Exchange Connector 疑难解答Troubleshoot the Exchange Connector

适用于:经典门户中的 IntuneApplies to: Intune in the classic portal
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本主题介绍如何解决可能与 Intune Exchange Connector 相关的问题。This topic describes how to troubleshoot issues that may be related to the Intune Exchange Connector.

检查 Connector 配置的步骤Steps for checking the Connector configuration

检查 Exchange Connector 的配置,然后查看问题是否已得到解决。Check the configuration of the Exchange Connector and then see if the problem has been resolved.

  • 请务必在 Exchange Connector 的初始设置中指定通知帐户。Be sure to specify a notification account in the initial setup of the Exchange Connector.

  • Exchange Connector 服务帐户必须具有适当的权限才能执行 Exchange Connector 使用的 PowerShell cmdlet。The Exchange Connector Service Account must have the appropriate permissions to execute the PowerShell cmdlets used by the Exchange Connector.

  • 配置 Exchange Connector 时,指定尽可能接近托管 Exchange Connector 的服务器的客户端访问服务器 (CAS)。When configuring the Exchange Connector, specify a Client Access Server (CAS) that is as close as possible to the server hosting the Exchange Connector. CAS 和 Exchange Connector 间的通信延迟可能导致设备发现延迟,尤其是在使用 O365 专用时。Communication latency between the CAS and the Exchange Connector could result in device discovery delays, particularly when using O365 Dedicated.

  • 请注意,与 Exchange CAS 的 Exchange Connector 同步间存在时间滞后。Be aware that there is a time lag between Exchange Connector synchronizations with the Exchange CAS. 完全同步一天进行一次,而增量(快速)同步每两个小时进行一次。A full sync takes place once a day, and a delta (quick) sync takes place every two hours. 持有新注册的设备的用户可能遇到访问延迟。There is a likelihood that a user with a newly-enrolled device will experience a delay in getting access.

  • Exchange 中未发现的 Exchange ActiveSync 设备Exchange ActiveSync device not discovered from Exchange

    请查看 Exchange Connector 是否正在与 Exchange 服务器同步。Check to see if the Exchange Connector is syncing with the Exchange server. 若要进行此操作,请查找完全同步或增量同步的日志。查看 Exchange Connector 日志。To do so, locate logs for a full sync or a delta sync. See Exchange Connector Logs. 如果自设备连接后完全同步或增量同步已成功完成,则你已将其作为问题的根源消除。If a full sync or delta sync has completed successfully since the device joined, you've eliminated this as the source of the issue. 如果未进行任何同步,则收集相关的同步日志并将其添加到你的支持请求中。If no sync has taken place, collect the sync logs and attach them to your support request.

  • 如果用户不具备 Intune 许可证,则 Exchange connector 将无法发现其设备。If a user doesn't have an Intune license, the Exchange connector won’t discover their devices.

  • 如果用户的主 SMTP 地址与其在 AAD 中的 UPN 不同,则 Exchange Connector 将无法发现该 Intune/AAD 用户的任何设备。If a user’s Primary SMTP address is different than their UPN in AAD, the Exchange Connector will not discover any devices for that Intune/AAD user. 修复主 SMTP 地址。Fix the primary SMTP address.

  • 如果 Exchange Connector 在发现周期期间进行通信的 CAS 是 Exchange 2010 CAS,而你同时拥有 Exchange 2010 和 2013 邮箱服务器,则 Exchange Connector 将无法发现任何 Exchange 2013 用户的设备。If the CAS that the Exchange Connector communicates with during a discovery cycle is an Exchange 2010 CAS and you have both Exchange 2010 and 2013 mailbox servers, the Exchange Connector will not discover any Exchange 2013 users’ devices. 若要解决此问题,请配置 Exchange Connector 指向 Exchange 2013 CAS。To resolve this, configure the Exchange Connector to point to an Exchange 2013 CAS. 尽管此问题主要涉及 O365 专用拓扑,我们仍建议将在其他拓扑中指向 Exchange 2013 CAS 作为最佳做法。Though this issue primarily concerns O365 Dedicated topologies, we still recommend pointing to an Exchange 2013 CAS in other topologies as a best practice.

  • 对于 Exchange 专用(O365 专用)环境,必须在初始化设置期间的专用环境中将 Exchange Connector 指向 Exchange 2013(而非 2010)CAS,因为其在执行 Powershell cmdlet 时将只与此 CAS 进行通信。For Exchange Dedicated (O365 dedicated) environments, you must point the Exchange Connector to an Exchange 2013 (not 2010) CAS in the dedicated environment during the initial setup as it will only communicate with this CAS when executing Powershell cmdlets.

使用 Powershell 获取有关 Exchange Connector 问题的详细数据Using Powershell to get more data on Exchange Connector issues

  • 若要获取某个邮箱的所有移动设备的列表,请使用 Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics -mailbox mbxTo get a list of all mobile devices for a mailbox use Get-ActiveSyncDeviceStatistics -mailbox mbx
  • 若要获取某个邮箱的 SMTP 地址的列表,请使用 Get-Mailbox -Identity user | select emailaddresses | fl。To get a list of SMTP addresses for a mailbox use Get-Mailbox -Identity user | select emailaddresses | fl.
  • 若要获取有关设备的访问状态的详细信息,请使用 Get-CASMailbox | flTo get detailed information about a device's access state use Get-CASMailbox | fl

后续步骤Next steps

如果此疑难解答信息没有帮助到你,请联系 Microsoft 支持部门,如如何获取对 Microsoft Intune 的支持中所述。If this troubleshooting information didn't help you, contact Microsoft Support as described in How to get support for Microsoft Intune.