SearchResult 资源类型SearchResult resource type

命名空间:microsoft.graphNamespace: microsoft.graph

SearchResult 资源指示项是搜索查询的响应。The SearchResult resource indicates than an item is the response to a search query.

JSON 表示形式JSON representation

  "onClickTelemetryUrl": "url"


属性Property 类型Type 说明Description
onClickTelemetryUrlonClickTelemetryUrl StringString 可用于记录遥测信息的回调 URL。如果用户与此项交互以改善结果的质量,应用程序应在此 URL 中发出 GET。A callback URL that can be used to record telemetry information. The application should issue a GET on this URL if the user interacts with this item to improve the quality of results.


有关 DriveItem 上 facet 的详细信息,请参阅 DriveItemFor more information about the facets on a DriveItem, see DriveItem.