Microsoft Graph 中的主要服务和功能Major services and features in Microsoft Graph

借助 Microsoft Graph,可以使用 REST API 和客户端库与 Office 365、Windows 10 以及 Microsoft 365 中的企业移动性 + 安全性服务充分集成。Microsoft Graph enables you to integrate with the best of Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility and Security services in Microsoft 365, using REST APIs and client libraries. 此外,它还提供安全性和智能,可以提升用户的工作效率、创意和团队协作,并保护企业资源和用户数据。Additionally, it offers security and intelligence that can boost user productivity, creativity, and team collaboration, and protect business resources and users' data.

用户和组Users and groups

Microsoft Graph 的核心是用户和组的概念。At the core of Microsoft Graph are the concepts of the user and group.

Microsoft Graph 中的_用户_是数以百万计使用 Microsoft 365 云服务的用户之一。A user in Microsoft Graph is one among the millions who use Microsoft 365 cloud services. 它是身份受到保护且访问得到妥善管理的焦点。It is the focal point whose identity is protected and access is well managed. 用户数据是业务发展的驱动力。The user's data is what drives businesses. Microsoft Graph 服务可将这些数据提供给企业,在丰富的环境中、实时更新和深度见解中,并且始终仅在适当的权限下使用这些数据。Microsoft Graph services makes this data available to businesses in rich contexts, real-time updates, and deep insights, and, always only with the appropriate permissions.

Office 365 _组_是允许用户进行协作的基本实体。An Office 365 group is the fundamental entity that lets users collaborate. 它与其他服务集成,在任务规划、团队合作、教育等方面提供更丰富的方案。It integrates with other services, enabling richer scenarios in task planning, teamwork, education, and more.

功能Feature 支持服务Supporting services 说明Description 更多信息More information
用户Users Azure AD 和大多数高效工作、协作、智能和教育服务Azure AD and most productivity, collaboration, intelligence, and education services 用户是 Microsoft Graph 的核心重点,Microsoft Graph 服务围绕这一点构建以用户为中心的功能。The user is a core focus of Microsoft Graph, around which many Microsoft Graph services build user-centric functionality. Microsoft Graph 中的用户概述Overview of users in Microsoft Graph
Groups Azure AD、OneDrive、OneNote、Outlook、PlannerAzure AD, OneDrive, OneNote, Outlook, Planner Office 365 组为用户提供了基本协作单元,以共享对话、文件、笔记、日历和计划等。An Office 365 group provides the fundamental collaborative unit for users to share conversations, files, notes, calendar, plans, and more. Microsoft Graph 中的 Office 365 组概述Overview of Office 365 groups in Microsoft Graph

连接用户数据、Microsoft 365 服务和你的应用Connecting users' data, Microsoft 365 services, and your apps

从核心用户和组开始,Microsoft Graph 构建了一个 Microsoft 365 服务和功能网络,用于管理、保护和提取数据,以支持各种各样的场景。Starting with users and groups at the core, Microsoft Graph forms a network of Microsoft 365 services and features that manage, protect, and extract data to support a wide range of scenarios. Microsoft Graph 允许你在始终尊从适当授权的情况下访问这些大量的用户数据。Microsoft Graph lets you access this wealth of user data while always respecting proper authorization.

Microsoft Graph 将你连接到用户数据

服务和功能Services and features

Microsoft Graph 中的一些服务是首次推出,其他服务则是我们所熟知的独立服务且目前融入 Microsoft Graph 中。Some services in Microsoft Graph make their debut there, others have been well-known as standalone services and are now converging in Microsoft Graph. 它们的 API 集遵循 Microsoft REST API 准则中详述的简化设计,现在可通过单个 Microsoft Graph REST 终结点 进行访问。Their API sets follow a streamlined design as detailed in the Microsoft REST API guidelines, and are now accessible through the single Microsoft Graph REST endpoint 本文其余部分按类别列出了主要服务和功能。The rest of this article lists the major services and features by category.

