如何使用 Intune 将应用部署到 Android for Work 设备How to deploy apps to Android for Work devices with Intune

适用于:经典门户中的 IntuneApplies to: Intune in the classic portal
在寻找有关 Azure 门户中 Intune 的文档吗?Looking for documentation about Intune in the Azure portal? 请转到此处Go here.

可采用与将应用部署到标准 Android 设备不同的方式,将应用部署到 Android for Work 设备。You deploy apps to Android for Work devices in a different way than you deploy them to standard Android devices. 为 Android for Work 安装的所有应用都来自 Google Play for Work 商店。All apps you install for Android for Work come from the Google Play for Work store. 登录到该商店,浏览查找所需应用,然后批准它们。You log on to the store, browse for the apps you want, and approve them. 应用随后会出现在 Intune 控制台的“批量采购的应用”节点中。The app then appears in the Volume-Purchased Apps node of the Intune console. 在这里,可以采用与部署任何其他应用相同的方式管理应用的部署。From here, you can manage deployment of the app in the same way you would deploy any other app.

此外,如果你创建了自己的业务线 (LOB) 应用,则可以按照如下所示的方法部署它们:Additionally, if you have created your own line of business (LOB) apps, you can deploy them as follows:

  • 注册 Google 开发人员帐户,然后通过该帐户将应用发布到 Google Play 商店的专用区域。Sign up for a Google Developer account, which lets you publish apps to a private area in the Google Play store.
  • 将应用与 Intune 同步。Synchronize the apps with Intune.

开始之前Before you start

确保在 Intune 控制台的“管理员”选项卡中将 Intune 和 Android for Work 配置为协同工作。Make sure you have configured Intune and Android for Work to work together in the Admin tab of the Intune console.

从 Google Play for Work 商店同步应用Synchronize an app from the Google Play for Work store

  1. 转到 Google Play for Work 商店Go to the Google Play for Work store. 通过用于在 Intune 与 Android for Work 之间配置连接的同一个帐户进行登录。Sign in with the same account you used to configure the connection between Intune and Android for Work.
  2. 在商店中搜索要使用 Intune 部署的应用。Search the store for the app you want to deploy using Intune.
  3. 在所选应用的页面上,选择“批准”On the page for the app you chose, choose Approve. 在此示例中,你选择了 Microsoft Excel 应用。In this example, you have chosen the Microsoft Excel app.
    批准应用示例 Approve app example
  4. 一个用于该应用的窗口会打开,请你为该应用授予执行各种操作的权限。A window for the app opens asking you to give permissions for the app to perform various operations. 选择“批准”才能继续。Choose Approve to continue.
    批准应用权限示例 Approve app permissions example
  5. 应用将获得批准并显示在 IT 管理员控制台中。The app is approved and displays in your IT admin console.

从 Google Play for Work 商店发布,然后同步业务线应用Publish, then synchronize, a line-of-business app from the Google Play for Work store

  1. 转到 Google Play 开发人员控制台 play.google.com/apps/publishGo to the Google Play Developer Console, play.google.com/apps/publish.
  2. 通过用于在 Intune 与 Android for Work 之间配置连接的同一个帐户进行登录。Sign in with the same account you used to configure the connection between Intune and Android for Work. 如果是首次登录,则必须注册,然后支付费用以成为 Google 开发人员计划的成员。If you are signing in for the first time, you must register, and pay a fee to become a member of the Google Developer program.
  3. 在控制台中,选择“添加新应用程序”In the console, choose Add new application.
  4. 采用与将任何应用发布到 Google Play 商店相同的方式,上传应用并提供有关应用的信息。You upload and provide information about your app in the same way as you publish any app to the Google Play store. 但是,你必须选择设置“仅使此应用程序可供我的组织(<组织名称>)使用”However, you must select the setting *Only make this application available to my organization (<organization name*>):
    用于仅使此应用可供你的组织使用的选项 Option to only make app available to your organization
    此操作可确保应用只能供你的组织使用,而在公开的 Google Play 商店中不可用。This operation ensures that the app is only available to your organization, and is not available in the public Google Play store. 有关如何上传和发布 Android 应用的详细信息,请参阅 Google 开发人员控制台帮助For more information about how to upload and publish Android apps, see the Google Developer Console Help.
  5. 发布了应用之后,请转到 Google Play for Work 商店Once you have published your app, go to the Google Play for Work store. 通过用于在 Intune 与 Android for Work 之间配置连接的同一个帐户进行登录。Sign in with the same account you used to configure the connection between Intune and Android for Work.
  6. 在该商店的“应用”节点中,验证你是否可以看到已发布的应用。In the Apps node of the store, verify you can see the app you have published. 将自动批准与 Intune 同步。It is automatically approved to synchronize with Intune.

