使用设置助理通过 Apple Configurator 注册 iOS 设备Enroll iOS devices with Apple Configurator by using Setup Assistant

适用于:经典门户中的 IntuneApplies to: Intune in the classic portal
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Intune 支持注册企业所有的 iOS 设备,方法是使用在 Mac 计算机上运行的 Apple ConfiguratorIntune supports the enrollment of corporate-owned iOS devices using Apple Configurator running on a Mac computer. 此过程可恢复设备的出厂设置,并将其准备好以运行设置助理,从而为设备的新用户安装公司策略。This process resets the device to factory settings and prepares it to run Setup Assistant, installing the company's policies for the device’s new user.


此注册方法不能与设备注册管理器方法共同使用。This enrollment method can't be used with the device enrollment manager method.

可使用 Apple Configurator 将 iOS 设备恢复到出厂设置并将其准备好,方便设备的新用户进行设置。Using Apple Configurator, you can reset an iOS device to factory settings and prepare it to be set up for the device’s new user. 此方法要求通过 USB 将 iOS 设备连接到 Mac 计算机以设置企业注册,并且假定使用的是 Apple Configurator 2.0。This method requires you to connect the iOS device to a Mac computer via USB to set up corporate enrollment, and it assumes you are using Apple Configurator 2.0. 多数方案均要求应用到 iOS 设备的策略包括“用户关联性”,以便启用 Intune 公司门户应用。Most scenarios require that the policy applied to the iOS device include user affinity to enable the Intune Company Portal app.

使用 Apple Configurator 设置助理注册 iOS 设备的先决条件Prerequisites for enrolling iOS devices by using Apple Configurator with Setup Assistant

使用 Apple Configurator 设置助理注册 iOS 设备的步骤Steps to enroll iOS devices by using Apple Configurator with Setup Assistant

下列步骤介绍了如何使用 Apple Configurator 设置助理即时注册 iOS 设备。The following steps explain how to enroll iOS devices on "day 0" by using Apple Configurator with Setup Assistant. 添加和删除组织中的设备时,可能将重复以下所述的部分步骤,例如添加或删除序列号。As devices are added and removed from your organization, you will likely repeat some of these steps, such as adding or removing serial numbers, as described below.

创建移动设备组(可选)Create mobile device groups (optional)

如果你的业务要求借助移动设备组来管理设备,可以选择创建这些组。If your business requires mobile device groups to help manage devices, you can optionally create those groups. 有关详细信息,请参阅通过 Microsoft Intune 使用组来管理用户和设备To learn more, see Use groups to manage users and devices with Microsoft Intune.

创建设备的配置文件Create a profile for devices

设备注册配置文件定义应用于设备组的设置。A device enrollment profile defines the settings applied to a group of devices.

  1. Microsoft Intune 管理控制台中,转到“策略”>“企业设备注册”,然后选择“添加”。In the Microsoft Intune administration console, go to Policy > Corporate Device Enrollment, and then choose Add.


  2. 输入设备配置文件的详细信息:Enter details for the device profiles:

    • 名称 - 设备注册配置文件的名称(对用户不可见)。Name—The name of the device enrollment profile (not visible to users).

    • 说明 - 设备注册配置文件的说明(对用户不可见)。Description—A description of the device enrollment profile (not visible to users).

    • 注册详细信息 - 指定注册设备的方式。Enrollment Details—Specifies how devices are enrolled.

      • 提示输入用户关联 - 必须在初始设置过程中将设备与某个用户相关联,然后才能允许此设备访问公司数据和电子邮件。Prompt for user affinity—The device must be affiliated with a user during initial setup and can then be permitted to access company data and email. 应对属于用户且需要使用公司门户获取服务(如安装应用)的托管设备设置用户关联User affinity should be set up for managed devices that belong to users and need to use the company portal for services like installing apps.

      • 没有用户关联 - 该设备不与用户关联。No user affinity—The device is not affiliated with a user. 将此隶属关系用于无需访问本地用户数据即可执行任务的设备。Use this affiliation for devices that perform tasks without accessing local user data. 需要用户隶属关系的应用(包括用于安装业务线应用的公司门户应用)无法运行。Apps requiring user affiliation (including the Company Portal app used for installing line-of-business apps) won’t work.

    • 设备组预分配 - 使用此配置文件部署的所有设备最初都属于此组。Device group pre-assignment—All devices deployed with this profile will initially belong to this group. 在注册后,可以将设备重新分配。You can reassign devices after enrollment.


    组分配将从 Intune 移到 Azure Active Directory。Group assignments are moving from Intune to Azure Active Directory. Intune 帐户收到适用的更新后,将不再显示“将设备分配给以下组”选项。Once your Intune account receives the applicable update, you won't see the Assign devices to the following group option. 了解详细信息Learn more.

