Azure 门户中的 Microsoft Intune 简介Introduction to Microsoft Intune in the Azure portal

与其他 Azure 服务一样,Microsoft Intune 也可在 Azure 门户中使用。Similar to other Azure services, Microsoft Intune is available in the Azure portal. 通过在 Azure 门户中选择 Intune,可管理组织的移动设备、电脑和应用。By selecting Intune within the Azure portal, you can manage your organization's mobile devices, PCs, and apps.


如果已使用以前版本的 Microsoft Intune,可参考以下信息:If you've used a previous version of Microsoft Intune, you may find the following information helpful: * 我的功能位于 Azure 的什么位置?是一个参考,显示随着移动到 Azure 而更改的特定工作流程和 UI。Where did my features go in Azure? is a reference to show you the specific workflows and UIs that have changed with the move to Azure. * Azure 门户中的 Intune 经典组解释了转移到 Azure Active Directory 安全组以进行组管理的含义。Intune classic groups in the Azure portal explains the implications of the shift to Azure Active Directory security groups for group management.

Azure 门户中 Microsoft Intune 的重要功能包括:Highlights of the Microsoft Intune experience in the Azure portal include:

  • 用于所有企业移动性 + 安全性 (EMS) 组件的集成控制台An integrated console for all your Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) components
  • 基于 Web 标准构建的基于 HTML 的控制台An HTML-based console built on web standards
  • 可自动执行多种操作的 Microsoft Graph API 支持Microsoft Graph API support to automate many actions
  • Azure Active Directory (AD) 组提供跨所有 Azure 应用程序的兼容性Azure Active Directory (AD) groups to provide compatibility across all your Azure applications
  • 支持大多数新式 Web 浏览器Support for most modern web browsers

开始之前Before you start

若要使用 Azure 门户中的 Intune,必须拥有 Intune 管理员和租户帐户。To use Intune in the Azure portal, you must have an Intune admin and tenant account. 如果尚没有帐户,请注册帐户Sign up for an account if you don't already have one.

受 Azure 门户支持的 Web 浏览器Supported web browsers for the Azure portal

Azure 门户在大多数新式电脑、Mac 和平板电脑上都可以运行。The Azure portal runs on most modern PCs, Macs, and tablets. 不支持移动电话。Mobile phones are not supported. 目前,支持以下浏览器:Currently, the following browsers are supported:

  • Microsoft Edge(最新版本)Microsoft Edge (latest version)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Safari(最新版本,仅限 Mac)Safari (latest version, Mac only)
  • Chrome(最新版本)Chrome (latest version)
  • Firefox(最新版本)Firefox (latest version)

请查看 Azure 门户,了解支持的浏览器的最新相关信息。Check the Azure portal for the latest information about supported browsers.

Azure 门户中的 Microsoft IntuneMicrosoft Intune in the Azure portal

可在 Azure 门户中找到 Microsoft Intune 服务。The Azure portal is where you can find the Microsoft Intune service. Azure 提供多种服务,其中许多服务可能不会经常使用。There are several services in Azure, many of which you may not use on a regular basis. 若要获取自定义门户体验的快速指南,请参阅开始使用 Azure 门户中的 IntuneFor a quick guide to customize your portal experience, see Getting started with Intune in the Azure portal.

Microsoft Intune 文档The Microsoft Intune documentation

本主题以及整个 Microsoft Intune 文档集将持续更新。This topic, as well as the entire Microsoft Intune documentation set, is continuously updated. 如果你有什么建议,请在主题评论中留下反馈。If you have suggestions you'd like to see, leave feedback in the topic comments. 我们很乐意倾听你的想法。We'd love to hear from you.

文档反映了 Microsoft Intune 在 Azure 门户中的布局(如下所示),可方便读者更轻松地找到所需信息。The documentation reflects the layout of Microsoft Intune in the Azure portal (shown below), so that it is easier to find the information you need.

Azure 门户工作负荷

文档指南Documentation guide

使用下表快速查找和了解 Microsoft Intune 的主要区域。Use the following table to quickly find and understand the major areas of Microsoft Intune.

部分Section 描述Description
简介和入门Introduction and get started 了解 Intune 的基础知识,包括:Understand the fundamentals of Intune, including:
- 常见解决方案- Common solutions
- Microsoft Intune 工作原理- The way Microsoft Intune works
- Intune 中的设备管理- Device management in Intune
- Intune 中的应用管理- App management in Intune
- 企业移动性管理 (EMM)(需或无需设备注册)- Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) with and without device enrollment
规划和设计Plan and design 用于帮助成功规划和设计 Microsoft Intune 环境的指南。Guidance to help you successfully plan and design your Microsoft Intune environment.
设备注册Device enrollment 了解如何使用 Microsoft Intune,通过将设备注册到 Intune 服务,帮助管理员工设备。Understand how Microsoft Intune helps you manage your workforce’s devices by enrolling the devices into the Intune service. 可通过几种方法来注册员工的设备。There are several methods to enroll your workforce’s devices.
设备符合性Device compliance Intune 设备符合性策略定义设备必须遵从的规则和设置,以便将设备视为符合 Microsoft Intune。Intune device compliance policies define the rules and settings that a device must comply with in order to be considered compliant by Microsoft Intune. 例如,要求访问设备时提供密码、为设备加密、要求最低操作系统版本,这些都是实施符合性的例子。For example, requiring a password for device access, encrypting devices, and requiring a minimum OS version are all compliance examples.
设备配置Device configuration 使用 Microsoft Intune,通过创建设备配置文件,配置所管理的所有设备上的设置和功能。Configure the settings and features on all of the devices you manage using Microsoft Intune by creating device profiles. 例如,可配置后列功能:通知、数据共享、电子邮件支持、wi-fi 连接、证书和终结点保护等。For example, you can configure such capabilities as notifications, data sharing, email support, wi-fi connectivity, certificates, and endpoint protection.
设备Devices 确保所管理的设备提供最终用户工作时所需的资源,同时保护公司数据免遭风险。Ensure devices you manage are providing the resources your end users need to do their work while protecting your company's data from risk. 通过查看员工设备清单和执行远程设备操作来管理设备。Manage devices by reviewing the workforce device inventory and performing remote device actions.
移动应用Mobile apps 了解如何添加、部署、监视、配置和保护应用。Understand how to add, deploy, monitor, configure, and protect apps.
条件性访问Conditional access 定义基于设备和基于应用的条件,用于控制公司数据访问权限。Define device-based and app-based conditions that gate access to your corporate data.
用户Users 了解如何为所管理的设备和应用添加用户。Learn how to add users of devices and apps you manage.
Groups 了解如何使用 Intune 创建和管理组。Learn about how you can create and manage groups with Intune. 使用组,可快速分配设备和应用的配置和保护策略。Using groups, you can quickly assign device and app configure and protection policies.
Intune 角色Intune roles 了解如何控制可执行各种 Intune 操作的人员,以及这些操作的应用方式。Learn how to control who can perform various Intune actions, and how those actions are applied. 可以使用涵盖一些常见 Intune 方案的内置角色,也可以创建自己的角色。You can either use the built-in roles that cover some common Intune scenarios, or you can create your own roles.
软件更新Software updates 了解如何配置 Windows 10 设备的软件更新。Learn how to configure software updates for Windows 10 devices.

新增功能What's new?

若要了解有关 Microsoft Intune 的最新功能,请参阅新增功能To learn about the latest capabilities of Microsoft Intune, see What's New.