Lync Server 2013 中的企业语音 cmdletEnterprise Voice cmdlets in Lync Server 2013


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企业语音是 Microsoft 的 IP 语音 (VoIP) 实现。Enterprise Voice is the Microsoft implementation of Voice over IP (VoIP). 在 Microsoft Lync Server 2013 中可用于管理企业语音的 cmdlet 将允许您创建和修改拨号计划 (以前称为位置配置文件) 、语音策略、路由和规范化规则。The cmdlets available for managing Enterprise Voice in Microsoft Lync Server 2013 will allow you to create and modify dial plans (formerly known as location profiles), voice policies, routes, and normalization rules.

企业语音 CmdletEnterprise Voice Cmdlets

适用于企业语音的大多数管理任务可以从 Lync Server 控制面板中执行。Most management tasks that apply to Enterprise Voice can be performed from the Lync Server Control Panel. 可以使用 Lync Server 命令行管理程序中的 cmdlet 或在脚本中执行这些相同的任务,从而使您能够自动执行某些任务。These same tasks can be performed using cmdlets from the Lync Server Management Shell or from within a script, allowing you to automate certain tasks. 下面列出了直接与管理企业语音相关的 cmdlet:The following is a list of cmdlets that relate directly to managing Enterprise Voice:

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