    • 设备注册计划 - Apple 设备注册计划 (DEP) 不能与设置助理注册一起使用。Device Enrollment Program—The Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) cannot be used with Setup Assistant enrollment. 确保将切换设置为“关闭”。Ensure that the toggle is set to off.
  3. 单击“保存配置文件”以添加配置文件。Choose Save Profile to add the profile.

通过设置助理添加 iOS 设备以进行注册Add iOS devices to enroll with Setup Assistant

  1. “Microsoft Intune 管理控制台”中,转到“组”>“所有设备”>“所有企业拥有的设备”>“所有设备”,然后选择“添加设备”。In the Microsoft Intune administration console, go to Groups > All Devices > All Corporate-owned Devices > All Devices, and then choose Add devices.

    可以通过两种方式添加设备:You can add devices in two ways:


    • 上传包含序列号的 CSV 文件 - 创建不带标头的两列的逗号分隔值 (.csv) 列表,每个 .csv 文件限 5,000 台设备或 5 MB。Upload a CSV file containing serial numbers—Create a comma-separated value (.csv) list of two columns without a header, limited to 5,000 devices or 5 MB per .csv file.

      <Serial #1><Serial #1> <Device #1 Details><Device #1 Details>
      <Serial#2><Serial#2> <Device #2 Details><Device #2 Details>

    在文本编辑器中查看该 .csv 文件时,该文件显示为:When viewed in a text editor, this .csv file appears as:

    0000000,PO 1234
    111111111,PO 1234
    • 手动添加设备详细信息 - 输入最多 15 台设备的序列号和任何注释或详细信息。Manually add device details—Enter the serial number and any notes or details for up to 15 devices.

    可在“查看设备”窗格中确认序列号。On the Review Devices pane, you can confirm the serial numbers. 还可以决定是否覆盖正在重新导入的序列号的“详细信息”,或者取消选中“覆盖”框以保留当前的详细信息。You can also decide whether to overwrite the Details for serial numbers that are being imported again, or you can uncheck the Overwrite box to preserve the Current details.


    在现有的 Intune 管理员控制台中,管理员可以从上传的 CSV 中获取相关详细信息,并覆盖各个序列号的现有详细信息。In the existing Intune administrator console, admins can accept associated details from an uploaded CSV and overwrite the existing details for individual serial numbers. 在新的 Azure 门户中,只能覆盖所有序列号的详细信息,或者忽略所有序列号的新详细信息。In the new Azure portal, you’ll only be able to overwrite the details for all serial numbers or to ignore new details for all serial numbers.


    若要稍后从 Intune 管理中删除公司拥有的设备,则可能需要转到“企业预注册设备”下的“按 iOS 序列号”设备组,并从 Intune 删除设备序列号,以禁用设备注册。If you want to remove corporate-owned devices from Intune management later, you might need to go to By iOS Serial Number device group under Corporate Pre-enrolled devices and remove the device serial number from Intune in order to disable device enrollment. 如果 Intune 在删除序列号时或大约在这一时间执行灾难恢复过程,则需要验证该组是否仅包含活动设备的序列号。If Intune performs a disaster recovery procedure on or around the time you remove serial numbers, you'll need to verify that only active devices’ serial numbers are present in that group.

  2. 选择下一步Choose Next.

  3. 选择要注册的设备。Select the devices to enroll. 无法导入已注册或通过其他方式注册的序列号。Serial numbers already enrolled or enrolled by other means cannot be imported. 选择“下一步”继续。Choose Next to continue.

分配配置文件Assign a profile

指定要从可用配置文件列表分配到已添加的设备的配置文件,查看“注册配置文件详细信息”,然后选择“完成”。Specify the profile to assign to added devices from the list of available profiles, review the Enrollment profile details, and then choose Finish. 可以将手动添加的设备分配到任何注册配置文件。Manually added devices can be assigned to any enrollment profile.


目前,Intune 可以指定一个“默认”设备注册配置文件,这意味着当新序列号与 Apple 服务同步时,新的序列号将自动分配给该默认配置文件。Currently, Intune let you designate a "default" device enrollment profile," which means that new serial numbers are automatically assigned to that default profile when you synchronize new serial numbers with the Apple service. 之后,当租户迁移到新的 Azure 门户时,将不再能设置默认配置文件,也不再能为该配置文件自动分配序列号。When your tenant is migrated to the new Azure portal in the near future, you will no longer be able to set a default profile and have serial numbers be automatically assigned to that profile. 而必须手动为配置文件分配序列号。Instead, you will have to assign serial numbers to a profile. 了解详细信息Learn more

导出要部署到 iOS 设备的配置文件Export a profile to deploy to iOS devices

  1. Microsoft Intune 管理控制台中,转到“策略”>“企业设备注册”,然后选择要部署到移动设备的设备配置文件。In the Microsoft Intune administration console, go to Policy > Corporate Device Enrollment, and then select the device profile to deploy to mobile devices.

