Yammer 组活动报表Yammer groups activity reports

命名空间:microsoft.graphNamespace: microsoft.graph

Yammer 组活动报表可用于深入了解组织中的 Yammer 组活动,并了解正在创建和使用多少个 Yammer 组。You can use the Yammer groups activity reports to gain insights into the activity of Yammer groups in your organization and see how many Yammer groups are being created and used.

注意: 若要详细了解不同的报表视图和名称,请参阅 Microsoft 365 报表-Yammer 组活动Note: For details about different report views and names, see Microsoft 365 reports - Yammer groups activity.


函数Function 返回类型Return Type 说明Description
获取组详细信息Get group detail StreamStream 获取组执行的 Yammer 组活动的详细信息。Get details about Yammer groups activity by group.
获取组数Get group counts StreamStream 获取存在的总组数,以及有多少组包含组对话活动。Get the total number of groups that existed and how many included group conversation activity.
获取活动数Get activity counts StreamStream 获取组中已发布、已阅读和已赞的 Yammer 消息数。Get the number of Yammer messages posted, read, and liked in groups.