Excel.SpecialCellType enum


blanks = "Blanks"

无内容的单元格。Cells with no content.

conditionalFormats = "ConditionalFormats"

包含条件格式的所有单元格All cells with conditional formats

constants = "Constants"

含有常量的单元格。Cells containing constants.

dataValidations = "DataValidations"

含有验证条件的单元格。Cells having validation criteria.

formulas = "Formulas"

含有公式的单元格。Cells containing formulas.

sameConditionalFormat = "SameConditionalFormat"

与区域中的第一个单元格具有相同条件格式的单元格。Cells having the same conditional format as the first cell in the range.

sameDataValidation = "SameDataValidation"

与区域中的第一个单元格具有相同的数据有效性条件的单元格。Cells having the same data validation criteria as the first cell in the range.

visible = "Visible"

可见的单元格。Cells that are visible.