Microsoft Intune 中的 Windows Phone 8.1 策略设置Windows Phone 8.1 policy settings in Microsoft Intune

适用于:经典门户中的 IntuneApplies to: Intune in the classic portal
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Intune 提供了一系列可在 Windows Phone 8.1 设备上进行配置的内置常规设置。Intune supplies a range of built-in general settings that you can configure on Windows Phone 8.1 devices. 此外,还可指定开放移动联盟统一资源标识符 (OMA-URI) 值创建 Intune 未提供的自定义设置。Additionally, you can specify Open Mobile Alliance Uniform Resource Identifier (OMA-URI) values to create custom settings that are not available from Intune.

常规配置设置General configuration settings

使用 Microsoft Intune Windows Phone 常规配置策略(Windows Phone 8.1 及更高版本)为 Windows Phone 8.1 设备配置以下设置:Use the Microsoft Intune Windows Phone general configuration policy (Windows Phone 8.1 and later) to configure the following settings for Windows Phone 8.1 devices:

  • “移动设备安全设置” – 从让你能够控制设备上的一系列功能的预定义设置列表中选择。Mobile device security settings – Choose from a list of predefined settings that let you control a range of features and functionality on the device.

  • 符合和不符合要求的应用- 指定在你的公司中符合和不符合要求的应用列表。Compliant and noncompliant apps - Specify a list of apps that are compliant or not compliant in your company. Windows Phone 设备可以阻止或允许这些应用的安装。Windows Phone devices can block or allow installation of these apps.

适用性设置Applicability settings

设置名Setting name 详细信息Details
将所有配置应用到 Windows 10Apply all configurations to Windows 10 此策略中的设置除了可以应用到 Windows Phone 8.1 设备外,还可以应用到 Windows 10 移动设备。Enables settings in this policy to be applied to Windows 10 Mobile devices in addition to Windows Phone 8.1 devices.

密码设置Password settings

设置名Setting name 详细信息Details
需要密码才可解锁移动设备Require a password to unlock mobile devices 指定用户是否必须输入密码来访问其设备。Specifies whether users must enter a password to access their devices.
所需的密码类型Required password type 指定需要的密码类型,例如仅限字母数字或数字。Specifies the type of password that will be required, such as alphanumeric or numeric only.
必填密码类型 – 字符集最小数量Required password type – Minimum number of character sets 指定密码中必须包括多少个不同的字符集。Specifies how many different character sets must be included in the password. 有以下四个字符集:小写字母、大写字母、数字和符号。There are four character sets: lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols. 但是,对于 iOS 设备,此设置指定密码中必须包括的符号的数量。However, for iOS devices, this specifies the number of symbols that must be included in the password.
最短密码长度Minimum password length 指定密码中所需的最少字符数。Specifies the minimum number of characters that are required in the password.
允许简单密码Allow simple passwords 指定可使用如“0000”和“1234”等简单密码。Specifies that simple passwords such as ‘0000’ and ‘1234’ can be used.
擦除设备前允许的重复登录失败次数Number of repeated sign-in failures to allow before the device is wiped 指定擦除设备前,可输入错误密码的次数。Specifies the number of times an incorrect password can be entered before the device is wiped.
屏幕关闭前处于不活动状态的分钟数Minutes of inactivity before the screen turns off 指定自动锁定屏幕之前,设备必须保持空闲的时间量。Specifies the amount of time a device must remain idle before the screen is automatically locked.
密码过期(天数)Password expiration (days) 指定必须更改设备密码前的天数。Specifies the number of days before the device password must be changed.
记住密码历史记录Remember password history 指定是否要记住以前用过的密码以防止用户再次使用它们。Specifies whether previously used passwords are remembered to prevent the user from using them again.
“记住密码历史记录”“防止重用以前的密码”Remember password historyPrevent reuse of previous passwords 指定要记住的以前用过的密码的数量。Specifies how many previously used passwords are remembered.

加密设置Encryption settings

设置名Setting name 详细信息Details
需要对移动设备加密Require encryption on mobile device 需要对支持的移动设备上的数据进行加密。Requires that the data on supported mobile devices be encrypted.

系统设置System settings

设置名Setting name 详细信息Details
允许屏幕捕获Allow screen capture 让用户以图像文件形式捕获屏幕内容。Lets the user capture the contents of the screen as an image file.
允许提交诊断数据Allow diagnostic data submission 允许设备将诊断信息提交到 Microsoft。Enables the device to submit diagnostic information to Microsoft.

