使用 Microsoft Intune 管理通过批量购买计划购买的 iOS 应用Manage iOS apps you purchased through a volume-purchase program with Microsoft Intune

适用于:经典门户中的 IntuneApplies to: Intune in the classic portal
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iOS 应用商店允许你为想要在公司运行的应用购买多个许可证。The iOS app store lets you purchase multiple licenses for an app that you want to run in your company. 这有助于降低跟踪多个已购买应用副本的管理成本。This helps you reduce the administrative overhead of tracking multiple purchased copies of apps.

Microsoft Intune 可帮助你通过以下操作管理通过此计划购买的应用:从应用商店中导入许可证信息、跟踪已使用的许可证的数量,以及阻止安装超出你所拥有的应用的更多副本。Microsoft Intune helps you manage apps that you purchased through this program by importing the license information from the app store, tracking how many of the licenses you have used, and preventing you from installing more copies of the app than you own.


目前,Intune 将 iOS Volume Purchase Program 企业版 (VPP) 应用许可证分配给用户和设备。Currently, Intune assigns iOS Volume Purchase Program for Business (VPP) app licenses to users and devices. 因此,用户可能必须输入其 Apple ID 密码才能安装应用。Because of this, users may have to enter their Apple ID password to install the app.

管理批量采购的适用于 iOS 设备的应用程序Manage volume-purchased apps for iOS devices

通过 Apple Volume Purchase Program 企业版购买多个 iOS 应用许可证。You purchase multiple licenses for iOS apps through the Apple Volume Purchase Program for Business. 这涉及到从 Apple 网站设置一个 Apple VPP 帐户并将 Apple VPP 令牌上载到 Intune。This involves setting up an Apple VPP account from the Apple website and uploading the Apple VPP token to Intune. 然后你可以将你的批量购买信息与 Intune 同步并追踪你的批量购买的应用的使用情况。You can then synchronize your volume purchase information with Intune and track your volume-purchased app use.

开始之前Before you start

在开始之前,你需要从 Apple 中获取 VPP 令牌并将其上载到 Intune 帐户。Before you start, you'll need to get a VPP token from Apple and upload this to your Intune account. 此外,你应了解以下内容:Additionally, you should understand the following:

  • Intune 支持最多添加 256 个 VPP 令牌。Intune supports adding up to 256 VPP tokens.
  • 如果你以前使用过不同产品的 VPP 令牌,必须生成一个新的令牌在 Intune 中使用。If you previously used a VPP token with a different product, you must generate a new one to use with Intune.
  • 每个令牌的有效期为一年。Each token is valid for one year.
  • 默认情况下,Intune 与 Apple VPP 服务一天同步两次。By default, Intune syncs with the Apple VPP service twice a day. 可以随时开始手动同步。You can start a manual sync at any time.
  • 将 VPP 令牌导入 Intune 之后,不要将同一令牌导入任何其他设备管理解决方案。After you have imported the VPP token to Intune, do not import the same token to any other device management solution. 这样做可能导致许可证分配和用户记录丢失。Doing so might result in the loss of license assignment and user records.
  • 在开始将 iOS VPP 与 Intune 配合使用之前,先删除使用其他移动设备管理 (MDM) 供应商创建的任何现有 VPP 用户帐户。Before you start to use iOS VPP with Intune, remove any existing VPP user accounts created with other mobile device management (MDM) vendors. 作为安全措施,Intune 不会将那些用户帐户同步到 Intune 中。Intune will not synchronize those user accounts into Intune as a security measure. Intune 将仅同步 Apple VPP 服务中由 Intune 创建的数据。Intune will only synchronize data from the Apple VPP service that Intune created.
  • 如果配置了设备的用户关联,则只能将 iOS VPP 应用部署到使用设备注册协议 (DEP) 注册的用户设备。You can only deploy iOS VPP apps to user's devices that were enrolled using the Device Enrollment Protocol (DEP) if user affinity for the device is configured.

