息,请参阅使用 Microsoft Graph APIFor details, see Use the Microsoft Graph API.

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了解 1.0 终结点的最新功能和更新Find out about the latest new features and updates in the v1.0 endpoint.

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