Microsoft Intune 中的 Windows 协同版配置策略设置Windows Team configuration policy settings in Microsoft Intune

适用于:经典门户中的 IntuneApplies to: Intune in the classic portal
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使用 Microsoft Intune Windows 10 协同版常规配置策略可为已注册的 Windows 10 协同版设备(如 Microsoft Surface Hub)配置设置。Use the Microsoft Intune Windows 10 Team general configuration policy to configure settings for enrolled Windows 10 Team devices such as the Microsoft Surface Hub.

设置名Setting name 详细信息Details
房间内有人时允许屏幕自动唤醒Allow screen to wake automatically when someone in the room 允许设备在其传感器检测到房间内有人时自动唤醒。Allows the device to wake automatically when its sensor detects someone in the room.
无线投影需要 PINRequire PIN for wireless projection 指定是否必须先输入 PIN,然后才能使用设备的无线投影功能。Specifies whether you must enter a PIN before you can use the wireless projection capabilities of the device.
设置维护时段以进行设备更新Set a maintenance window for device updates 配置可以对设备进行更新的时段。Configures the window when updates can take place to the device. 可以配置该时段的开始时间和持续时间(1-5 小时)。You can configure the start time of the window and the duration (from 1-5 hours).
启用 Azure Operational InsightsEnable Azure Operational Insights Azure Operational Insights 是 Microsoft Operations Manager 套件的一部分,对 Windows 10 协同版设备的日志文件数据进行收集、存储和分析。Azure Operational Insights , part of the Microsoft Operations Manager suite collects, stores, and analyzes log file data from Windows 10 Team devices.

若要连接到 Azure Operational insights,必须指定工作区 ID工作区密钥To connect to Azure Operational insights, you must specify a Workspace ID and a Workspace Key.
启用 Miracast 无线投影Enable Miracast wireless projection 如果想让 Windows 10 协同版设备使用 Miracast 启用的设备进行投影,则启用此选项。Enable this option if you want to let the Windows 10 Team device use Miracast enabled devices to project.

如果启用了此选项,请从“选择 Miracast 频道”中选择用于投影内容的 Miracast 频道。If you enable this option, from Choose Miracast channel select the Miracast channel used to project content.
选择“欢迎”屏幕上显示的会议信息Choose the meeting information displayed on the welcome screen 如果启用了此选项,你可以选择显示在“欢迎”屏幕上的“会议”标题下的信息。If you enable this option, you can choose the information that will be displayed on the Meetings tile of the Welcome screen. 你可以:You can:

- “仅显示组织者和时间”- Show organizer and time only
- “显示组织者、时间和主题(私人会议隐藏主题)”- Show organizer, time and subject (subject hidden for private meetings)
锁屏背景图像 URLLockscreen background image URL 启用此设置以在 Windows 10 Team 设备上的“欢迎”屏幕上显示来自指定 URL 的自定义背景。Enable this setting to display a custom background on the Welcome screen of Windows 10 Team devices from the URL you specify.

图片必须为 PNG 格式,并且 URL 必须以 https:// 开头。The image must be in PNG format and the URL must begin with https://.

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