Microsoft Intune 的可访问性功能Accessibility Features of Microsoft Intune

除了 Microsoft Windows 中的辅助功能和工具之外,以下功能使 Microsoft Intune 更易于残障人士访问:使用键盘快捷方式In addition to accessibility features and tools in Microsoft Windows, the following features make Microsoft Intune more accessible for people with disabilities: Using keyboard shortcuts


本节包含的信息可能仅适用于在美国国内获得 Microsoft 产品使用许可证的用户。The information in this section may apply only to users who license Microsoft products in the United States. 如果你在美国以外的国家/地区获得本产品,可以使用软件包附带的子公司信息卡或访问 Microsoft 辅助功能网站,获取 Microsoft 支持服务电话号码和地址列表。If you obtained this product outside of the United States, you can use the subsidiary information card that came with your software package or visit the Microsoft Accessibility website for a list of Microsoft support services telephone numbers and addresses. 你可以与分公司联系,确认所在的地区是否提供本部分介绍的产品和服务类型。You can contact your subsidiary to find out whether the type of products and services described in this section are available in your area. 辅助功能的相关信息具有其他语言(包括日语和法语)版本。Information about accessibility is available in other languages, including Japanese and French.

使用键盘快捷方式Using Keyboard Shortcuts

若要执行此操作To do this 使用此键盘快捷方式Use this keyboard shortcut
将所选内容上移或下移一项。Move the selection up or down one item. 向上和向下键Up and down arrow
将所选内容左移或右移一项。Move the selection left or right one item. 向左和向右键Left and right arrow
移至前一行Move to the previous row 从当前行的第一项的位置按向左键Left arrow from the first item in the current row
移至下一行Move to the next row 从当前行的最后一项的位置按向右键Right arrow from the last item in the current row
切换当前所选项的状态Toggle the state of the currently selected item 空格键Spacebar
激活当前所选项Activate the currently selected item EnterEnter
按 Tab 键顺序将输入焦点移到下一个控件上Move the input focus to the next control in the tab order 选项卡Tab
打开菜单中的下拉列表Open the drop down list in a menu Alt + 向下键Alt + down arrow
折叠菜单中的列表Collapse the list in a menu Alt + 向上键Alt + up arrow
移到下一个应用程序组Move to the next application group 向上键Up arrow
显示所选设备的操作Display the actions for a selected device 向右键Right arrow


可使用标准 Internet Explorer 键盘快捷方式在 Microsoft Intune 门户中导航。Microsoft Intune portals are navigable using the standard Internet Explorer keyboard shortcuts.