Microsoft 的辅助功能产品和服务Accessibility Products and Services from Microsoft

Microsoft 致力于让所有用户更轻松地使用其产品和服务。Microsoft is committed to making its products and services easier for everyone to use. 下列各节提供了有关使残障人士更方便地使用 Microsoft® Windows® 的功能、产品和服务的信息:The following sections provide information about the features, products, and services that make Microsoft® Windows® more accessible for people with disabilities:

  • Windows 的辅助功能Accessibility Features of Windows

  • 其他格式的文档Documentation in Alternative Formats

  • 为存在听觉障碍的人士提供的客户服务Customer Service for People with Hearing Impairments

  • 参考信息For More Information


本节包含的信息可能仅适用于在美国国内获得 Microsoft 产品使用许可证的用户。The information in this section may apply only to users who license Microsoft products in the United States. 如果你在美国以外的国家/地区获得本产品,可以使用软件包附带的子公司信息卡或访问 Microsoft 辅助功能网站,获取 Microsoft 支持服务电话号码和地址列表。If you obtained this product outside of the United States, you can use the subsidiary information card that came with your software package or visit the Microsoft Accessibility website for a list of Microsoft support services telephone numbers and addresses. 你可以与分公司联系,确认所在的地区是否提供本部分介绍的产品和服务类型。You can contact your subsidiary to find out whether the type of products and services described in this section are available in your area. 辅助功能的相关信息具有其他语言(包括日语和法语)版本。Information about accessibility is available in other languages, including Japanese and French.

Windows 的辅助功能Accessibility features of Windows

Windows 操作系统具有许多对于使用键盘或鼠标有困难、存在视觉障碍或听觉障碍的人士非常有用的内置辅助功能。The Windows operating system has many built-in accessibility features that are useful for individuals who have difficulty typing or using a mouse, are blind or have low vision, or who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. 这些功能在安装过程中已经安装。The features are installed during Setup. 有关这些功能的详细信息,请参阅 Windows 中的帮助和 Microsoft 辅助功能网站For more information about these features, see Help in Windows and the Microsoft Accessibility website.

免费的逐步教程Free step-by-step tutorials

Microsoft 提供了一系列分步教程,提供用于调整计算机上的辅助选项和设置的详细过程。Microsoft offers a series of step-by-step tutorials that provide detailed procedures for adjusting the accessibility options and settings on your computer. 此信息可并排显示在屏幕上,以使你能了解如何使用鼠标、键盘或将二者结合使用。This information is presented in a side-by-side format so that you can learn how to use the mouse, the keyboard, or a combination of both. 若要查找针对 Microsoft 产品的分步教程,请参阅 Microsoft 辅助功能网站To find step-by-step tutorials for Microsoft products, see the Microsoft Accessibility website.

Windows 辅助技术产品Assistive technology products for Windows

有大量辅助技术产品可以帮助残障人士更方便地使用计算机。A wide variety of assistive technology products are available to make computers easier to use for people with disabilities. 你可以在 Microsoft 辅助功能网站上搜索可在 Windows 上运行的辅助技术产品的目录。You can search a catalog of assistive technology products that run on Windows at the Microsoft Accessibility website. 如果你使用了辅助技术,请确保在升级软件或硬件之前与你的辅助技术供应商联系,以检查是否有可能的兼容性问题。If you use assistive technology, be sure to contact your assistive technology vendor before you upgrade your software or hardware to check for possible compatibility issues.

采用替换格式的文档Documentation in alternative formats

如果你在阅读或处理打印材料方面有困难,可以通过更便于访问的格式获取许多 Microsoft 产品的文档。If you have difficulty reading or handling printed materials, you can obtain the documentation for many Microsoft products in more accessible formats. 你可以在 Microsoft 辅助功能网站上查看可访问的产品文档的索引。You can view an index of accessible product documentation on the Microsoft Accessibility website. 此外,你可以从 Learning Ally(前身为 Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic, Inc.)获取其他 Microsoft 出版物。In addition, you can obtain additional Microsoft publications from Learning Ally (formerly Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic, Inc.). Learning Ally 将这些文档分发给其分发服务的合格注册成员。Learning Ally distributes these documents to registered, eligible members of their distribution service. 有关 Microsoft 产品文档和 Microsoft Press 图书的可用性信息,请联系:For information about the availability of Microsoft product documentation and books from Microsoft Press, contact:

Learning Ally(前身为 Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic, Inc.)Learning Ally (formerly Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic, Inc.)

20 Roszel Road20 Roszel Road

Princeton, NJ 08540Princeton, NJ 08540

美国国内的用户请致电:(800) 221-4792Telephone number from within the United States: (800) 221-4792

美国和加拿大以外的国家或地区的用户请致电:(609) 452-0606Telephone number from outside the United States and Canada: (609) 452-0606

传真:(609) 987-8116Fax: (609) 987-8116

Learning Ally 网站Learning Ally website

Web 地址可能会改变,因此,你可能无法连接到此处提及的网站或站点。Web addresses can change, so you might be unable to connect to the website or sites mentioned here.

为存在听觉障碍的人士提供的客户服务Customer Service for people with hearing impairments

如果存在听觉障碍,可以通过文本电话 (TTY/TDD) 服务访问所有 Microsoft 产品和客户服务:If you are deaf or hard-of-hearing, complete access to Microsoft product and customer services is available through a text telephone (TTY/TDD) service:

  • 对于客户服务,可在太平洋时间星期一到星期五(节假日除外)的早晨 6:30 至下午 5:30,致电 (800) 892-5234 与 Microsoft 销售信息中心联系。For customer service, contact Microsoft Sales Information Center at (800) 892-5234 between 6:30 AM and 5:30 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

  • 若要在美国国内获得技术协助,可在太平洋时间星期一到星期五(节假日除外)的早晨 6:00 至下午 6:00,致电 (800) 892-5234 与 Microsoft 产品支持服务联系。For technical assistance in the United States, contact Microsoft Product Support Services at (800) 892-5234 between 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. 在加拿大,可在东部时间星期一到星期五(节假日除外)的上午 8:00 至晚上 8:00 拨打电话 (905) 568-9641。In Canada, dial (905) 568-9641 between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

Microsoft 支持服务的价格、条款和条件取决于提供服务的时间。Microsoft Support Services are subject to the prices, terms, and conditions in place at the time the service is used.

更多相关信息For more information

有关可获取的计算机技术如何帮助改善残障人士的生活的详细信息,请参阅 Microsoft 辅助功能网站For more information about how accessible technology for computers helps to improve the lives of people with disabilities, see the Microsoft Accessibility website.