部署 Android for Work 应用Deploy an Android for Work app

如果已从该商店批准了应用,但未在“应用”工作区的“批量采购的应用”节点中看到它,则可强制立即同步,如下所示:If you approved an app from the store and don't see it in the Volume-Purchased Apps node of the Apps workspace, force an immediate sync as follows:

  1. Intune 管理员控制台中,选择“管理员” > “移动设备管理” > “Android for Work”。In the Intune administrator console, choose Admin > Mobile Device Management > Android for Work.
  2. 在“Android for Work 移动设备管理安装程序”页上,选择“立即同步”。On the Android for Work Mobile Device Management Setup page, choose Sync Now.
  3. 该页还会显示上次同步的时间和状态。The page also displays the time and status of the last sync.

当应用显示在“应用”工作区的“批量采购的应用”节点中时,你可以如同部署任何其他应用一样部署它When the app is displayed in the Volume-Purchased Apps node of the Apps workspace, you can deploy it just like you would do with any other app. 只能将应用部署到用户组。You can deploy the app to groups of users only. 当前,只能选择“必需”和“卸载”操作。Currently, you can only select the Required and Uninstall actions.

应用新的分组和目标设定体验,可将应用部署为“可用”。The ability to deploy an app as Available applies the new grouping and targeting experience. 新预配的 Intune 服务帐户在此功能发布后即可使用它。Newly provisioned Intune service accounts can use this feature upon release. 现有的 Intune 客户在其租户迁移到 Intune Azure 门户后即可使用此功能。Existing Intune customers can use this feature once their tenant has been migrated to the Intune Azure portal. 现有客户可以在租户迁移之前创建试用 Intune 帐户来规划和测试此功能。Existing customers can create a trial Intune account to plan for and test this feature until their tenant has been migrated.

部署应用之后,它会安装在目标设备上。After you deploy the app, it will be installed on the devices you targeted. 不会要求设备的用户进行批准。The user of the device is not asked for approval.

管理应用权限Manage app permissions

Android for Work 需要你先在 Google 的托管 Play Web 控制台中批准应用,然后才能将应用同步到 Intune 并部署给用户。Android for Work requires you approve apps in Google's managed Play web console before syncing them to Intune and deploying them to your users. 由于 Android for Work 允许以无提示方式将这些应用自动推送到用户的设备,因此你必须代表所有用户接收应用的权限。Because Android for Work allows you to silently and automatically push these apps to users' devices, you must accept the app's permissions on behalf of all your users. 最终用户安装应用时将不会看到任何应用权限,因此,你必须阅读并理解这些权限。End users do not see any app permissions when they install, so it's important that you read and understand these permissions.

当应用开发人员将新版本的应用与更新权限一起发布时,即使你批准了之前的权限,这些权限仍不会被自动接受。When an app developer publishes a new version of the app with updated permissions, those permissions are not automatically accepted, even if you've approved the previous permissions. 运行旧版本应用的设备仍可使用应用,但在批准新权限前将无法升级应用。Devices that run the old version of the app can still use it, but the app is not upgraded until the new permissions are approved. 在你批准应用的新权限之前,未安装应用的设备将无法安装应用。Devices without the app installed cannot install the app until you approve the app's new permissions.

如何更新应用权限How to update app permissions

定期访问托管的 Google Play 控制台,查看是否有新权限。Periodically visit the managed Google Play console to check for new permissions. 可以将 Google Play 配置为当已批准的应用需要新权限时向你和其他人发送电子邮件。You can configure Google Play to send you or others an e-mail when new permissions are required for an approved app. 如果分配了应用,但发现设备上未安装此应用,请按照以下步骤检查是否有新权限:If you assign an app and observe it isn't installed on devices, check for new permissions with the following steps:

  1. 访问 http://play.google.com/workVisit http://play.google.com/work
  2. 使用发布和批准应用时所用的 Google 帐户登录。Sign in with the Google account you used to publish and approve the apps.
  3. 访问“更新”选项卡,查看是否有应用需要更新。Visit the Updates tab to see if any apps require an update. 列出的所有应用都需要新权限,且在应用新权限之前不会进行分配。Any listed apps require new permissions and do not assign until they are applied.

或者,可将 Google Play 配置为自动根据每个应用的情况重新审批应用权限。Alternatively, you can configure Google Play to automatically reapprove app permissions on a per app basis.