使用 Microsoft Intune 添加应用Add apps with Microsoft Intune

适用于:经典门户中的 IntuneApplies to: Intune in the classic portal
在寻找有关 Azure 门户中 Intune 的文档吗?Looking for documentation about Intune in the Azure portal? 请转到此处Go here.

在开始使用 Microsoft Intune 部署应用之前,请花些时间来熟悉本主题中介绍的概念。Before you start deploying apps with Microsoft Intune, take some time to familiarize yourself with the concepts introduced in this topic. 这些概念有助于了解哪些应用可以部署到哪些平台。These concepts help you understand which apps you can deploy to which platform. 此外,还有助于了解部署应用之前必须准备就绪的先决条件。They also help you understand the prerequisites that must be in place before you deploy the apps.

可以部署的应用类型App types that you can deploy

软件安装程序Software installer

应用类型App type 详细信息Details
Windows Installer (*.exe, *.msi)Windows Installer (*.exe, *.msi) 这种类型的应用必须支持无用户输入的无提示安装。This type of app must support silent installation with no user input. 你的应用文档应包含用于无提示安装应用的相关命令行选项(如 /q)。Your app documentation should include the relevant command-line options to silently install the app (for example, /q). 你可以在 Microsoft Windows Installer 工具的命令行开关中找到常见命令行选项的列表。You can find a list of common command-line options in Command-Line Switches for the Microsoft Windows Installer Tool.

应用的安装程序所需的所有其他文件和文件夹都必须从你为应用安装程序文件指定的位置中提供。Any additional files and folders that the app’s setup program requires must be available from the location that you specify for the app setup files.

大多数情况下,Windows Installer (.msi) 和 Windows Installer 修补程序 (.msp) 文件不需要 Intune 安装任何命令行参数。In most cases, Windows Installer (.msi) and Windows Installer Patch (.msp) files do not require Intune to install any command-line arguments. 请查看应用文档。Check your app documentation.

如果需要命令行参数,则必须以“名称=值对”(如 TRANSFORMS=custom_transform.mst)形式输入参数。If command-line arguments are required, they must be entered as Name=Value pairs (such as TRANSFORMS=custom_transform.mst).

此应用类型仅适用于运行 Intune 软件客户端的电脑。This app type applies only to PCs that run the Intune software client.
Android 应用包 (*.apk)App Package for Android (*.apk) 若要部署 Android 应用,你必须拥有有效的 .apk 包。To deploy Android apps, you must have a valid .apk package.
iOS 应用包 (*.ipa)App Package for iOS (*.ipa) 若要部署 iOS 应用,你必须拥有有效的 .ipa 包。To deploy iOS apps, you must have a valid .ipa package.

.ipa 包必须由 Apple 签名,并且预配配置文件中的到期日期必须有效。The .ipa package must be signed by Apple, and the expiration date in the provisioning profile must be valid. Intune 可分发企业证书 iOS 应用程序。Intune can distribute enterprise certificate iOS applications.

并非所有 Apple 开发人员证书应用都受支持。Not all Apple developer certificate apps are supported.

必须向 iOS Developer Enterprise Program 注册你的公司。Your company must be registered for the iOS Developer Enterprise Program.

确保组织的防火墙允许访问 iOS 预配和认证网站。Make sure that your organization’s firewall allows access to the iOS provisioning and certification websites.

