conversationThread 资源类型conversationThread resource type


Microsoft Graph 中/beta的版本下的 api 可能会发生更改。APIs under the /beta version in Microsoft Graph are subject to change. 不支持在生产应用程序中使用这些 API。Use of these APIs in production applications is not supported.

conversationThread 是 帖子 集合。A conversationThread is a collection of posts.

最后一个帖子收件人集合聚合了整个线程的收件人。线程的收件人集合可以不断扩大。从线程中移除某个收件人时将创建一个新的线程。The last post's recipients collection is the aggregated recipients of the entire thread. A thread can have a growing collection of recipients. A new thread is created when a recipient is removed from the thread.


方法Method 返回类型Return Type 说明Description
列出线程List threads conversationThread 集合conversationThread collection 获取组的所有线程。Get all the threads of a group.
创建线程Create thread conversationThreadconversationThread 通过首先创建一个线程,启动一个新对话。在组中创建新对话、对话线程和帖子。Start a new conversation by first creating a thread. A new conversation, conversation thread, and post are created in the group.
获取 conversationThreadGet conversationThread conversationThreadconversationThread 获取属于某个组的特定线程。Get a specific thread that belongs to a group.
更新Update conversationThreadconversationThread 更新 conversationThread 对象Update conversationThread object.
删除Delete NoneNone 删除 conversationThread 对象Delete conversationThread object.
回复reply None 通过新建 Post 实体答复此线程。Reply to this thread by creating a new Post entity.
列出帖子List Posts 帖子 集合post collection 获取指定线程的帖子。Get the posts of the specified thread.


属性Property 类型Type 说明Description
idid StringString 只读。Read-only.
toRecipientstoRecipients recipient collectionrecipient collection 收件人:线程的收件人。The To: recipients for the thread.
ccRecipientsccRecipients recipient collectionrecipient collection 抄送:线程的收件人。The Cc: recipients for the thread.
topictopic StringString 对话的主题。在创建对话时可设置此属性,但无法对其进行更新。The topic of the conversation. This property can be set when the conversation is created, but it cannot be updated.
hasAttachmentshasAttachments BooleanBoolean 指示此线程中的任意帖子是否至少具有一个附件。Indicates whether any of the posts within this thread has at least one attachment.
lastDeliveredDateTimelastDeliveredDateTime DateTimeOffsetDateTimeOffset 时间戳类型表示使用 ISO 8601 格式的日期和时间信息,并且始终处于 UTC 时间。例如,2014 年 1 月 1 日午夜 UTC 如下所示:'2014-01-01T00:00:00Z'The Timestamp type represents date and time information using ISO 8601 format and is always in UTC time. For example, midnight UTC on Jan 1, 2014 would look like this: '2014-01-01T00:00:00Z'
uniqueSendersuniqueSenders String collectionString collection 向此线程发送邮件的所有用户。All the users that sent a message to this thread.
previewpreview StringString 来自此对话中最新帖子的正文的简短摘要。A short summary from the body of the latest post in this converstaion.
Resource.islockedisLocked BooleanBoolean 指示线程是否已锁定。Indicates if the thread is locked.


关系Relationship 类型Type 说明Description
postsposts 帖子 集合post collection 只读。可为空。Read-only. Nullable.

JSON 表示形式JSON representation

下面是资源的 JSON 表示形式。Here is a JSON representation of the resource

  "ccRecipients": [{"@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.recipient"}],
  "hasAttachments": true,
  "id": "string (identifier)",
  "isLocked": true,
  "lastDeliveredDateTime": "String (timestamp)",
  "preview": "string",
  "toRecipients": [{"@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.recipient"}],
  "topic": "string",
  "uniqueSenders": ["string"]