directoryObject 资源类型directoryObject resource type


Microsoft Graph 中/beta的版本下的 api 可能会发生更改。APIs under the /beta version in Microsoft Graph are subject to change. 不支持在生产应用程序中使用这些 API。Use of these APIs in production applications is not supported.

表示 Azure Active Directory 对象。directoryObject 类型是其他许多目录实体类型的基类型。Represents an Azure Active Directory object. The directoryObject type is the base type for many other directory entity types.

该资源支持:This resource supports:

  • 通过提供 delta 函数,使用 delta 查询跟踪增量添加、删除和更新。Using delta query to track incremental additions, deletions, and updates, by providing a delta function.


方法Method 返回类型Return Type 说明Description
获取 directoryObjectGet directoryObject directoryObjectdirectoryObject 读取 directory 对象的属性。Read the properties of a directory object.
删除Delete None 删除 directory 对象。Delete a directory object.
checkMemberGroupscheckMemberGroups String collectionString collection 检查组列表中的成员身份。检查是可传递的。Check for membership in a list of groups. The check is transitive.
getMemberGroupsgetMemberGroups String collectionString collection 返回 user、group 或 directory 对象所属的所有组。检查是可传递的。Return all the groups that the user, group, or directory object is a member of. The check is transitive.
getMemberObjectsgetMemberObjects String collectionString collection 返回 user、group 或 directory 对象所属的所有组和目录角色。检查是可传递的。Return all of the groups and directory roles that the user, group, or directory object is a member of. The check is transitive.
getByIdsgetByIds directoryObject 集合directoryObject collection 基于提供的 ID 集获取目录对象集。Get a set of directory objects based on a set of supplied ids.
validatePropertiesvalidateProperties JsonJson 验证 Office 365 组的显示名称或邮件别名是否符合命名策略。Validate an Office 365 group's display name or mail nickname complies with naming policies.
deltadelta directoryObject collectiondirectoryObject collection 获取目录对象的增量更改。Get incremental changes for directory objects. 支持按派生类型筛选。Supports filtering by derrived type.


属性Property 类型Type 说明Description
idid StringString 用作此对象的唯一标识符的 Guid;例如,12345678-9abc-def0-1234-56789abcde12。A Guid that is the unique identifier for the object; for example, 12345678-9abc-def0-1234-56789abcde12. 密钥。Key. 不可为 null。Not nullable. 只读。Read-only.



JSON 表示形式JSON representation

下面是资源的 JSON 表示形式。Here is a JSON representation of the resource

  "id": "string (identifier)"