Planner 中的标识符Identifiers in Planner

Planner 中的对象标识符是由服务生成的字符串值。Identifiers for objects in Planner are service-generated string values. 这些值的长度为28个字符, 区分大小写。The values are 28 characters long and are case-sensitive. 当作为 in 传递时, 服务将对标识符进行简单的格式验证, 如果格式验证失败, 调用方将收到指示此问题的错误请求 (400) 错误响应。When passed as in, the service will do a simple format validation of the identifier, if the format validation fails, the callers will receive a Bad Request (400) error response indicating this problem. 如果收到此错误, 则表示调用应用程序中有一个错误, 如:Receiving this error indicates a bug in the calling application, such as:

  • 调用应用程序将标识符处理为不区分大小写的字符串。The calling application processed the identifier as a case insensitive string. 任务中的标识符区分大小写。Identifiers in Tasks are case-sensitive.
  • 调用应用程序截断了标识符。The calling application truncated the identifier. 任务中的标识符长度为28个字符。Identifiers in Tasks are 28 characters long.
  • 调用应用程序尝试为任务中的对象生成标识符值。The calling application attempted to generate an identifier value for an object in Tasks. 不接受客户端生成的标识符。Client generated identifiers are not accepted. 所有标识符都是在创建对象时由服务生成的。All identifiers are generated by the service upon the creation of objects.

此验证不是一项安全功能This validation is not a security feature. 它仅用于在开发应用程序期间通知应用程序与常见标识符相关的问题, 这些问题在其他方面很难识别。It is only meant to inform applications about common identifier related issues during the development of the application, which are otherwise hard to identify.