Intune 移动威胁防御连接器Intune Mobile Threat Defense connectors

适用于:经典门户中的 IntuneApplies to: Intune in the classic portal
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通过Intune 移动威胁防御连接器,可利用所选的移动威胁防御供应商作为符合性策略和条件性访问规则的信息源。Intune Mobile Threat Defense connectors allow you to leverage your chosen Mobile Threat Defense vendor as a source of information for your compliance policies and conditional access rules. 由此,IT 管理员可增强公司资源(如 Exchange 和 Sharepoint)的安全性,特别是防御来自安全已受威胁的移动设备的攻击。This allows IT Administrators to add a layer of protection to their corporate resources such as Exchange and Sharepoint, specifically from compromised mobile devices.

此功能可解决什么问题?What problem does this solve?

公司需要针对出现的威胁保护敏感数据,包括物理的、基于应用的和基于网络的威胁以及操作系统漏洞。Companies need to protect sensitive data from emerging threats including physical, app-based, and network-based threats, as well as operating system vulnerabilities. 过去,公司在保护电脑免受攻击方面一直比较主动,但并未监视和保护移动设备。Historically, companies have been proactive when protecting PCs from attack, while mobile devices go un-monitored and unprotected. 尽管移动平台内置有保护(如应用隔离和审查使用者应用商店),但这些平台仍易受到复杂攻击。Mobile platforms have built-in protection such as app isolation and vetted consumer app stores, but these platforms remain vulnerable to sophisticated attacks. 如今,更多员工使用设备完成工作,并需要访问敏感信息。Today, more employees use devices for work and need access to sensitive information. 因此,需要保护设备免受日益复杂的攻击。Devices need to be protected from increasingly sophisticated attacks.

Intune 移动威胁防御连接器如何工作?How the Intune Mobile Threat Defense connectors work?

连接器会在 Intune 和所选的移动威胁防御供应商之间创建信道,进而保护公司资源。The connector protects company resources by creating a channel of communication between Intune and your chosen Mobile Threat Defense vendor. Intune 移动威胁防御合作伙伴为移动设备提供了直观且易于部署的应用程序,可出于报告或强制目的主动扫描和分析威胁信息与 Intune 共享。Intune Mobile Threat Defense partners offer intuitive, easy to deploy applications for mobile devices which actively scan and analyze threat information to share with Intune, for either reporting or enforcement purposes. 例如,如果连接的移动威胁防御应用向移动威胁防御供应商报告,称你网络上的某电话当前连接到易受中间人攻击的网络,则此信息将进行共享并分类为相应的风险级别(中/低/高),然后可将该级别与 Intune 中配置的允许风险级别限额进行比较,确定设备受到威胁时是否应取消你对某些所选资源的访问。For example, if a connected Mobile Threat Defense app reports to the Mobile Threat Defense vendor that a phone on your network is currently connected to a network which is vulnerable to Man in the Middle attacks, this information is shared with and categorized to an appropriate risk level (low/medium/high) – which can then be compared with your configured risk level allowances in Intune to determine if access to certain resources of your choice should be revoked while the device is compromised.

示例方案Sample scenarios

移动威胁防御解决方案判定设备受到感染时:When a device is considered infected by the Mobile Threat Defense solution:


修正设备时授予访问权限:Access is granted when the device is remediated:


移动威胁防御合作伙伴Mobile Threat Defense partners

了解如何根据设备、网络和应用程序风险,通过以下工具保护对公司资源的访问:Learn how to protect access to company resource based on device, network, and application risk with: