Skype for Business 设备使用情况报表Skype for Business device usage reports

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Skype for Business 设备使用情况报表可用于获取整个组织中使用的客户端和设备类型的详细信息。You can use the Skype for Business device usage reports to get details on the types of clients and devices that are used across your organization. 为组织调查、计划和做出其他业务决策时,便会发现这些详细信息非常有用。These details are very helpful when you are investigating, planning, and making other business decisions for your organization.

注意: 有关不同报告视图和名称的详细信息,请参阅 Microsoft 365 报告 - 使用的 Skype for Business 客户端Note: For details about different report views and names, see Microsoft 365 reports - Skype for Business clients used.


函数Function 返回类型Return Type 说明Description
获取用户详细信息Get user detail StreamStream 获取用户的 Skype for Business 设备使用情况的详细信息。Get details about Skype for Business device usage by user.
获取分发用户数Get distribution user counts StreamStream 获取组织中使用唯一设备的用户数。Get the number of users using unique devices in your organization. 报表会显示每台设备的用户数,包括 Windows、Windows 手机、Android 手机、iPhone 和 iPad。The report will show you the number of users per device including Windows, Windows phone, Android phone, iPhone, and iPad.
获取用户计数Get user counts StreamStream 获取使用情况趋势,即组织中有多少用户已使用 Skype for Business 应用进行了连接。Get the usage trends on how many users in your organization have connected using the Skype for Business app. 还可以按设备类型(Windows、Windows 手机、Android 手机、iPhone 或 iPad)进一步了解整个组织中安装和使用的 Skype for Business 客户端应用。You will also get a breakdown by the type of device (Windows, Windows phone, Android phone, iPhone, or iPad) on which the Skype for Business client app is installed and used across your organization.