SharePoint 网站和内容 API 概述SharePoint sites and content API overview

SharePoint 是移动且智能的内部网。SharePoint is your mobile, intelligent intranet. 借助 SharePoint,用户可以共享和管理内容、知识和应用程序,以增强团队合作、查找信息并在整个组织内进行协作。With SharePoint, users can share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to empower teamwork, find information, and collaborate across an organization. 你可以在 Microsoft Graph 中使用 SharePoint REST API,将解决方案与 SharePoint 网站和内容进行集成。You can use the SharePoint REST API in Microsoft Graph to integrate your solutions with SharePoint sites and content.

为什么与 SharePoint 网站和内容集成?Why integrate with SharePoint sites and content?

SharePoint 网站可增强团队的协作和沟通。SharePoint sites power team collaboration and communication. Microsoft 365 组、Microsoft Teams 和门户均基于 SharePoint,因此,可以使用 Microsoft Graph 来访问数据,而无需考虑数据存储在何处。Microsoft 365 groups, Microsoft Teams, and portals are all based on SharePoint, so you can use Microsoft Graph to access data no matter where it's kept. 在 Microsoft Graph 中使用 SharePoint API 可访问:Use the SharePoint API in Microsoft Graph to access:

  • 存储用户与其同事协作内容的团队网站。Team sites that store the content that users collaborate on with their coworkers.
  • 用户发布要在整个组织中共享的丰富内容页的通信网站和门户。Communication sites and portals where users publish rich content pages to share across the organization.

借助 SharePoint 列表充分使用数据Unleash your data with SharePoint lists

列表是 SharePoint 中数据存储的基础。Lists are the foundation for data storage in SharePoint. 创建列表以存储各种不同的业务数据,从简单的客户联系人列表到前端具有 PowerApps 的自定义业务应用程序。Create lists to store a variety of business data, from a simple customer contact list to a custom business application, fronted with PowerApps. 使用定义架构时,SharePoint 可以保护数据的完整性,并启用丰富的索引、查询和搜索功能。When you use columns to define your schema, SharePoint can protect the integrity of your data as well as enable rich indexing, querying, and search capabilities.

将列表的强大功能引入团队文件中Bring the power of lists to your team's files

SharePoint 将文件存储在名为文档库的特殊列表类型中。SharePoint stores files in a special list type called a document library. 可以使用 OneDrive API 将库用作驱动器,或使用 SharePoint API 将库用作[列表][]。You can use the OneDrive API to work with a library as a drive, or the SharePoint API to work with it as a list. 就像常规列表一样,可以扩展文档库的架构以通过自定义列来支持业务需求。Just like a regular list, you can extend the schema of a Document Library to support your business needs with custom columns.

通过用户的 SharePoint 内部网数据使应用更强大Light up your app with your users' SharePoint intranet data

使用 Microsoft Graph,可以在应用中显示用户最重要的数据。With Microsoft Graph, you can surface your users' most important data within your app. 通过查询存储用户数据的列表来使数据保持最新。Keep things fresh by querying the list that stores your users' data. 为应用创建自己的列表,并允许用户在其他 SharePoint 体验中访问你的数据,或使数据处于隐藏状态。Create your own lists for your app and let users access your data in other SharePoint experiences, or keep things hidden.

使用 Microsoft Graph 扩展 SharePointUse Microsoft Graph to extend SharePoint

作为平台,SharePoint 提供一些用于扩展和集成的模型:As a platform, SharePoint provides several models for extension and integration:

  • SharePoint Framework 提供了一种方法,使用可托管于 SharePoint 页面上的客户端技术和开源代码工具生成 Web 部件。The SharePoint Framework provides a way to build web parts using client-side technologies and open source tooling that can be hosted on SharePoint pages.
  • SharePoint 外接程序是可添加到 SharePoint 网站而无需在服务器上运行自定义代码的自包含扩展。SharePoint Add-ins are self-contained extensions that can be added to a SharePoint site without the need for custom code to run on the server.

当应用在 SharePoint 页面内运行时,可以使用 Microsoft Graph 轻松访问整个 Microsoft 365 中的数据。When your app runs within a SharePoint page, you can easily use Microsoft Graph to access data across Microsoft 365.

若要详细了解这些模型,请访问 SharePoint 开发人员中心SharePoint 开发人员文档To learn about these models in more detail, visit the SharePoint Dev Center or the SharePoint Developer Docs.

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