Microsoft Intune 中的电子邮件配置文件疑难解答Troubleshoot email profiles in Microsoft Intune

适用于:经典门户中的 IntuneApplies to: Intune in the classic portal
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下面列出了一些电子邮件配置文件问题,以及排查并解决这些问题的方式。Listed here are some email profile issues and how to troubleshoot and resolve them.

如果此信息未解决你的问题,请参阅如何获取对 Microsoft Intune 的支持,了解更多获得帮助的方法。If this information does not solve your problem, see How to get support for Microsoft Intune to find more ways to get help.

无法从电子邮件帐户发送图像Unable to send images from email account

自动配置了电子邮件帐户的用户无法从其设备发送图片或图像。Users who have email accounts automatically configured are unable to send pictures or images from their devices. 未启用“允许从第三方应用程序发送电子邮件”时,将发生此情况。This occurs when the option Allow e-mail to be sent from third-party applications is not enabled.

Intune 解决方案Intune solution

  1. 打开 Microsoft Intune 管理控制台,选择策略工作负荷>配置策略Open the Microsoft Intune Administration Console, select Policy workload > Configuration Policy.

  2. 选择电子邮件配置文件,然后单击编辑Select the email profile and choose Edit.

  3. 选择“允许从第三方应用程序发送电子邮件”Select Allow e-mail to be sent from third-party applications.

与 Intune 解决方案集成的 Configuration ManagerConfiguration Manager integrated with Intune solution

  1. 打开 Configuration Manager 控制台>资产和合规性Open the Configuration Manager console > Assets and Compliance.

  2. 展开“概述” ->“合规性设置” ->“公司资源访问”,选择“电子邮件配置文件”。Expand Overview -> Compliance Settings -> Company Resource Access, and select Email Profiles.

  3. 右键单击电子邮件配置文件,然后打开属性Right-click the e-mail profile, and open Properties.

  4. 同步设置选项卡上,选择允许从第三方应用程序发送电子邮件On the Synchronization Settings tab, select Allow e-mail to be sent from third-party applications.

设备已安装电子邮件配置文件Device already has an email profile installed

如果用户在通过 Intune 预配配置文件前已安装了电子邮件配置文件,则 Intune 电子邮件配置文件部署的结果将取决于设备平台:If the user has installed an email profile prior to provision of a profile by Intune, the result of the Intune email profile deployment depends on the device platform:

-iOS:Intune 基于主机名和电子邮件地址检测到现有的重复电子邮件配置文件。-iOS: Intune detects an existing, duplicate email profile based on hostname and email address. 用户创建的重复电子邮件配置文件将阻止由 Intune 管理员创建的配置文件的部署。The duplicate email profile created by the user will block the deployment of an Intune admin-created profile. 这是一个常见问题,因为 iOS 用户通常将创建电子邮件配置文件,然后注册。This is a common problem as iOS users will typically create an email profile, then enroll. 公司门户将通知用户由于其手动配置的电子邮件配置文件而导致他们不符合要求,并提示用户删除该配置文件。用户应删除其电子邮件配置文件,以便可以部署 Intune 配置文件。The company portal will inform the user that they are not compliant due to their manually-configured email profile, and will prompt the user to remove that profile.The user should remove their email profile so that the Intune profile can be deployed. 为防止此问题,请告知用户在安装电子邮件配置文件前进行注册,并允许 Intune 部署配置文件。To prevent the problem instruct your users to enroll before installing an email profile and to allow Intune to deploy the profile.

-Windows:Intune 基于主机名和电子邮件地址检测现有的重复电子邮件配置文件。-Windows: Intune detects an existing, duplicate email profile based on hostname and email address. Intune 将覆盖由用户创建的现有电子邮件配置文件。Intune will overwrite the existing email profile created by the user.

-Samsung KNOX 标准版:Intune 基于电子邮件地址识别重复的电子邮件帐户,并将使用 Intune 配置文件将其覆盖。-Samsung KNOX Standard: Intune identifies a duplicate email account based on the email address, and will overwrite it with the Intune profile. 如果用户未配置该帐户,则 Intune 配置文件将再次覆盖该帐户。If the user configures that account, it will be overwritten again by the Intune profile. 请注意,这可能会导致帐户配置被覆盖的用户感到困惑。Note that this may cause some confusion to the user whose account configuration gets overwritten.

由于 Samsung KNOX 不使用主机名识别配置文件,因此建议你不要创建多个电子邮件配置文件并部署到不同主机的同一邮件地址中,因为它们会相互覆盖。Since Samsung KNOX does not use hostname to identify the profile, we recommend that you not create multiple email profiles to deploy to the same email address on different hosts, as these will overwrite each other.

KNOX 标准版设备的错误 0x87D1FDE8Error 0x87D1FDE8 for KNOX Standard device

问题:为各种 Android 设备创建并部署适用于 Samsung KNOX 标准版的 Exchange Active Sync 电子邮件配置文件后,将在设备的“属性”>“策略”选项卡中报告错误“0x87D1FDE8” 或“修正失败”。Issue: After creating and deploying an Exchange Active Sync email profile for Samsung KNOX Standard for various Android devices, the error 0x87D1FDE8 or remediation failed is reported in the device's properties > policy tab.

请查看适用于 Samsung KNOX 的 EAS 配置文件的配置以及源策略。Review the configuration of your EAS profile for Samsung KNOX and source policy. Samsung Notes 同步选项不再受支持,因此,不应该在配置文件中选择此选项。The Samsung Notes sync option is no longer supported and that option should not be selected in your profile. 确保设备有足够的时间处理策略,最多为 24 小时。Be sure devices have had enough time to process the policy, up to 24 hours.

后续步骤Next steps

如果此疑难解答信息没有帮助到你,请联系 Microsoft 支持部门,如如何获取对 Microsoft Intune 的支持中所述。If this troubleshooting information didn't help you, contact Microsoft Support as described in How to get support for Microsoft Intune.