Microsoft Intune 入门Get started with Microsoft Intune

适用于:经典门户中的 IntuneApplies to: Intune in the classic portal
在寻找有关 Azure 门户中 Intune 的文档吗?Looking for documentation about Intune in the Azure portal? 请转到此处Go here.

本主题可帮助管理员开始使用 Microsoft Intune 管理其用户的设备和服务。This topic helps administrators who are ready to start using Microsoft Intune to manage devices and services for their users. 如果尚未决定购买 Intune,可以使用 Intune 试用帐户来评估服务If you aren't ready to buy Intune, you can evaluate the service with an Intune trial account.

本指南包括:This guide includes:

  • Intune 快速入门指南 - 提供将试用订阅从测试用途转换为企业管理或为组织设置新订阅的分步说明Quick start guide for Intune - Step-by-step instructions to transfer your trial subscription from testing to enterprise management or to set up a new subscription for your organization
  • 迁移到 Intune - 指导从当前企业移动性管理解决方案迁移到 IntuneMigrate to Intune - Guidance to migrate from your current enterprise mobility management solution to Intune
  • Intune 后续步骤 - 常见 Intune 任务的概述和后续步骤Next steps with Intune - Overview and next steps for common Intune tasks