educationClass 资源类型educationClass resource type

命名空间:microsoft.graphNamespace: microsoft.graph

表示学校的课程。Represents a class within a school. EducationClass资源对应于 Microsoft 365 组并共享相同的 ID。The educationClass resource corresponds to the Microsoft 365 group and shares the same ID. 学生是课程的正式成员,教师为所有者,且具有相应权限。Students are regular members of the class, and teachers are owners and have appropriate rights. 若要使 Office 体验正常进行,教师必须同时为教师和成员集合的成员。For Office experiences to work correctly, teachers must be members of both the teachers and members collections.


方法Method 返回类型Return Type 说明Description
Get educationClassGet educationClass educationClasseducationClass 读取 educationClass 对象的属性和关系。Read properties and relationships of an educationClass object.
Add memberAdd member educationUsereducationUser 通过发布到 members 导航属性,为课程添加一个新的 educationUserAdd a new educationUser for the class by posting to the members navigation property.
List membersList members educationUser 集合educationUser collection 获取 educationUser 对象集合。Get an educationUser object collection.
Remove studentRemove student educationUsereducationUser 通过成员导航属性从课程删除 educationUserRemove an educationUser from the class through the members navigation property.
List schoolsList schools educationSchool 集合educationSchool collection 获取 educationSchool 对象集合。Get an educationSchool object collection.
Add teacherAdd teacher educationUsereducationUser 通过发布到 teachers 导航属性,为课程添加一个新的 educationUserAdd a new educationUser for the class by posting to the teachers navigation property.
List teachersList teachers educationUser 集合educationUser collection 获取课程的教师列表。Get a list of teachers for the class.
Remove teacherRemove teacher educationUsereducationUser 通过教师导航属性从课程删除 educationUserRemove an educationUser from the class through the teachers navigation property.
Get groupGet group group 获取与此educationClass对应的 Microsoft 365Get the Microsoft 365 group that corresponds to this educationClass.
UpdateUpdate educationClasseducationClass 更新 educationClass 对象。Update educationClass object.
删除Delete None 删除 educationClass 对象。Delete educationClass object.


属性Property 类型Type 说明Description
idid StringString 课程的唯一标识符。Unique identifier for the class.
descriptiondescription StringString 课程说明。Description of the class.
displayNamedisplayName StringString 课程名称。Name of the class.
mailNicknamemailNickname StringString 向所有成员发送电子邮件的邮件名称(如果已启用)。Mail name for sending email to all members, if this is enabled.
createdBycreatedBy identitySetidentitySet 创建了课程的实体Entity who created the class
classCodeclassCode StringString 学校用于标识课程的课程代码。Class code used by the school to identify the class.
externalIdexternalId StringString 来自同步系统的课程 ID。ID of the class from the syncing system.
externalNameexternalName StringString 同步系统中的课程名称。Name of the class in the syncing system.
externalSourceexternalSource educationExternalSourceeducationExternalSource 此课程的创建方式。How this class was created. 可能的值包括 sismanualunknownFutureValueThe possible values are: sis, manual, unknownFutureValue.
termterm educationTermeducationTerm 此课程的学期。Term for this class.


关系Relationship 类型Type 说明Description
成员members educationUser 集合educationUser collection 课程中的所有用户。All users in the class. 可为 NULL。Nullable.
schoolsschools educationSchool 集合educationSchool collection 与此课程相关的所有学校。All schools that this class is associated with. 可为 NULL。Nullable.
teachersteachers educationUser 集合educationUser collection 课程中的所有教师。All teachers in the class. 可为 NULL。Nullable.
groupgroup group 与此类对应的目录组。The directory group corresponding to this class.

JSON 表示形式JSON representation

下面是资源的 JSON 表示形式。The following is a JSON representation of the resource.

  "id": "String",
  "description": "String",
  "classCode": "String",
  "createdBy": {"@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.identitySet"},
  "displayName": "String",
  "externalId": "String",
  "externalName": "String",
  "externalSource": "string",
  "mailNickname": "String",
  "term": {"@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.educationTerm"}