你不需要使用该应用部署清单文件 (.plist)。You don't need to deploy a manifest file (.plist) with the app.
Windows Phone 应用包(*.xap、.appx、.appxbundle)Windows Phone app package (*.xap, .appx, .appxbundle) 若要部署应用,需要企业移动代码签名证书。To deploy apps, you need an enterprise mobile code-signing certificate. 有关详细信息,请参阅使用 Microsoft Intune 设置 Windows Phone 管理For details, see Set up Windows Phone management with Microsoft Intune.
Windows 应用包(.appx、.appxbundle)Windows app package (.appx, .appxbundle) 若要部署应用,需要企业移动代码签名证书。To deploy apps, you need an enterprise mobile code-signing certificate. 有关详细信息,请参阅使用 Microsoft Intune 设置 Windows 设备管理For details, see Set up Windows device management with Microsoft Intune.
通过 MDM 的 Windows Installer (*.msi)Windows Installer through MDM (*.msi) 你可使用此应用创建基于 Windows Installer 的应用,并将其部署到运行 Windows 10 的已注册电脑。You use this app to create and deploy Windows Installer-based apps to enrolled PCs that run Windows 10. 通过移动设备管理 (MDM) 管理这些电脑。These PCs are managed through mobile device management (MDM).

只能上载扩展名为 .msi 的单个文件。You can upload only a single file with the extension .msi.

该文件的产品代码和产品版本将用于应用检测。The file's product code and product version are used for app detection.

使用该应用的默认重启行为。The default restart behavior of the app is used. Intune 不控制此行为。Intune does not control this behavior.

为单个用户安装每用户 MSI 包。Per-user MSI packages are installed for a single user.

为设备上的所有用户安装每计算机 MSI 包。Per-machine MSI packages are installed for all users on the device.

当前仅为设备上的所有用户安装双模式 MSI 包。Dual-mode MSI packages are currently installed only for all users on the device.

当每个版本的 MSI 产品代码相同时,支持应用更新。App updates are supported when the MSI product code of each version is the same.

所有软件安装程序的应用类型都上载到你的云存储空间。All software installer app types are uploaded to your cloud storage space.

在你具有以下项时使用外部链接:Use an external link when you have a:

  • 让用户能从应用商店下载应用的 URL。URL that lets users download an app from an app store.
  • 指向基于 Web 的应用的链接,该应用从 Web 浏览器中运行。Link to a web-based app that runs from the web browser.

基于外部链接的应用不存储在 Intune 云存储空间中。Apps based on external links are not stored in your Intune cloud storage space.

来自应用商店的托管 iOS 应用程序Managed iOS app from the app store

你可以使用托管 iOS 应用管理和部署来自应用商店的免费 iOS 应用。You can use managed iOS apps to manage and deploy iOS apps that are free of charge from the app store. 你还可使用托管 iOS 应用将移动应用管理策略兼容的应用相关联,并在管理员控制台中查看它们的状态。You can also use managed iOS apps to associate mobile application management policies with compatible apps and review their status in the administrator console.

托管 iOS 应用不存储在 Intune 云存储空间中。Managed iOS apps are not stored in your Intune cloud storage space.


设置 MDM 机构为 Intune 之前,移动设备选项将不可用。Options for mobile devices are not available until you set the MDM authority to Intune.

Intune 软件发行者Intune software publisher

从 Intune 管理员控制台中添加或修改应用时,将启动“Microsoft Intune 软件发行者”。The Microsoft Intune Software Publisher starts when you add or modify apps from the Intune administrator console. 从发行者中,可以选择并配置以下软件安装程序类型:From the publisher, you select and configure a software installer type that will either:

  • 上载应用(适用于计算机的程序或移动设备的应用)以存储在 Intune 云存储中。Upload apps (programs for computers or apps for mobile devices) to be stored in Intune cloud storage.
  • 链接到在线商店或 Web 应用程序。Link to an online store or web application.

开始使用软件发行者之前,必须安装 Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 的完整版本。Before you begin to use the software publisher, you must install the full version of Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0. 安装之后,可能必须重启计算机,然后软件发行者才会正确打开。After installation, you might have to restart your computer before the software publisher will open correctly.

云存储空间Cloud storage space

使用软件安装程序安装类型创建的所有应用都会上传到 Microsoft Intune 云存储。All apps that you create by using the software installer installation type are uploaded to Microsoft Intune cloud storage. Intune 的试用订阅包括 2 千兆字节 (GB) 基于云的存储,用于存储托管应用和更新。A trial subscription of Intune includes 2 gigabytes (GB) of cloud-based storage that is used to store managed apps and updates. 完全订阅包括 20 GB 的存储空间。Your full subscription includes 20 GB of storage space.

