Microsoft Graph 中的合规性概述Overview of Compliance in Microsoft Graph

Microsoft Graph Api for 合规性为组织提供了一些功能,以自动执行重复任务并与现有的合规性工具集成,以生成可预测的工作流,这些工作流通常是满足行业法规的要求。The Microsoft Graph APIs for compliance provide functionality for organizations to automate repetitive tasks and integrate with their existing compliance tools to build predictable workflows that are often required to meet industry regulations.

合规性 Api 旨在帮助组织根据自己的特定要求来帮助组织适应和扩展 Microsoft 365 合规性,为现有的自定义或第三方解决方案启用集成,并加快并支持跨企业数字区域使用 Microsoft 365 解决方案。The compliance APIs are intended to help deliver on the vision of helping organizations adapt and extend Microsoft 365 Compliance to their own specific requirements, enable integration for existing custom or third-party solutions, and accelerate and support the use of Microsoft 365 solutions across the enterprise digital estate.

开发可确保可重复、可预测且标准过程的应用程序Develop applications that ensure a repeatable, predictable, and standard process

组织依赖 Microsoft 365 电子数据展示功能,以根据内部或外部要求(如诉讼、调查或法规遵从性)来满足组织中发生的需求。Organizations rely on Microsoft 365 eDiscovery capabilities to meet requirements to find the truth about what happened in their organization when they need to, based on internal or external requirements such as litigation, investigation, or regulatory compliance.

在许多组织中,电子数据展示工作流是频繁、关键和高容量的。In many organizations, eDiscovery workflows are frequent, critical, and high volume. 在存在常见的重复任务或大量活动的情况下,Api 将帮助提供可缩放的方式以一致有效地重复执行过程。In the cases where there are common repeated tasks or a high volume of activities, the APIs will help provide a scalable way to repeat processes consistently and effectively.

管理电子数据展示工作流Manage your eDiscovery workflows

许多组织处理大量事例和电子数据展示请求,并希望自动执行某些任务。Many organizations handle a high volume of cases and eDiscovery requests and would prefer to automate some tasks. 适用于高级电子数据展示的 Microsoft Graph Api 提供了对高级电子数据展示解决方案中可用的大多数功能的 API 访问。The Microsoft Graph APIs for advanced eDiscovery provide API access to most functions available within the advanced eDiscovery solution.

根据当前的系统和进程,组织可能具有不同的自动化和集成优先级,从诸如创建等上游流程到下游(如集合、审阅集查询或导出)。Depending on the current systems and processes in place, organizations might have various priorities for automation and integration, from upstream processes such as case creation, to downstream such as collection, review set queries, or export. 在整个高级电子数据展示工作流中,支持具有 Api 的工作流提供了灵活性和选项。Supporting workflows with APIs throughout the advanced eDiscovery workflow provides flexibility and options.

使用 Microsoft Graph 生成自定义电子数据展示工作流Build Custom eDiscovery workflows with Microsoft Graph

  • 使用案例管理工具自动化案例管理和同步。Automate case management and synchronization with case management tools.

  • 向事例中添加标准化的标签托盘。Add standardized tagging pallets to cases.

  • 创建自定义报告,以跟踪各个事例的事例负载和进度。Create custom reporting to track case load and progress from individual cases.

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