Lync Server 2013 (DNS) 要求的域名称系统Domain Name System (DNS) requirements for Lync Server 2013


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若要部署 Lync Server,您必须创建域名系统 (DNS) 记录,这些记录支持客户端和服务器的发现,如果您的组织想要支持自动客户端登录,也可以选择支持自动客户端登录。To deploy Lync Server, you must create Domain Name System (DNS) records that enable the discovery of clients and servers, and, optionally, support for automatic client sign-in if your organization wants to support it.

Lync Server 通过以下方式使用 DNS:Lync Server uses DNS in the following ways:

  • 发现内部服务器或池以进行服务器至服务器的通信。To discover internal servers or pools for server-to-server communications.

  • 允许客户端发现用于各种 SIP 事务的前端池或 Standard Edition 服务器。To allow clients to discover the Front End pool or Standard Edition server used for various SIP transactions.

  • 若要允许统一通信 (UC) 未登录的设备,以发现运行设备更新 Web 服务的前端池或 Standard Edition 服务器,获取更新并发送日志。To allow unified communications (UC) devices that are not logged on to discover the Front End pool or Standard Edition server running Device Update Web Service, obtain updates, and send logs.

  • 若要允许外部服务器和客户端连接到边缘服务器或 HTTP 反向代理以获取即时消息 (IM) 或会议。To allow external servers and clients to connect to Edge Servers or the HTTP reverse proxy for instant messaging (IM) or conferencing.

  • 允许外部 UC 设备通过边缘服务器或 HTTP 反向代理连接到设备更新 Web 服务,并获取更新。To allow external UC devices to connect to Device Update Web service through Edge Servers or the HTTP reverse proxy and obtain updates.

  • 使移动客户端可以自动发现 Web 服务资源,而无需用户在设备设置中手动输入 URL。To allow mobile clients to automatically discover Web Services resources without requiring users to manually enter URLs in device settings.