Lync Server 2013 中的证书摘要-可扩展消息和状态协议 (XMPP) 联盟Certificate summary - Extensible messaging and presence protocol (XMPP) federation in Lync Server 2013


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用于启用并与可扩展消息传递和状态协议 (XMPP) 伙伴建立通信的证书要求需要 XMPP 域的其他记录。作为使用者替代名称 (SAN) 包含在证书上的记录将成为可以参与 XMPP 通信的域。如果要针对整个域启用 XMPP,则该域可以是根级别域(例如,,或者如果要针对用户的子集启用 XMPP,该域也可以是选定的子域(例如,、。Certificate requirements for enabling and establishing communications with extensible messaging and presence protocol (XMPP) partners require the additional record of your XMPP domains. The record that is included on the certificate as a subject alternative name (SAN) will be the domain that can participate in XMPP communications. The domain can be the root-level domain (for example, if you want to enable XMPP for your entire domain, or can be selected child domains (for example,, if you are enabling XMPP for a subset of users.

可扩展消息传递和状态协议的证书摘要Certificate Summary for Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol

组件Component 使用者名称Subject name 使用者替代名称 (SAN)/顺序Subject alternative names (SAN)/Order CommentsComments

分配到边缘服务器或边缘池的访问边缘服务Assign to Access Edge service of Edge Server or Edge pool

前三个 SAN 条目是完整边缘服务器的常规 SAN 条目。The first three SAN entries are the normal SAN entries for a full Edge Server. 是在根域级别与 XMPP 合作伙伴联盟所需的条目。The is the entry required for federation with the XMPP partner at the root domain level. 此条目将允许具有后缀 的所有域的 XMPP。This entry will allow XMPP for all domains with the suffix