Azure 门户中的 Microsoft Intune 简介Introduction to Microsoft Intune in the Azure portal

与其他 Azure 服务一样,Microsoft Intune 也可在 Azure 门户中使用。Similar to other Azure services, Microsoft Intune is available in the Azure portal. 通过在 Azure 门户中选择 Intune,可管理组织的移动设备、电脑和应用。By selecting Intune within the Azure portal, you can manage your organization's mobile devices, PCs, and apps.


如果已使用以前版本的 Microsoft Intune,可参考以下信息:If you've used a previous version of Microsoft Intune, you may find the following information helpful: * 我的功能位于 Azure 的什么位置?是一个参考,显示随着移动到 Azure 而更改的特定工作流程和 UI。Where did my features go in Azure? is a reference to show you the specific workflows and UIs that have changed with the move to Azure. * Azure 门户中的 Intune 经典组解释了转移到 Azure Active Directory 安全组以进行组管理的含义。Intune classic groups in the Azure portal explains the implications of the shift to Azure Active Directory security groups for group management.

Azure 门户中 Microsoft Intune 的重要功能包括:Highlights of the Microsoft Intune experience in the Azure portal include:

  • 用于所有企业移动性 + 安全性 (EMS) 组件的集成控制台An integrated console for all your Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) components
  • 基于 Web 标准构建的基于 HTML 的控制台An HTML-based console built on web standards
  • 可自动执行多种操作的 Microsoft Graph API 支持Microsoft Graph API support to automate many actions
  • Azure Active Directory (AD) 组提供跨所有 Azure 应用程序的兼容性Azure Active Directory (AD) groups to provide compatibility across all your Azure applications
  • 支持大多数新式 Web 浏览器Support for most modern web browsers

开始之前Before you start

若要使用 Azure 门户中的 Intune,必须拥有 Intune 管理员和租户帐户。To use Intune in the Azure portal, you must have an Intune admin and tenant account. 如果尚没有帐户,请注册帐户Sign up for an account if you don't already have one.

受 Azure 门户支持的 Web 浏览器Supported web browsers for the Azure portal

Azure 门户在大多数新式电脑、Mac 和平板电脑上都可以运行。The Azure portal runs on most modern PCs, Macs, and tablets. 不支持移动电话。Mobile phones are not supported. 目前,支持以下浏览器:Currently, the following browsers are supported:

  • Microsoft Edge(最新版本)Microsoft Edge (latest version)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Safari(最新版本,仅限 Mac)Safari (latest version, Mac only)
  • Chrome(最新版本)Chrome (latest version)
  • Firefox(最新版本)Firefox (latest version)

请查看 Azure 门户,了解支持的浏览器的最新相关信息。Check the Azure portal for the latest information about supported browsers.

Azure 门户中的 Microsoft IntuneMicrosoft Intune in the Azure portal

可在 Azure 门户中找到 Microsoft Intune 服务。The Azure portal is where you can find the Microsoft Intune service. Azure 提供多种服务,其中许多服务可能不会经常使用。There are several services in Azure, many of which you may not use on a regular basis. 若要获取自定义门户体验的快速指南,请参阅开始使用 Azure 门户中的 IntuneFor a quick guide to customize your portal experience, see Getting started with Intune in the Azure portal.

新增功能What's new?

若要了解有关 Microsoft Intune 的最新功能,请参阅新增功能To learn about the latest capabilities of Microsoft Intune, see What's New.