云设置 – 帐户和同步Cloud settings – accounts and synchronization

设置名Setting name 详细信息Details
支持 Microsoft 帐户Allow Microsoft account 允许将 Microsoft 帐户链接至设备。Enables a Microsoft account to be linked to the device.

电子邮件设置Email settings

设置名Setting name 详细信息Details
允许自定义电子邮件帐户Allow custom email accounts 允许设备连接到非 Microsoft 电子邮件帐户。Enables the device to connect to non-Microsoft email accounts.

应用设置 - 浏览器Application settings - browser

设置名Setting name 详细信息Details
允许 Web 浏览器Allow web browser 允许或阻止设备上的内置 Web 浏览器。Enables or blocks the built-in web browser on devices.

应用设置 - 应用程序Application settings - apps

设置名Setting name 详细信息Details
允许应用程序商店Allow application store 允许用户从设备连接到应用商店。Lets users connect to the app store from the device.

设备性能设置 - 硬件Device capabilities settings - hardware

设置名Setting name 详细信息Details
允许照相机Allow camera 允许或阻止设备的照相机。Enables or blocks the device's camera.
允许可移动存储Allow removable storage 允许设备使用可移动存储,如 SD 卡。Lets the device use removable storage such as SD cards.
允许 Wi-FiAllow Wi-Fi 启用或禁用设备的 Wi-Fi 功能。Enables or disables the Wi-Fi functionality of the device.
允许 Wi-Fi tetheringAllow Wi-Fi tethering 允许在设备上使用 Wi-Fi Tethering。Enables the use of Wi-Fi tethering on the device.
允许自动连接到免费 Wi-Fi 热点Allow automatic connection to free Wi-Fi hotspots 允许设备自动连接到免费的 Wi-Fi 热点并自动接受任何使用条款。Enables the device to automatically connect to free Wi-Fi hotspots and automatically accept any terms of use.
允许 Wi-Fi 热点报告Allow Wi-Fi hotspot reporting 发送有关 Wi-Fi 连接的信息,以帮助用户发现附近的连接。Sends information about Wi-Fi connections to help the user discover nearby connections.
允许地理位置Allow geolocation 允许设备利用位置信息。Enables the device to utilize location information.
允许 NFCAllow NFC 允许使用近场通信的操作。Enables operations that use near field communication.
允许蓝牙Allow Bluetooth 启用或禁用设备的蓝牙功能。Enables or disables the Bluetooth functionality of the device.

设备性能设置 - 功能Device capabilities settings - features

设置名Setting name 详细信息Details
允许复制和粘贴Allow copy and paste 允许在设备上使用复制和粘贴功能。Enables copy and paste functionality on devices.

允许和阻止的应用的设置Settings for allowed and blocked apps

在“允许和阻止的应用”列表中,使用以下信息指定想要允许或阻止的应用的列表:In the Allowed and blocked apps list, specify a list of apps that you want to allow or block by using the following information:


单个策略只能包含允许或阻止的应用的列表。A single policy can only contain a list of allowed or blocked apps. 不能在同一策略中同时指定两个列表。You cannot specify both in the same policy.

设置名Setting name 详细信息Details
阻止设备打开列出的应用Block devices from opening the listed apps 列出未由 Intune 托管且不允许用户安装和运行的应用。Lists the apps that are not managed by Intune, and which users are not allowed to install and run.
仅允许设备安装列出的应用Allow devices to install only the listed apps 列出允许用户安装的应用。Lists the apps that users are allowed to install. 用户无法安装任何其他应用。Users cannot install any other apps. 自动允许由 Intune 托管的应用。Apps that are managed by Intune are automatically allowed.
添加Add 将应用添加到选定的列表。Adds an app to the selected list. 指定你选择的名称、应用商店中应用的 URL 以及应用发布者(可选)。Specify a name of your choice, the URL to the app in the app store, and the app publisher (optional). 若要获取更多帮助,请参阅本主题后面的“如何指定应用商店的 URL”。For more help, see How to specify URLs to app stores later in this topic.
导入应用Import Apps 导入你已在逗号分隔值文件中指定的应用列表。Imports a list of apps that you have specified in a comma-separated values file. 在文件中使用格式、应用程序名称、发布者和应用 URL。Use the format, application name, publisher, and app URL in the file.
编辑Edit 允许你编辑选定应用的名称、发布者和 URL。Lets you edit the name, publisher, and URL of the selected app.
删除Delete 从列表中删除选定的应用。Deletes the selected app from the list.


