Lync Server 2013 中的混合和拆分域自动发现Hybrid and split-domain - Autodiscover in Lync Server 2013


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共享 SIP 地址空间(也称为 拆分域 部署或 混合 部署)是在本地部署和联机环境中部署用户的配置。A shared SIP address space, also known as a split-domain deployment, or a hybrid deployment, is a configuration where users are deployed across an on-premise deployment and an online environment. 所需的结果是,无论用户的主服务器位于何处 (本地或联机) ,都会登录到部署并重定向到其主服务器位置。The desired outcome is to have a user, regardless of where their home server is located (on-premise or online), log into the deployment and be redirected to their home server location. 为实现此目的,Lync Server 2013 的自动发现功能用于将联机用户重定向到联机拓扑。To accomplish this, the Autodiscover feature of Lync Server 2013 is used to redirect the online user to the online topology. 为此,可以通过使用 Lync Server 命令行管理程序、 CsHostingProvider Cmdlet 和 CsHostingProvider Cmdlet 来配置自动发现统一资源定位器 (URL) 。You can do this by configuring the Autodiscover uniform resource locator (URL) by using the Lync Server Management Shell, the Get-CsHostingProvider cmdlet, and the Set-CsHostingProvider cmdlet.

拆分域部署的移动性Mobility for the Split Domain Deployment

您需要收集和记录下列部署的属性:You will need to collect and record the following deployed attributes:

  • 在 Lync Server 命令行管理程序中,键入From the Lync Server Management Shell, type

  • 在结果中,查找具有属性 ProxyFQDN 的在线提供商。In the results, find the online provider with the attribute ProxyFQDN. 例如,。For example,

  • 记录 ProxyFQDN 的值。Record the value of the ProxyFQDN.

  • 在内部部署 Lync Server 控制面板中启用联合,以允许与联机提供程序进行联盟。Enable federation in the on-premise Lync Server Control Panel, allowing federation with the online provider.

  • 为在线提供商启用联盟。Enable federation for the online provider. 默认情况下,所有联机用户都启用了域联盟,并且可以与所有域进行通信。By default, all online users are enabled for domain federation and can communicate with all domains.

  • 如果要定义阻止和允许的域,请确定您将明确允许或显式阻止的域。If you will define blocked and allowed domains, determine the domains that you will explicitly allow or explicitly block.

  • 对于联机联盟,如果使用 IPv6) 记录,则必须规划防火墙例外、证书和 DNS 主机 (A 或 AAAA。For online federation, you must plan for firewall exceptions, certificates, and DNS host (A or AAAA, if using IPv6) records. 此外,您还必须配置联盟策略。Additionally, you must configure federation policies. 有关详细信息,请参阅 规划 Lync Server 2013 和 Office 通信服务器联合For details, see Planning for Lync Server 2013 and Office Communications Server federation.