可以在“管理员”工作区的“存储空间使用量”节点中查看所使用的空间量。You can see how much space you are using in the Storage Use node of the Admin workspace. 可以使用原始购买方法购买额外的 Intune 存储空间。You can purchase additional storage for Intune using your original purchase method. 如果是通过发票或信用卡付款,请访问订阅管理门户If you paid by invoice or credit card, visit the Subscription Management portal. 否则,请联系合作伙伴或销售内勤。Otherwise, contact your partner or sales associate.

云存储空间的要求如下:Requirements for cloud storage space are as follows:

  • 所有应用安装文件都必须位于同一文件夹内。All app installation files must be in the same folder.
  • 上传的任意文件的最大文件大小是 2 GB。The maximum file size for any file that you upload is 2 GB.

对通用 Windows 平台 (UWP) 应用的支持Support for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps

Windows 10 电脑安装业务线应用时无需旁加载密钥。Windows 10 PCs do not require a sideloading key to install line-of-business apps. 但是,注册表项 HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Appx\AllowAllTrustedApps 必须将值设置为“1”才能启用旁加载。However, the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Appx\AllowAllTrustedApps must have a value of to 1 to enable sideloading.

如果未配置此注册表项,Intune 在你第一次向设备部署应用时会自动将此值设置为“1”。If this registry key is not configured, Intune automatically sets this value to 1 the first time you deploy an app to the device. 如果将此值设置为 0,则 Intune 无法自动更改此值,业务线应用部署将失败。If you set this value to 0, Intune cannot automatically change the value, and the deployment of line-of-business apps fails.

通用 Windows 平台业务线应用必须使用代码签名证书签名,并且该证书应在应用部署到的每个设备上受信任。Universal Windows Platform line-of-business apps must be signed with a code-signing certificate that is trusted on each device to which the app is deployed. 你可以使用内部公钥基础结构 (PKI) 中的证书,也可以使用设备上安装的第三方公共根证书中的证书。You can use a certificate from an in-house public key infrastructure (PKI), or a certificate from a third-party public root certificate installed on the device.

在 Windows 10 移动版设备上,可以使用非 Symantec 代码签名证书对通用 .appx 应用签名。On Windows 10 Mobile devices, you can use a non-Symantec code-signing certificate to sign universal .appx apps. 对于 .xap 应用以及要在 Windows 10 移动版设备上安装且针对 Windows Phone 8.1 生成的 .appx 包,必须使用 Symantec 代码签名证书。For .xap apps, and also .appx packages built for Windows Phone 8.1 that you want to install on Windows 10 Mobile devices, you must use a Symantec code-signing certificate.

UWP 应用的依赖项Dependencies for UWP apps

如果将 Windows 10 通用 appxbundle 包添加到 Intune,还必须确保应用的所有依赖项都已上传。When you add a Windows 10 Universal appxbundle package to Intune, you must also ensure that any dependencies for the app are uploaded. 若要上传依赖项,请确保生成应用时创建的“依赖项”文件夹与 .appxbundle 文件本身位于同一文件夹中。To upload dependencies, ensure that the Dependencies folder that was created when the app was built is in the same folder as the .appxbundle file itself. 这样,将应用上传到 Intune 时,“依赖项”文件夹中的所有文件也会上传。That way, when you upload the app to Intune, any files in the Dependencies folder are also uploaded. 以下屏幕截图对此过程进行了说明:The following screen shot illustrates this process:

如何选择 Windows 10 UWP appxbundle 依赖关系

后续步骤Next steps

需要先在 Intune 控制台中添加应用,然后才能部署这些应用。You add apps in the Intune console before you can deploy them. 你可以为已注册设备使用 Intune 客户端软件管理的 Windows 电脑添加应用。You can add apps for enrolled devices or for Windows PCs that you manage with the Intune client software.