如果为 Windows Phone 8.1 设备指定了允许的应用列表,则必须将公司门户应用添加到此列表中,否则此列表将被阻止。If you specify a list of allowed apps for Windows Phone 8.1 devices, you must add the Company Portal app to this list or it will be blocked.

有关允许和阻止的应用的参考信息Reference information for allowed and blocked apps

如何指定应用商店的 URLHow to specify URLs to app stores

若要在允许和阻止的的应用列表中指定应用 URL,请使用以下格式:To specify an app URL in the allowed and blocked apps list, use the following format:

Windows Phone 应用 + 游戏页面中,搜索想要使用的应用。From the Windows Phone Apps+Games page, search for the app that you want to use.

打开应用页面,并将该 URL 复制到剪贴板。Open the app’s page, and copy the URL to the clipboard. 你现在可以在允许的或阻止的应用列表中将它用作 URL。You can now use this as the URL in either the allowed or blocked apps list.

例如: 在应用商店中搜索 Skype 应用。Example: Search the store for the Skype app. 你将使用的 URL 是 URL you use will be

自定义策略设置Custom policy settings

使用 Microsoft Intune Windows Phone 自定义配置策略来部署可用于控制 Windows Phone 8.1 设备上的功能的 OMA-URI 设置。Use the Microsoft Intune Windows Phone custom configuration policy to deploy OMA-URI settings that can be used to control features on Windows Phone 8.1 devices. 这些设置是许多移动设备制造商用来控制设备功能的标准设置。These are standard settings that many mobile device manufacturers use to control device features.

此功能使你能够部署不能与 Intune 常规配置策略一起配置的 Windows Phone 设置。This capability enables you to deploy Windows Phone settings that are not configurable with an Intune general configuration policy. 若要了解可与这些策略一起配置的设置,请参阅使用 Microsoft Intune 策略管理设备上的设置和功能For information about the settings you can configure with these policies, see Manage settings and features on your devices with Microsoft Intune policies.

有关创建 Windows Phone 设备的 OMA-URI 设置的帮助,请参阅 Windows Phone 8.1 MDM 协议文档For help creating OMA-URI settings for Windows Phone devices, see Windows Phone 8.1 MDM protocol documentation.

常规设置General settings

设置名Setting name 详细信息Details
NameName 输入策略的唯一名称,以帮助你在 Intune 控制台中识别它。Enter a unique name for the policy to help you identify it in the Intune console.
描述Description 提供对策略的说明以及可帮助你查找策略的其他相关信息。Provide a description that gives an overview of the policy and other relevant information that helps you to locate it.

OMA-URI 设置OMA-URI settings

在“OMA-URI 设置”部分,单击“添加”以添加设置。In the OMA-URI Settings section, click Add to add a setting. 也可编辑或删除现有设置。You can also edit or delete an existing setting.

在“添加或编辑 OMA-URI 设置”对话框中,指定以下信息:In the Add or Edit OMA-URI Setting dialog box, specify the following information:

设置名Setting name 详细信息Details
设置名称Setting name 输入 OMA-URI 设置的唯一名称,以帮助你在设置列表中识别它。Enter a unique name for the OMA-URI setting to help you identify it in the list of settings.
设置描述Setting description 提供对设置进行概述的说明以及帮助你找到该设置的其他相关信息。Provide a description that gives an overview of the setting and other relevant information to help you locate it.
数据类型Data type 选择将在其中指定此 OMA-URI 设置的日期类型。Select the data type in which you will specify this OMA-URI setting. 选择:Choose from:

- 字符串- String
- 字符串 (XML)- String (XML)
- 日期和时间- Date and time
- 整数- Integer
- 浮点- Floating point
- 布尔值- Boolean
OMA-URI(区分大小写)OMA-URI (case sensitive) 指定需为其提供设置的 OMA-URI。Specify the OMA-URI for which you want to supply a setting.
Value 指定要与之前指定的 OMA-URI 关联的值。Specify the value to associate with the OMA-URI that you specified previously.

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