Lync Server 2013 中的中继间路由Intertrunk routing in Lync Server 2013


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Lync Server 2013 可以将 ip-pbx 互连到公用电话交换网( (PSTN) 网关),以便可以将来自 PBX 电话的呼叫路由到 PSTN,并将传入 PSTN 呼叫路由到专用分支 exchange (PBX) 电话。Lync Server 2013 can interconnect an IP-PBX to a public switched telephone network (PSTN) gateway so that calls from a PBX phone can be routed to the PSTN, and incoming PSTN calls can be routed to a private branch exchange (PBX) phone. 同样,Lync Server 2013 可以互连两个或更多个 ip-pbx 系统,以便可以在不同的 ip-pbx 系统的 PBX 电话之间进行呼叫和接收。Similarly, Lync Server 2013 can interconnect two or more IP-PBX systems so that calls can be placed and received between PBX phones from the different IP-PBX systems.

可以使用 Lync Server 命令行管理程序 cmdlet, remove-cstrunkconfiguration,使用新参数 PstnUsages 配置此中继间路由功能。This intertrunk routing feature can be configured by using the Lync Server Management Shell cmdlet, Set-CsTrunkConfiguration, with the new parameter, PstnUsages. 此参数指定一组要使用的 PSTN 用法记录。This parameter specifies the set of PSTN usage records to use. 中继使用此 PSTN 用法来确定路由并相应地路由所有传入呼叫。A trunk uses this PSTN usage to determine a route and to route all incoming calls accordingly.

Set-CsTrunkConfiguration -Identity <TrunkId> -PstnUsages @{add="<UsageString>"}

下图说明了 Lync Server 2013 在 PSTN 网关和 IP-PBX 之间提供 interconnectivity。The following diagram illustrates Lync Server 2013 providing interconnectivity between a PSTN gateway and an IP-PBX.

网关与 IP PBX 之间的中继间路由Intertrunk routing between gateway and IP PBX

连接 PSTN 网关(IP PBX 图)的 Lync ServerLync Server connecting PSTN gateway/IP-PBX diagram

下图说明了 Lync Server 2013 互连两个 ip-pbx 系统。The following diagram illustrates Lync Server 2013 interconnecting two IP-PBX systems.

两个 IP PBX 之间的中继间路由Intertrunk routing between two IP PBXs

Lync Server 互连 IP-PAX 系统关系图Lync Server interconnecting IP-PAX systems diagram