标识和访问管理Identity and access management

功能Feature 支持服务Supporting services 说明Description 更多信息More information
标识和访问管理Identity and access management Azure ADAzure AD 创建和管理目录资源,如用户、组和应用程序。Creates and manages directory resources such as users, groups, and applications. 管理对资源和数据的访问。Manages access to resources and data. 授权客户登录并访问 Azure AD 中的帐户风险数据。Gives customers access to sign-in and account risk data in Azure AD. Azure AD 标识和访问管理概述Azure AD identity and access management overview


功能Feature 支持服务Supporting services 说明Description 更多信息More information
日历Calendar OutlookOutlook 允许用户在 Web、移动和桌面设备上设置约会和会议。Lets users set up appointments and meetings on the web, mobile and desktop devices. 它是 Office 365 中 Outlook 消息传递通信中心的一部分,还允许用户管理电子邮件和联系人。It is part of the Outlook messaging communication hub in Office 365 that also lets users manage emails and contacts. Outlook 日历概述Outlook calendar overview
文件Files OneDrive 和 SharePointOneDrive and SharePoint 在 OneDrive 和 SharePoint 上管理和共享用户文件。Manages and shares user files on OneDrive and SharePoint. OneDrive 文件存储概述OneDrive files storage overview
邮件Mail OutlookOutlook 允许用户在 Web、移动和桌面设备上进行通信、组织邮件,并管理其工作流中的优先事项。Lets users communicate, organize messages, and manage priorities in their workflows, on the web, mobile and desktop devices. 它是 Office 365 中 Outlook 通信中心的一部分,还允许用户管理联系人和安排会议。It is part of the Outlook communication hub in Office 365 that also lets users manage contacts and schedule meetings. Outlook 邮件概述Outlook mail overview
笔记Notes OneNoteOneNote 允许用户规划和组织观点及信息。Lets users plan and organize ideas and information. OneNote 笔记概述OneNote notes overview
个人联系人Personal contacts OutlookOutlook Web、移动和桌面设备上的联系人管理器。Contacts manager on the web, mobile and desktop devices. 它是 Office 365 中 Outlook 消息传递通信中心的一部分,还允许用户管理电子邮件和安排会议。It is part of the Outlook messaging communication hub in Office 365 that also lets users manage emails and schedule meetings. Outlook 个人联系人概述Outlook personal contacts overview
工作簿和图表Workbooks and charts ExcelExcel 允许用户使用 Excel 电子表格进行复杂计算、跟踪、分析和可视化数据,并生成专业报表。Lets users use Excel spreadsheets to do complex calculations, track, analyze, and visualize data, and generate professional reports. Excel 工作簿和图表概述Excel workbooks and charts overview


功能Feature 支持服务Supporting services 说明Description 更多信息More information
站点和列表Sites and lists SharePointSharePoint 面向用户和 Office 365 组的基于 Web 的平台,以共享、组织、管理和发现内容(包括列表、文件和笔记)。Web-based platform for users and Office 365 groups to share, organize, manage, and discover content (including lists, files, and notes). SharePoint 网站和内容概述SharePoint sites and content overview
任务和计划Tasks and plans PlannerPlanner 使 Office 365 组中的用户能够创建计划、分配任务和跟踪进度。Enables users in Office 365 groups to create plans, assign tasks, and track progress. Planner 计划和任务概述Planner plans and tasks overview
团队合作Teamwork Microsoft TeamsMicrosoft Teams 面向团队的数字中心和基于聊天的工作区,用于共享文件、笔记、日历和计划。Digital hub and chat-based workspace for teams to share files, notes, calendar, and plans. Microsoft Teams 团队合作概述Microsoft Teams teamwork overview

人员和工作场所智能People and workplace intelligence

功能Feature 支持服务Supporting services 说明Description 更多信息More information
人员People Azure AD、Outlook、SharePoint 等Azure AD, Outlook, SharePoint, and more 获取有关人员的信息,该对象按与用户的相关程度进行排序,相关程度由用户的通信和协作模式以及业务关系决定。Gets information about persons as ordered by their relevance to a user, determined by the user's communication and collaboration patterns, and business relationships. Microsoft Graph 中的人员和工作场所智能People and workplace intelligence in Microsoft Graph
个人资料(预览版)Profile cards (preview) 配置文件Profile 提供存储和检索有关租户内人员的信息的轻型机制。Provides a lightweight mechanism for storing and retrieving information about people within a tenant. Microsoft Graph 中的人员和工作场所智能People and workplace intelligence in Microsoft Graph
文档见解Document insights (preview) Delve、OneDrive、Outlook、SharePointDelve, OneDrive, Outlook, SharePoint 使用高级分析和机器学习技术获取常用的文档,以及用户查看、修改或共享的文档。Uses advanced analytics and machine learning techniques to get documents trending around, viewed, modified, or shared by a user. Microsoft Graph 中的人员和工作场所智能People and workplace intelligence in Microsoft Graph
分析(预览版)Analytics (preview) MyAnalyticsMyAnalytics 使用高级分析和机器学习技巧,提供了有关用户如何花费自己时间,以及用户与谁一起花费时间的见解。Uses advanced analytics and machine-learning techniques to provide insights into how people spend their time and who they spend it with. 此类数据可以帮助用户计划一天的日程安排,深入了解自己的不同工作模式,并帮助用户平衡工作和生活。This data can help people plan their day, gain insights into their different work patterns, and help them balance work and life. Microsoft Graph 中的人员和工作场所智能People and workplace intelligence in Microsoft Graph

