Microsoft Graph 数据连接入门Get started with Microsoft Graph data connect

Microsoft 365 管理员必须先执行两个操作,以便管理员能够通过 Privileged Access Management (PAM) 控制数据移动,之后你才可以使用 Microsoft Graph 数据连接。Before you can use Microsoft Graph data connect, a Microsoft 365 administrator must take two actions, both of which enable the ability for the admin to control data movement through Privileged Access Management (PAM).

  1. Microsoft 365 管理中心 内的 组织设置 页面,请同意通过 Microsoft 365 管理门户选择使用 Microsoft Graph 数据连接。Give consent to opt in to Microsoft Graph data connect through the Microsoft 365 Admin Portal, on the Org settings page within the Microsoft 365 admin center. 这样即允许了对 Microsoft Azure 的数据移动请求(即保持对数据的完全控制,但允许 Azure 资源访问它)。This will allow data movement requests to Microsoft Azure (that is, keep full control over the data, but allow Azure resources to access it). 在提供对特定管道的批准前,无法迁移任何数据。No data is transferred unless approval for a specific pipeline is provided later.
  2. 在 Microsoft 365 订阅中设置已启用邮件的安全组或通讯组列表。Set a mail-enabled security group or distribution list within the Microsoft 365 subscription. 确保审批者组不为空。Make sure that the approver group is not empty. 仅此组中的用户可以批准数据移动请求。Only the users in the group can approve data movement requests.

后续步骤Next steps

恭喜!Congratulations! 现在你即可开始使用 Azure 工具生成智能应用程序。You're now ready to start building intelligent applications with Azure tooling. 可参阅 Microsoft Graph 数据连接培训模块,来获取详细的分步说明。For detailed step-by-step instructions, see the Microsoft Graph data connect training module. 要详细了解 Microsoft Graph 数据连接提供的功能,请参阅数据连接支持的数据集、区域和接收器用户选择和筛选For more information about the capabilities that Microsoft Graph data connect provides, see datasets, regions, and sinks or user selection and filtering that data connect supports.