Microsoft Intune 中的 Exchange ActiveSync 策略设置Exchange ActiveSync policy settings in Microsoft Intune

适用于:经典门户中的 IntuneApplies to: Intune in the classic portal
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使用 Microsoft Intune“Exchange ActiveSync”策略配置设置,这些设置可控制 Exchange ActiveSync 托管设备上的一系列特性和功能。Use the Microsoft Intune Exchange ActiveSync policy to configure settings that control a range of features and functionality on devices that are managed by Exchange ActiveSync.

密码设置Password settings

设置名Setting name 详细信息Details
需要密码才可解锁移动设备Require a password to unlock mobile devices 指定是否必须使用密码锁定设备。Specifies whether devices must be locked by using a password.
(不适用于运行 Windows RT 的设备)。(not applicable to devices running Windows RT).
所需的密码类型Required password type 指定需要的密码类型,例如仅限数字或字母数字。Specifies the type of password that will be required, such as numeric only or alphanumeric.
最短密码长度Minimum password length 指定设备密码中所需的最少字符数。Specifies the minimum number of required characters in the device password.
允许简单密码Allow simple passwords 指定是否可以使用简单密码(包括 "0000" 和 "1234")。Specifies whether you can use simple passwords, which include ‘0000’ and ‘1234’.
擦除设备前允许的重复登录失败次数Number of repeated sign-in failures to allow before the device is wiped 指定在擦除设备之前用户可以输入不正确密码的次数。Specifies the number of times that a user can enter an incorrect password before the device is wiped.
密码过期(天数)Password expiration (days) 指定必须更改设备密码前的天数。Specifies the number of days after which the device password must be changed.
记住密码历史记录Remember password history 指定是否允许用户使用以前用过的密码。Specifies whether to not allow the use of previously used passwords.
“记住密码历史记录”“防止重用以前的密码”Remember password historyPrevent reuse of previous passwords 指定不能重复使用的以前所用密码的数量。Specifies the number of previously used passwords that can't be used again.
需要提供密码之前处于非活动状态的分钟数Minutes of inactivity before password is required 指定锁定屏幕之前,设备必须保持空闲的时间量。Specifies the amount of time that a device must be idle before the screen is locked.

加密设置Encryption settings

设置名Setting name 详细信息Details
需要对移动设备加密1Require encryption on mobile device1 需要对设备上的数据进行加密(受支持时)。Requires the data on a device to be encrypted when supported.

对于 Windows Phone 8 设备,必须将其设置为 “是”For Windows Phone 8 devices, you must set this to Yes.

若要在 iOS 设备上启用加密,请启用设置“需要密码以解锁移动设备”。To enable encryption on iOS devices, enable the Require a password to unlock mobile devices setting.
需要对存储卡进行加密Require encryption on storage cards 需要对存储在外部存储(如 SD 卡)上的数据进行加密(在支持的设备上)。Requires data that is stored on external storage such as an SD card to be encrypted (on supported devices).

1运行 Windows 8.1 的设备的其他信息1 Additional information for devices that run Windows 8.1

  • 若要在运行 Windows 8.1 的设备上强制加密,必须在每台设备上安装 用于 Windows 的 December 2014 MDM 客户端更新If you want to enforce encryption on devices that run Windows 8.1, you must install the December 2014 MDM client update for Windows on each device.

  • 如果对 Windows 8.1 设备启用此设置,则该设备的所有用户必须都具有 Microsoft 帐户。If you enable this setting for Windows 8.1 devices, all users of the device must have a Microsoft account.

  • 若要使 Windows 8.1 设备的加密正常工作,该设备必须满足 Microsoft InstantGo 硬件认证要求。If you want encryption to work for Windows 8.1 devices, the device must meet the Microsoft InstantGo hardware certification requirements.

  • 在 Windows 8.1 设备上强制加密时,恢复密钥仅可从用户的 Microsoft 帐户(从用户的 OneDrive 帐户访问)进行访问。If you enforce encryption on a Windows 8.1 device, the recovery key is only accessible from the user's Microsoft account, which is accessed from the user's OneDrive account. 无法代表用户恢复此密钥。You cannot recover this key on behalf of a user.

电子邮件设置Email settings

设置名Setting name 详细信息Details
允许用户下载电子邮件附件Allow users to download email attachments 指定是否可以将电子邮件附件下载到设备。Specifies whether email attachments can be downloaded to the device.
电子邮件同步时间段Email synchronization period 指定将同步到设备的已接收电子邮件的天数。Specifies the number of days of received email that will be synchronized to the device.
允许不完全支持 Exchange ActiveSync 设置的移动设备使用 Exchange 进行同步Allow mobile devices that don’t fully support Exchange ActiveSync settings to synchronize with Exchange 指定是否在不支持一个或多个 Exchange ActiveSync 设置的设备上允许仅当 Exchange 访问。Specifies whether to allow Exchange access on devices that don't support one or more Exchange ActiveSync settings.

浏览器设置Browser settings

设置名Setting name 详细信息Details
允许 Web 浏览器Allow web browser 指定是否可以使用设备上的 Web 浏览器。Specifies whether the web browser on the device can be used.
(不可用于 Windows RT 或 Windows Phone)。(Not available for Windows RT or Windows Phone).

硬件设置Hardware settings

设置名Setting name 详细信息Details
允许照相机Allow camera 指定是否可以使用设备上的照相机。Specifies whether the camera on the device can be used.
(不可用于 Windows RT 或 Windows Phone)。(Not available for Windows RT or Windows Phone).

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