获取并上传 Apple VPP 令牌To get and upload an Apple VPP token

  1. Microsoft Intune 管理控制台中,选择“管理”>“iOS 和 Mac OS X”>“批量购买计划”。In the Microsoft Intune administration console, choose Admin > iOS and Mac OS X > Volume Purchase Program.

  2. 选择“Apple VPP 帐户”链接。Choose the Apple VPP Account link. 如果你尚未拥有帐户,请注册 Volume Purchase Program 企业版。If you haven't already, sign up for the Volume Purchase Program for Business. 注册后,下载你的帐户的 Apple VPP 令牌。After you sign up, download the Apple VPP token for your account.

  3. 在 Intune 控制台的“管理 Apple 批量购买计划(VPP)”页上,选择“上载 VPP 令牌”。On the Manage Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) page of the Intune console, choose Upload the VPP token.

  4. 在“上载 VPP 令牌”对话框中,输入或粘贴 VPP 令牌名称和你的 Apple ID,然后选择“上载”。In the Upload the VPP token dialog box, enter or paste the VPP token name and your Apple ID, and then choose Upload.

  5. 在警告对话框中,选中相应复选框以指示你已了解你此后将不能更改为不同的 VPP 帐户,然后选择“是”。In the warning dialog box, check the box to indicate that you understand that you can't change to a different VPP account later, and then choose Yes.

在“Volume Purchase Program”页上,你现在可以查看有关 Apple VPP 令牌的信息,包括它上一次更新的时间,何时将过期,以及上一次与 Intune 同步的时间。On the Volume Purchase Program page, you can now view information about the Apple VPP token, including when it was last updated, when it will expire, and when it was last synchronized with Intune.

你可以随时通过选择“立即同步”将 Apple 保存的数据与 Intune 同步。You can synchronize the data held by Apple with Intune at any time by choosing Sync now.

部署批量购买的应用To deploy a volume-purchased app

  1. Microsoft Intune 管理控制台中,选择“应用”>“应用” >“批量购买应用”VIn the Microsoft Intune administration console, choose Apps > Apps > Volume-Purchased Apps. 此列表显示已从 Apple VPP 服务同步的所有应用。This list shows all apps that were synchronized from the Apple VPP service.

  2. 选择你想要部署的应用,选择“管理部署”,然后按照在 Microsoft Intune 中部署应用主题中的说明完成应用的上载、创建和部署。Choose the app that you want to deploy, choose Manage Deployment, and then use the instructions in the Deploy apps in Microsoft Intune topic to finish uploading, creation, and deployment of the app.


必须选择必需的部署操作。You must choose a deployment action of Required. 当前不支持可用安装。Available installations are not currently supported. 此外,只能将应用部署到用户组。Additionally, you can only deploy the app to user groups.

在将应用部署为必需安装时,安装该应用的每个用户都将使用一个许可证。When you deploy the app as a Required installation, each user who installs the app uses a license.

若要回收许可证,必须将部署操作更改为“卸载”。To reclaim a license, you must change the deployment action to Uninstall. 卸载应用后,将回收许可证。The license will be reclaimed after the app is uninstalled.

具有符合条件的设备的用户首次尝试安装 VPP 应用时,系统将要求其加入 Apple Volume Purchase Program。When a user with an eligible device first tries to install a VPP app, they will be asked to join the Apple Volume Purchase program. 继续安装应用前,他们必须执行此操作。They must do this before the app installation proceeds.

如果没有更多的许可证可用,则部署将失败。If there are no more licenses available, the deployment will fail.

监视 Apple VPP 应用To monitor Apple VPP apps

你可以从“批量购买的应用”节点中的“应用”工作区内监视已部署的 VPP 应用以及使用的许可证数。You can monitor which VPP apps have been deployed, and how many licenses are used, from the Apps workspace in the Volume-Purchased Apps node.


你也可以使用应用“筛选器”来检查每个应用的安装状态。You can also use app Filters to examine the status of each app installation.

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