  2. 选择任务栏中的“导出”Choose Export in the taskbar. 复制并保存 “配置文件 URL”Copy and save the Profile URL. 稍后你将在 Apple Configurator 中将其上传,以定义 iOS 设备使用的 Intune 配置文件。You will upload it in Apple Configurator later to define the Intune profile used by iOS devices.

    你可以按照以下过程使用 Apple Configurator 将此配置文件 URL 上载到 Apple 服务,以定义 iOS 设备使用的 Intune 配置文件。You will upload this profile URL to the Apple service using Apple Configurator in the following procedure to define the Intune profile used by iOS devices.

用 Apple Configurator 准备设备Prepare the device with Apple Configurator

iOS 设备连接到 Mac 计算机,并注册移动设备管理。iOS devices are connected to the Mac computer and enrolled for mobile device management.

  1. 在 Mac 计算机上,打开“Apple Configurator 2”。On a Mac computer, open Apple Configurator 2. 在菜单栏中,选择“Apple Configurator 2”,然后选择“首选项”。In the menu bar, choose Apple Configurator 2, and then choose Preferences.


    注册过程中,设备将重置为工厂配置。The devices will be reset to factory configurations during the enrollment process. 最佳做法是重置设备,然后再启动。As a best practice, reset the device and turn it on. 连接设备时,设备应处于 Hello 屏幕界面。Devices should be at the Hello screen when you connect the device.

  2. 在首选项窗格中,选择“服务器”,然后选择加号 (+) 启动 MDM 服务器向导。In the preferences pane, select Servers and choose the plus symbol (+) to launch the MDM Server wizard. 选择下一步Choose Next.

  3. 在使用 Microsoft Intune 对 iOS 设备注册设置助理的情况下,为 MDM 服务器输入主机名称或 URL 以及注册 URL。Enter the Hostname or URL and enrollment URL for the MDM server under Setup Assistant enrollment for iOS devices with Microsoft Intune. 对于注册 URL,请输入从 Intune 中导出的注册配置文件 URL。For the Enrollment URL, enter the enrollment profile URL exported from Intune. 选择下一步Choose Next.

    可安全忽略警告“未验证服务器 URL”。You can safely disregard a warning stating "server URL is not verified." 若要继续,请选择“下一步”,直到完成该向导。To continue, choose Next until the wizard is finished.

  4. 用 USB 适配器将 iOS 移动设备连接到 Mac 计算机。Connect the iOS mobile devices to the Mac computer with a USB adapter.


    注册过程中,设备将重置为工厂配置。The devices will be reset to factory configurations during the enrollment process. 最佳做法是重置设备,然后再启动。As a best practice, reset the device and turn it on. 启动设置助理时,设备应处于 Hello 屏幕界面。Devices should be at the Hello screen when you start Setup Assistant.

  5. 选择“准备”。Choose Prepare. 在“准备 iOS 设备”窗格上,选择“手动”,然后选择“下一步”。On the Prepare iOS Device pane, select Manual and then choose Next.

  6. 在“在 MDM 服务器中注册”窗格上,选择你创建的服务器的名称,然后选择“下一步”。On the Enroll in MDM Server pane, select the server name you created, and then choose Next.

  7. 在“监督设备”窗格上,选择监督级别,然后选择“下一步”。On the Supervise Devices pane, select the level of supervision, and then choose Next.

  8. 在“创建组织”窗格上,选择“组织”或创建新的组织,然后选择“下一步”。On the Create an Organization pane, choose the Organization or create a new organization, and then choose Next.

  9. 在“配置 iOS 设置助理”窗格上,选择提供给用户的步骤,然后选择“准备”。On the Configure iOS Setup Assistant pane, choose the steps to be presented to the user, and then choose Prepare. 如果出现系统提示,请进行身份验证以更新信任设置。If prompted, authenticate to update trust settings.

  10. iOS 设备完成准备后,断开 USB 电缆的连接。When the iOS device finishes preparing, disconnect the USB cable.

分配设备Distribute devices

设备现已准备好进行企业注册。The devices are now ready for corporate enrollment. 关闭设备,并将它们分发给用户。Turn off the devices and distribute them to users. 用户打开其设备时,将启动设置助理。When users turn on their devices, Setup Assistant will start.

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注册设备的先决条件Prerequisites for enrolling devices