设备管理Device management

功能Feature 支持服务Supporting services 说明Description 更多信息More information
设备和应用Devices and apps IntuneIntune 注册和配置设备,并管理组织中的移动应用程序。Enrolls and configures devices, and manages mobile applications in your organization. Intune 设备和应用概述Intune devices and apps overview


功能Feature 支持服务Supporting services 说明Description 更多信息More information
安全集成Security integration Azure AD Identity Protection、Azure 信息保护、Azure 安全中心、Microsoft 云应用安全性、Windows Defender 高级威胁防护Azure AD Identity Protection, Azure Information Protection, Azure Security Center, Microsoft Cloud Application Security, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, and more 跨整个 Microsoft 和生态系统合作伙伴提供安全见解和操作的统一网关。Provides a unified gateway to security insights and actions across Microsoft and ecosystem partners. Microsoft Graph 中的安全性Security in Microsoft Graph

跨设备体验Cross-device experiences

功能Feature 支持服务Supporting services 说明Description 更多信息More information
跨设备体验Cross-device experiences 活动源、设备中继Activity feed, device relay 支持超越单一设备的应用体验,同用户在不同设备之间移动,而不考虑设备类型和平台。Enables app experiences that transcend a single device, and instead move with the user from device to device regardless of its type and platform. 跨设备体验概述Overview for cross-device experiences

用户通知User notifications

功能Feature 支持服务Supporting services 说明Description 详细信息More information
用户通知User notifications 用户通知User notifications 开启应用体验,构建以用户为中心的跨平台通知体验,包括基于用户扇出、全局关闭和访问通知历史记录。Enables app experiences to build user-centric and cross-platform notification experiences including user-based fan-out, universal dismiss, and accessing notification history. 利用 Microsoft Graph 通知实现以人为中心的通知体验Enabling human-centric notification experiences using Microsoft Graph notifications

使用率报告Usage reports

功能Feature 支持服务Supporting services 说明Description 更多信息More information
报告Reports Microsoft Teams、OneDrive、Outlook、SharePoint、Skype for Business、YammerMicrosoft Teams, OneDrive, Outlook, SharePoint, Skype for Business, Yammer 获取支持服务的活动和用法信息。Gets activity and usage information of a supporting service. 使用情况报表概述Usage reports overview


功能Feature 支持服务Supporting services 说明Description 更多信息More information
教育Education Azure AD、教育Azure AD, Education 提供了与教育场景相关的信息,包括学校、课堂、学生、教师和作业信息。Provides information relevant for education scenarios, including schools, classes, students, teachers, and assignment info. 支持 ISV 构建面向教室的应用程序,从而节约教师时间并提升团队合作与协作。Enables ISVs to build applications for the classroom that save teachers time and promote teamwork and collaboration. 教育概述Education overview

业务应用程序Business applications

功能Feature 支持服务Supporting services 说明Description 更多信息More information
客户预订(预览)Customer booking (preview) Microsoft BookingsMicrosoft Bookings 针对小型企业,使其客户可以直接在 Web 或 Facebook 上预定服务。Targets small businesses to enable their customers to book services directly on the web or Facebook. 让业务运营商管理客户偏好、服务和定价、员工列表和日程安排,以及其他常见的业务信息。Lets business operators manage customer preferences, services and pricing, staff lists and schedules, and other common business information. Microsoft Bookings API 概述Microsoft Bookings API overview
Financials(预览版)Financials (preview) Dynamics 365 Business CentralDynamics 365 Business Central 利用一站式商业管理解决方案,实现财务数据管理、供应链自动化和保护、销售管理和改进客户服务、项目管理和运营优化。Enables management of financial data, automation and securing of the supply chain, sales management and improved customer service, management of projects, and optimazation of operations with the all-in-one business management solution. Business Central API 概述Business Central API overview

后续步骤Next steps

  • 请参阅基于 Microsoft Graph 服务构建的创造性解决方案示例,可帮助解决实际客户问题。See examples of creative solutions built on top of services in Microsoft Graph that solve real customer problems.
  • 在目录的了解部分,阅读有关_你_可在应用场景中使用的服务和功能。Look under Learn in the table of contents to read about services and features that you can use in your scenarios.
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