Microsoft Graph Sdk 概述Microsoft Graph SDKs overview

Microsoft Graph Sdk 旨在简化对 access Microsoft Graph 的高质量、高效且具有灵活性的应用程序的构建。The Microsoft Graph SDKs are designed to simplify building high-quality, efficient, and resilient applications that access Microsoft Graph. Sdk 包括两个组件:服务库和核心库。The SDKs include two components: a service library and a core library.

服务库包含从 Microsoft Graph 元数据生成的模型和请求生成器,以便在处理 Microsoft Graph 中提供的多个数据集时提供丰富、强类型和可发现的体验。The service library contains models and request builders that are generated from Microsoft Graph metadata to provide a rich, strongly typed, and discoverable experience when working with the many datasets available in Microsoft Graph.

核心库提供了一组功能,可增强对所有 Microsoft Graph 服务的使用。The core library provide a set of features that enhance working with all the Microsoft Graph services. 对重试处理、安全重定向、透明身份验证和有效负载压缩的嵌入式支持可提高应用程序与 Microsoft Graph 的交互的质量,而不会增加复杂性,同时保持完全控制。Embedded support for retry handling, secure redirects, transparent authentication, and payload compression, improve the quality of your application's interactions with Microsoft Graph, with no added complexity, while leaving you completely in control. 核心库还提供对常见任务(如通过集合进行分页和创建批请求)的支持。The core library also provides support for common tasks such as paging through collections and creating batch requests.

支持的平台Supported platforms

Sdk 目前可用于以下语言和平台:SDKs are currently available for the following languages and platforms:

Microsoft 365 开发人员订阅Microsoft 365 developer subscription

使用 Microsoft Graph 构建应用程序时,我们建议您通过注册microsoft 365 开发人员计划获取免费的 microsoft 365 开发人员订阅。When building applications using Microsoft Graph, we recommend that you get a free Microsoft 365 developer subscription by signing up for the Microsoft 365 Developer Program.

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SDK设计要求文档提供了有关 SDK 的特性和功能的更多详细信息。The SDK design requirements documentation provides more details about the features and capabilities of the SDK. 请求或投票Microsoft Graph UserVoice网站上的其他功能。Request or vote on additional features at the Microsoft Graph UserVoice site. 有关 Microsoft Graph 的 Sdk 和示例的列表,请参阅Microsoft graph 资源页面For a list of SDKs and samples for Microsoft Graph, see the Microsoft Graph resources page.