mentionAction 资源类型mentionAction resource type

命名空间:microsoft.graphNamespace: microsoft.graph

MentionAction 资源提供了有关提到人员的 活动的信息。The MentionAction resource provides information about an activity that mentioned people.

注意: 项目活动记录当前仅在 SharePoint 和 OneDrive for Business 上可用。Note: Item activity records are currently only available on SharePoint and OneDrive for Business.


属性名称Property name 类型Type 说明Description
mentioneesmentionees identitySet 集合identitySet collection 此操作提及的用户的标识。The identities of the users mentioned in this action.

JSON 表示形式JSON representation

  "mentionees": [{"@odata.type": "microsoft.graph.identitySet"}]